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  1. Meat Sales

    Cub, at least the one in Inver Grove Heights has been having whole frozen ducks for 99 cents/pound. I went back and got a couple more yesterday.
  2. Purple Martins

    Not sure what you would have me say. You can't be in your own driveway because it bothers the birds?
  3. Purple Martins

    This was my experience, may be completely different than others. I put up a house in my back yard, less than 40 feet from my house, pole was about ten feet tall. Had to remove a lot of sparrow nests until the martins found it, but I did have martins move in. They were beautiful to watch fly for sure. Unfortunately they would dive bomb anyone that came anywhere near, maybe with a taller pole that would not happen? They would fly silently up behind you, then squawk right as they went past. I knew I would not put up the house the following summer when I saw my neighbor, who was working on his boat in his driveway, swinging his landing net at one that was diving at him. From watching them, they would mainly catch dragonflies to feed to the young ones. By the time the mosquitos came out at dusk, the birds were all done flying, so they did not help with mosquitos. This was just my experience. A lot of people have houses and enjoy them, my guess is that if the pole was higher maybe the birds would not see people as a threat. I still have the house, if I ever move to a lake I will try it again.
  4. I think you are thinking of Sportsman's Guide- they are in south st. paul, Sportsman's warehouse was in Woodbury.
  5. New kind of "bird" at my feeder

    First possum I've ever seen in my yard..
  6. Snowy Owl in the Metro

    I am in Inver Grove Heights and have seen a snowy owl a couple of times hanging out around a patch of woods. I walked in there and found him but he would not let me get close at all, wish I had a good camera with a telephoto lens.
  7. Question on a-maze-in smoker

    Ah. Attach a box to the side of the smoker to put the amazein in? Interesting idea. I was thinking of getting an unglazed tile a little larger than the amazein and try having it sit on that. I would not have a problem cutting a hole in the smoker if that would solve the issue, tho. Thanks for the thoughts, everybody.
  8. Question on a-maze-in smoker

    Mine does look like the one above. There are three racks, I have the amaze-in smoker on the lowest of the three racks. If I move it up higher I will only have one rack to put meat on.
  9. Question on a-maze-in smoker

    Here is a pic. The heating element is a continuous loop, if you took a rubber band and made a circle with it, it would look like the element. There is a tray that touches the inside loop of the element; you are supposed to put your sawdust/pellets in it and they should smoulder, that does not work, poor design in my opinion, that's why I got the a-maze-in tray. the rack the a-maze-in tray is sitting on is 2.75" above the element. I suppose I could take the tray that touches the element out to see if that helps. I wonder if I got a couple of fire bricks to set the a-maze-in on if that would fix it.
  10. Question on a-maze-in smoker

    I will try the foil. The smoker is 3-4 inches above the heating element, on a rack. I would think that should be far enough away. I am getting the sense that the smoker is running hotter than the temp gauge in the cover is reading, I guess I will replace the gauge for a second time.
  11. I have an electric, round, vertical smoker. I am smoking some kielbasa today. I filled my a-maze-in smoker tray with pellets (tray, not the tube), lit one end. I had it on a rack three or four inches above the heating element, which is round, the tray is not directly over it. I was smoking at 200 degrees. I went out to check it and smoke was pouring out of the smoker. I checked and the entire tray of pellets was burning. This has happened to me before, any ideas? I had blown out the flame on the pellets, so they were just burning coals at the one end, no flame.
  12. Deer heart

    I have had the heart before and found it to be very good. I think I will take some marinade along on my muzzleloader hunt and hopefully grill one up.
  13. A friend cleaned out a relative's house and gave me some ammo, some of which I can't use. Looking for reasonable offers on any of the following. I am in Inver Grove Heights. PM me if interested. 6 boxes 20 gauge Federal 2 3/4" duck/pheasant shells, 5 boxes are #6 shot, 1 box #4 shot 9 50 round boxes .22 short plus 3 partial boxes 9 50 round boxes .22 long (not long rifle) plus 1 partial box 44 rounds .38 special lead, plus 43 rounds .38 special lead hollow point
  14. Unfriendly?

    From my book, it looks like a pigeon horntail. Some sort of horntail or sawfly for sure.