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  1. I really haven't done any comparison shopping related to price, but we have been taking our pets to Heartland in Faribault for 20 years and would never consider going anywhere else. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
  2. The Grosbeaks showed up at our place on Sunday.
  3. Congratulations on seeing the Grosbeak. They haven't appeared at ours yet, but it is still early. The Grosbeak is one of the last birds we see each spring.
  4. I am surprised that there have not been much said about the Blackhawks getting swept. I would have been surprised just by them losing the series, but a sweep I never would have guessed. My takes from this: In the NHL any team can win a series. This is unlikely to occur in any other sport. Pekka Rinne is back. I would be more concerned about the Wild's chances on Satruday if they were facing Rinne instead of Allen. Crawford is overrated. While he is an above average goalie, having the high powered Hawks in front of him makes him look a lot better than he is. He is not good enough to steal games.
  5. I don't see them signing either guy. They just haven't added much to the team IMO.
  6. Thanks for that link. It helps put things in perspective. * All first- and second-year professionals, as well as all unsigned draft choices, will be exempt from selection (and will not be counted toward their club's applicable protection limits). This means players like Kunin, Lucia, and Kloos don't factor in. As well as Erickson Ek. For the defensemen (assuming the 7 skaters option) the decision is easy. Protect Suter / Spurgeon / Brodin. At this point I could care less if we lost Dumba or Scandella (please take Dumba). Unfortunately, I suspect that we would lose the 8th skater that is unprotected.
  7. Wonder what the odds in Vegas were for both the Wild and the Blackhawks being eliminated in the first round?
  8. We could turn that statement into a positive ... looks like the Wild won't interfere with the opener.
  9. The Wild have 5 solid defensemen, unfortunately 2 of them have been making a lot of stupid mistakes lately. I think Folin has improved a lot since the beginning of the year.
  10. I saw a pair of them in the southwest metro area. Also heard sandhill cranes last night.
  11. Keep her on a leash until you are able to see a vet.
  12. If Verizon can't just forward ... Establish 2 cell phones: The first has your landline number, along with all of your data and minutes. This would be the phone you carry with you. The second has your cell phone number and has a really low cost monthly package on it. I am certain that you could set this phone up to forward all calls to the other phone. Reevaluate after 6 months. You may find no need to keep the cell phone number.
  13. Bulleit Knob Creek Maker's Mark I also have Jim Beam in the cabinet, but that is only used for recipes that require bourbon.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions so far. I should add that most of the time I am going to be fishing with a six pound test targeting walleyes (and their neighbors) and my go to line in the summer has always been a Stren Lo-Vis green. Nearly all of my fishing is in the stained waters of Rice County but in the winter the water clears up tremendously. Thought that maybe I would try something new this year. But I also have an ultra-light used for jigging panfish with an inline reel. I don't remember what 3 lb test I currently have on it, but I know I don't like it. Way too fragile and too much memory.
  15. The time to respool my ice combos is rapidly approaching. In the past, I have always just used the same line I use in the summer, but I am thinking about trying an ice-fishing specific line. What are everyone's favorites and why? Thanks!