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  1. Ion x or Strikemaster lithium lazer

    I have talked to one person who has the bit. Said it was amazing but upset that they were not able to get the extra flightings. I looked around to find anyone that could have made such a unit but cant come up with anything.
  2. Ion x or Strikemaster lithium lazer

    Never thought he had arrogance. He built a very simple head unit that can beat any of the standard ice auger companies. When you take it apart you just sit and cant believe that the simplicity of it. It may weigh a bit more than others, but i will never go to another unit until i see one that can beat the icegator pushing a 10" bit. its just a shame that he either grew too fast or just took on too much too soon without managing timelines of incoming parts and build times. if the batteries were coming from overseas i know that there could be delays and that is hard to deal with.
  3. Ion x or Strikemaster lithium lazer

    I have the icegator and nils 10". BEST system out there!!!! i cant believe how great that item works. There is so much torque with that head unit. Sad that the company closed, but based on the comments i saw on their facbook page they had some customer service issues amongst other items. making people wait 18 months for an auger bit is crazy. I hear their 9.5" auger bit is amazing, but i dont think you can find any for sale.
  4. Frabill Predator or Citadel

    Great info For both of you run a buddy heater on a 20lb tank? do you just run it under the skirting on the front?
  5. Frabill Predator or Citadel

    solid point about the bench seat and not being able to take the rod case with your
  6. Frabill Predator or Citadel

    Anyone out there fishing in either of these houses? how do you like the sidestep doors? I see that the Citadel can come with the bench seat that has built in rod holder but the Predator does not. If you have the bench, is it good or bad? Any issues fitting into shortbed box?
  7. Ice Castle tongue winch

    im sure i have been doing it wrong. the dealer that i got it from really didnt help/show me how to do it so i just did it a way to get it done. The link you supplied goes to the ICNUTS site. should i look for the video on their site? i tried to google and couldnt find anything that really showed it
  8. Ice Castle tongue winch

    Do you have any pictures? I dont mind the time it might take to run. I just dont like where they have the tongue jack on their frames. When you raise up off your truck the jack is straight up and down. When you start to lower the house and the V section starts to separate the jack stand starts to move. This seems like it will put a lot of stress on the holes the pin goes into for the jack stand. I was on the Mille Lacs the other day and as i was raising the house the jack stand kept sliding on the ice because it was sitting at a 45 degree angle when the tongue is split in the down position
  9. Ice Castle tongue winch

    just seeing if a person could replace the tongue jack and winch with just a power jack. I dont like when you put the house down the tongue down the jack is at a 45 angle and not straight up and down. Plus i am not a fan of the cables and just wonder if you could use one of those electric power jacks.
  10. Ice Castle tongue winch

    Has anyone converted the front tongue winch over to electric jack?
  11. Humminbird Helix Help

    We both had purchased the ice models with the ice ducers. we were both only running at 200Khz. I contacted Humminbird and they said that if both are close by and running at 200 then it can cause issues. Sounds like one would have to be at 83 and one at 200 or maybe both at 83. I had to leave the ice before i got this response so was not able to test.
  12. Humminbird Helix Help

    I'm ice fishing with my helix 5 and my friend is using his helix 7. Neither unit is working correctly and the sonar is not picking up our jigs. We have tried playing with the switch fire settings, sensitivity, and noise filters. My helix 5 won't read anything below 15 feet of water and we are in 25 feet. Once I go past the 15 foot mark my jig line on the graph disappears. Any help or suggestions would be helpful.
  13. What size wheeler

    where did you pickup that dolly set up?
  14. Ice castle Hole sleeve Length

    mine might be at 5"...just cant remember at the top of my head. I marked all around the sleeve with a sharpie and then used a dremmel tool. I also tried using a oscillating tool and that seemed to work out well too. What i found to work best is to drill the hole and then i have the ION with reverse so i would clean the hole out but leave the cone that is formed on the ice. Then i would put the sleeve in and then the part that i cut off from the bottom. I push that bottom part down into the cone and then finish cleaning out the hole if any slush fell into the hole.
  15. Ice castle Hole sleeve Length

    i cut mine down to about 4" i think. What i do is take the end that i cut off and insert it back into the sleeve so it pretty much makes an adjustable height sleeve.