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    I second the Birds of Minnesota book by Stan Tekiela. We use ours all the time to ID birds.

    Spear house question

    I have a 4x8 with one 30x44 hole in the center. I have not used it yet but there is room for two on opposite sides of the hole with a door in the center. I think it is going to work well even though last year I used a bigger hole in a hub house. This is only for spearing though.

    Decoy ?

    It was pretty cool to watch.

    Big Push?

    I tried to see the big push Friday north of the Brainerd lakes area. I will rank that attempt as one of the top five stupidest things I've done in a long time. Really long time. I was hoping for more wind less snow and ducks bombing the decoys. After 4 hours and one merganser seen and shot I called it quits. Four hours later I made it 9 miles to the liquor store. I got stuck at the landing pulling the boat out. I got stuck again trying to back into the driveway at the cabin. I had to plow the driveway and road before digging my truck out. Today I was going to hunt the lake my cabin is on but when I woke up it was about 80% covered in ice or snow. I'm thinking about sleeping in tomorrow...but then again theyou have to be somewhere. Can anyone tell me why we don't have a teal season.

    Decoy ?

    Prince bait on Hwy 169 in Milaca has a good selection of cheaper decoys as well as really nice Wallace decoys. I really like the battery operated spinner with a spoon but the lake I spear seems a bit different than other lakes. My daughter got hooked on spearing last year as well she got fish with decoys, the spinner, live decoys and a home made red and white that her grandpa made for her.

    Powerdrive V2 vs. Terrova

    I am going to have to agree with everything above. I have watched people struggle with deploying the PD but the Terrova is much easier.
  7. My daughter is looking to buy a new shotgun for duck hunting and high school trap. She has been shooting my Benelli SBE but would like to get her own gun and have one that is gas operated. For those that may have is the recoil compared to a Reminton 1100 or my SBE. We can go check the fit and feel of the gun at the store and I would expect reliability from Beretta but knowing what gas operated auto is soft shooting is more guess work.

    Who's hunting Nebraska this year

    For those that have hunted the public land. I just saw that they have a walk-in atlas and add wheat and stubble fields later in the season along with CRP. For a muzzle loader deer hunt, mulies would be great but whitetails are good too, do these public areas seem to hold decent deer numbers too. I heard like alot of western states that NE was hit hard with EHD and I am not sure about the recovery yet.

    Ice jigging options

    Based on observations I have seen spearing I would go with a large dead sucker to get that roll on the fall or even a 2.5 -3.0 inch trolling or daredevil type spoon. The bigger the bait the more aggressive the big fish have been.
  10. Minnetonka Game and Fish Leagues are on Wednesdays. Set up starts at 4pm for those that can help and shooting will start about 530pm or 6pm. Handguns must be holstered, on your strong side, with all magazines and ammunition on your person for the most part. If you run out of ammunition the stage is done. There will usually be four courses of fire per night with a 32 target/shot requirement maximum per stage. You wil shoot each stage one time unless there is a range malfunction. There is generally not a maximum number of shots per stage that you can take or bring with you. Depending on the type of gun and division you want to run will determine how many rounds you put in your magazines. I carry five magazines, ten rounds each, but generally will use four per stage. Entry fee is 10.00 on weeknights and more expensive on the weekends.....25.00 usually. I would bring a minimum of 150 rounds but would expect to use somewhere near 100 if you do not miss much, some miss alot and some not at all. Everyone is there to have fun and after a few matches you can get with people that shoot to your skill level if that makes you more comfortable. If you search on you tube you can find some great videos on uspsa shooting in Minnesota and even some at Minnetonka Game and Fish.
  11. Being disqualified is always a risk even for the experienced shooters running on the edge. I will tell you that with practice your skills will grow leaps and bounds ahead of those that only stand and shoot. The week night leagues are the place to start and not on a weekend match. Just let the range officer know that you are new and they will help you with the rules. From there you can progress at your own pace. There are all skill levels that will show up and shoot at these matches from those that practice on a daily basis to retired people that could be scored with a calander instead of shot timer. Kids are also encouraged to attend with safe gun handling skills. ONE WORD OF CAUTION DO NOT ARRIVE WITH YOUR GUN LOADED TO A MATCH OR LEAGUE. MEET WITH A RANGE OFFICER TO FIND THE SAFETY TABLES WHERE UNLOADED GUN HANDLING IS ALLOWED.

    Darkhouse Spearing Photos Gallery

    I got one of Daves spears this year and it is truly an amazing spear. A work of art is not an understatement and I could not be happier with it. My daughter took a friend out spearing last weekend and they would not even bring this spear out on the lake. As my daugter said "If I lose it in the bottom of the lake I know I am going swimming. We will just use mine". I hate to say it but she is right....she would be going swimming.

    Where is everyone

    I tried spearing last year for the first time on the last weekend of spear season and loved it. Cutting the ice was no fun since we set up three houses at one time. This year I bought all of my own stuff so I could go out on my own and my daughter could come too. It has been amazing and a great learning experience to say the least. Now my daughter is hooked and is finally willing to get up in the morning to go fishing. We have had the best luck with using a spinning spoon and a decoy sucker or just one of them. On the lakes I am spearing the best was last week when I was done in 15 minutes. Other times I have gone out and seen 13 fish in an hour. Not all the time but most of the time I will see 5 or six fish in two hours and with that kind of action sitting with two in the house is better than sitting alone. Wednesday the water was murky and it was snowing so the fishing was really slow. I let my buddy spear the three fish that were the right size and just watched until we went crappie fishing. Thursday was much better with clear water and sunshine. Are the decoys perhaps better than spoons and live suckers on cloudy or murky water days? Also does the floor help with the fishing or just the comfort level in a hub style house?
  14. For competition I don't think there is a better gun than the CZ-SP01 Shadow 9mm. I have two, one from the CZ custom shop and one from Akai Custom. In my opinion they are not carry guns if that is what you are looking for. I would even say the same for the polymer gun. Great target guns though and you will not be disappointed in the performance. For primarily target shooting I would go with a 9mm and stay away from the .40 cal. It is more expensive and more recoil to deal with.