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  1. THANK YOU! Now I know what to ask someone when I'm looking for it! Hoping the auto parts store sells these, or else I'll just buy a pack of them online.
  2. Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    I was at the game so I didn't get the TV commentary, but did the Wild only get one shot in the 3rd period (Parise empty netter?) I was sitting off of the goal line on our attack zone 1st and 3rd periods and the puck was barely down on our end all period. Edit: Looks like we got 5 registered shots on goal. Felt like we were on defense all period.
  3. Just a follow up... It has a female connector with a male connector on top of it. Clam doesn't sell them, and I know they are probably common but I haven't located them at Walmart, True Value, Runnings, or Fleet Farm.
  4. I agree. I believe that if you hold the rod in the pistol grip fashion like ice fishing that you have more sensitivity with a split handle rod. It may also just feel more comfortable to some people. I have a few splits and a few full handles. I like them both.
  5. I am looking for the name of the terminal used on the Clam Power Center battery bag. The connectors pictured below connected to the battery with red and black wires coming out of them. They have an extra tab so you can plug a second device with + and - wires to it as well. I have looked all over for these but can't find them anywhere. Anyone know where they sell them online or in stores?
  6. Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    Well what does everyone think of the reffing for the Blackhawks game tonight. Pretty weak and poorly timed hooking call if you ask me. 4 minutes left you let the players decide the game!
  7. Haven't gotten my boat back since August..

    I had to repair a Johnson 15 HP motor one fall after a "user error" caused me to back my boat into a piece of farm machinery completely cracking the casing of the lower unit. I brought it in to be repaired in October and didn't hear from them until March. Bottom line is sometimes repairs and fixes take time and IMO when you can't use the boat or motor right now anyways, the repairer doesn't feel the need to get it back out to you anytime soon. The old saying rings true: You can get something repaired FAST, CHEAP, and DONE WELL. But you can only pick 2. If you want it Fast and Done Well it Wont Be Cheap. If you want it Cheap and Done Well it wont be Fast, if you want it Fast and Cheap it wont be Done Well.
  8. I've got a Humminbird 899 and would love to use the large screen and the GPS and lake map features of the unit on the ice. Has anyone done this? (Basically I want to buy the $20 power cord and a universal cigarette plug with the + and - wires and wire it up. All I need is for the unit to turn on. I don't plan to use the sonar/imaging features, just the GPS with lakemaps.) I just don't want to ruin the unit in any way. I'd probably add the 3amp inline fuse just to be safe, but i don't want to buy everything if it won't work.
  9. Gopher Football 2014

    That was the most impressive win of the Kill era in my opinion. The resolve of this team to come back and then have the refs almost screw us over... Defense played a great second half and the offense showed some depth with Cobb out. Prime time game next week vs. Wisconsin on a major network I'm thinking!
  10. GO MINNEOTA VIKINGS in the class A Championship game! Taking on Dawson-Boyd from the same conference! Southwest Minnesota representing class A this year.
  11. Humminbird 800 series question

    I have the 899 with the internal GPS and have never had an issue with the GPS locking on... By the time I launch the boat, park the truck, and walk back to the dock the GPS is locked on and ready to go!
  12. Does anyone know what the last compatible Lakemaster chip year was for the Lowrance H2O handheld units?
  13. Humminbird Customer Service?

    I run the Humminbird near the back and I have a tiller model so I didn't have to make any wire extensions. All I did was crimp on two wire connectors to slide over the battery terminals, and added the 3 amp inline fuse which uses a heavier gauge wire then what is provided. I suppose it is possible that one of those connections could have shook loose or caused some sort of lack of power. My initial thought when it happened was that my battery was too low but I had about 75% on it and could still run my power tilt/trim so something else had to be wrong. I spend 2 nights messing with it and trying to connect it up several different ways and to several different batteries and I always got the same result. I also changed the 3 amp fuse with no luck. I sent it in today after talking to them. Sounds like a 5 day turn-around plus shipping time both ways. I am hopeful that i'll have it back in 10 days or so. We'll see!
  14. Humminbird Customer Service?

    Wanted to know if anyone has dealt with their customer service and how is it? Also if anyone has had to send something in for repair or replace and what the turn-around time is? My 899 SI unit wont power on and I'm stuck using my way outdated Eagle 320.
  15. Humminbird Screen stays blank?

    I think it has a one year warranty so I am good there. I tried it with a second battery and same issue. Emailed humminbird and got a few "try this" tips but I think she may just have given up. I'll have to call them and send it to them for repair/replacement.