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  1. The couple

    You should of took up tying hair jigs
  2. FLx 28 or Marcum Lx6 or 7

    Must of got a bad crystal... Never had any issues doing either with my ducer. At times your right, it almost has to much power; but by then I'm sight fishing anyway. Enjoy your switches!
  3. Inline reel reviews

    Dozen or so left handed on Saturday. Sent ya' a text when I seen um', you must of missed it....
  4. Inline reel reviews

    There ya' go!
  5. Inline reel reviews

    You must not have got my text....
  6. FLx 28 or Marcum Lx6 or 7

    Have you tied it using low power?
  7. Kdrill or Nils

    Great read! With the 9amp Red lithium batts it's a ice gobbling machine!
  8. FLx 28 or Marcum Lx6 or 7

    The Tri-beam and the Proveiw are basically the same ducer, just that the Proview gives you infinite ability to dial down, or up your cone angle or sensitivity. The FLX28's low power and weed modes, are the "cat's meow" when dialed in properly. Lastly the color pallet options can be great when dealing with schools of different size fish gathered in confined areas, along with giving your eyes a break from the standard red. Here's my friend Cory Bechtold explaining what I mean.... Don't think this could possibly work on the FLX 28.
  9. Kdrill or Nils

    Far from traditional, but either way, believe me, not complaining one bit. I'll take more comfortable days on the ice, in the woods, and looks like another day in the the boat tomorrow over extreme cold and deep snows of yesteryear. Having a lot of hobbies help bide time between waiting for good ice, and the warm up of spring.
  10. Kdrill or Nils

    Great question! The only time I've found a need to do that with the K drill, is when I drill multiple holes side by side. Really glad I bought a K drill, super light, and fast. The way our winters seem to getting, with less and less ice; I'm considering selling the Lazer Mag. Maybe some year we'll see an old fashion MN winter with 3' of ice and tons of snow....
  11. Al Franken

    Can't believe no posts about him yet. LOL! He finally made me laugh . Rest in peace Al....
  12. Anyone use nanofil in the winter?

    The problem with Nanofil during winter is it frays easy. Unlike Fireline which is woven, Nanofil is a uni-fiber. If your outside a lot I would stick with a mono like Micro Ice.
  13. Pushbutton start

    I hope you don't have a PC program to find where IP addresses originate from...... I prefer hollow points. LOL!
  14. Painted Lady and Friend

    Awesome! a new naturalist in the making; impressed with your research eyeguy64. Actually "aberrations" can occur do to several reasons, but very likely this was environmental. Yep, caused by a sudden change in temp. but since there are changes in wing pattern coloration and not much darkening overall..... It was an increase in temp, rather then a decrease, that caused this change from normal. Dark variations always occur when there is an extreme drop in temp. during metamorphosis. Hey buddy, your never to old to learn. GOOD JOB! Here's another form of "aberration", with Monarch spots I thought you'd find interesting....
  15. Painted Lady and Friend

    Another Painted Lady