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  1. -Yeah I know Novembers over - Thought I would post a round up of our outings and events from the past month: We held an ice fishing seminar in Wasilla Alaska and also got in some fishing with the locals: We enjoy sharing of knowledge and try to encourage others to go outdoors during the winter season for ice fishing, its also cool to give out prizes for people who attend. great time fishing also: The Ice is ready in the Far North also - Chris was able to catch some giant sheefish before months end - this one went into the 40 club: December is in full swing and we'll post up another photo report after the Christmas Holiday.
  2. Its coming - First Ice in Alaska

    I got beat for First Ice again - seem like every year a friend of mine is always out before me. He skated some thin stuff for a couple arctic grayling. Waiting for it to get a bit thicker before I go out. Wont be long - temps staying in the low 30 high 20 this week again.
  3. 2015 Kotzebue's Sheefish

    Ice Fishing Magazne 2015-2016 has our story inside this year!
  4. 2015 on the kenai

    What a great edit! Thanks for sharing!
  5. No open water on this lake - yesterday morning near Fairbanks
  6. The entire team was able to make this years outing to Kotzebue Alaska searching for a 50 inch sheefish on the brackish frozen water near Kotz. Shaing some photos of this past weekends adventure:
  7. Fishing the Kenai

    Com'on Joe.. you already know our favorite method is stick and string to catch sockeye in the fresh water. Flossin is by a landslide the prefered method by the majority for fresh water sockeye salmon. We expect to see you in ADN this May!
  8. Fishing the Kenai

  9. Fishing the Kenai

    Planning your trip to AK in 2015 .... Here ya go :
  10. Fishing the Kenai

    Better? Why? Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle skirted GI spinners out fish everything.
  11. Closing out February with our final seminar in Fairbanks @ Big Ray's - Always a great time meeting other people that share a mutual interest and eager to celebrate the sport of ice fishing in Alaska. We got March Madness kicked off with some great catches on the first day of the new month... looking forward to continuing to build off of a banner outing. Fishing 140 feet and finding them at various depths in the column. A 3 foot long lake trout and a 30plus inch long arctic char made for a sweet day.
  12. February started out with a cover story in ASJ - a Fairbanks ice fishing seminar - and finding a few rainbows in the valley. Lots of extreme sub temps of cold during the 1st half of the month - the secong half looks to be warming, just in time for several derbies in the South Central being conducted. February Alaska Sporting Journal Fairbanks Seminar Fishing in the valley
  13. Fishing the Kenai

    Good luck with your guiding thing on the Kenai - maybe see you on the river? The Chinook fishing on the Kenai is only a shadow of what it used to be. Yes - expect emergency restrictions - closures - and at the very minimum slot limit for Coho fishing is slowly becoming the new trend for visiting the Kenai River and having a sport fishing experience...from what we have seen the last couple years anyway. Guides have had to go to the sockeye and coho, or move clients to other rivers with open fishing for Kings. Silvers 'coho' salmon have been abundant for sport fishig anglers - great story in 2014 November issue of Alaska Sporting Journal. Great cover too!
  14. Lake Trout fishing in the Interior has been a slow bite (nothing new) But it did not discourage a planned vist from a fellow Clam Pro Alex Spies. He made the drive from Wasilla up to North Pole to meet up with Dennis for 2 days at hard luck. Alex earned a bite and set the hook on a nice healthy fish at 110 feet. Bringing the fish to the surface was epic, finding out it was a personal best lake trout and largest fresh water fish under his belt thus far in Alaska was priceless. 27 inches of glory..great job Alex, but you cant move Equipment report: This season we are using a Clam Edge Auger (10 inch) model. we have owned and used a few different power augers over the last 15 years ice fsihing in Alaska (including Eskimo, Jiffy, Strikemaster) Really enjoyed the light weight, quick start and strong torq of the new auger. The drill is easy to use and control. Very pleased with its over all performance. Not Just ice fishing: The winter king salmon fishing has been really good as of late. Looking forward to getting in on some of the open water salt water action this year during winter in March at the Homer Winter King Salmon Derby. Until then we will keep fishing the hard stuff.
  15. Got after it again for Hard Luck lakers - had 5 other groups out fishing on the lake. Trooper came around for a visit and checked fishing license. Fishing with a Slayer cohort. Had a heavy strike at 80 feet and began a reel up which caused huge head shakes and strong runs from what felt like a good size fish. It was all for nothing as the fish was able to enventually slip the hook and was never seen on the surface. Oh well Hard Luck, felt good anyway. Luck found a way in hole number 2 at about 95 feet, good hook set and battle, and Shawn got his laker to the surface. Fish happend to spit out a cisco on the surface and get us a good look at the bait they feed on. No wonder our tube jigs worksoweel, imitatiing bait very closely. Had some great reports of both the Valley and KP...although the temperatures remain above average this winter for those down south central - there is still plenty of lake with ice as this photo shows of Jeremy Sarnoskiwith a personal best rainbow he iced over the weekend. Hope everyone continues to be safe and keeps getting bent.