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  1. Painted Lady and Friend

    Great find! I did a little research and did not find an I.D. Hopefully someone will know what it is.
  2. Pics from Munsinger

  3. Butterfly

    My book suggests this is a giant swallowtail- I can't remember ever seeing another one.
  4. Question on Winchester longbeard xr shells

    Thanks for the replies. I am going to get a box of 1 3/4 #5's and a box of 1 3/4 #6's and pattern them against what I have been shooting, Hope to get that done when I go up to mow my trails this fall, whenever I can free up some time to go. I will post some results.
  5. Pork belly

    I was in the Eagan Sam's club today, they had pork bellies for sale, 4.28 a pound. Wow. The bacon packages were over 5 a pound. Why is pork so spendy?
  6. Cure #1 question

    I should add the bag states it also contains "propylene glycol and sodium bicarbonate as processing aids"
  7. Cure #1 question

    I bought a two pound bag of cure #1 online for making bacon etc. I figured two pounds would be a lifetime supply for me. There is printing on the bag that says "best by 1/3/18." Five lousy months. Does this stuff actually go bad, or do they just want people to buy new stuff on a regular basis?
  8. Kenai Sockeyes

    Did not go to the Russian, just the Kenai and fished out of Homer for halibut.
  9. Kenai Sockeyes

    I did the trip in 2014 and last year, amazing time, I highly recommend doing it some day. Good Lord willing I will be back up there next July. Here is a pic of a bear fishing the river right across from us in 2014.
  10. Fall radishes

    I want to plant a fall crop of radishes, when is a good time to plant them? I am in the twin cities area. I want to plant a variety called german giants, a couple with a plot by mine in a community garden grew some this spring and they were huge, tasty, and not woody at all inside. They gave me a few to try. So far I have only found the seeds online, suppose I will order them. Here is a pic of them next to a regular size light bulb.
  11. Question on Winchester longbeard xr shells

    Yup, that's my plan. I will pattern both against what I have been using, at different ranges and probably with a couple different choke tubes.
  12. Question on Winchester longbeard xr shells

    You mean the extra pellets, or the extra powder? I put a Vortex red dot sight on my turkey gun, like it a lot.
  13. I am going to pick up a box to pattern against what I am shooting now. Here is my question. They are available in both 1 3/4 oz. shot and 1 7/8 oz. shot in 12 gauge. In a 3" 12 gauge #5 shot shell, that comes out to a 21 pellet difference. The velocity for 1 3/4 is 1200 fps, for 1 7/8 is 1080. At 20 yards it would make very little difference, but say at 45 yards would you rather have the extra 21 pellets or the added velocity? I suppose the answer is to buy both and pattern them, but I am curious as to the thoughts of the folks on this board. Thanks