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  1. Painted Lady

    Hilarious!!! Couldn't keep count on how many we drove over on the highway near Big Birch the other day; I'm sure they were drying their newly hatched wings on the warm tar. They sure have been hatching big time the last week...
  2. Eclipse Totality

    Nice work!
  3. Night Bird ID...

    Finally got a chance to listen to it; wouldn't download and play on phone. It is a flycatcher RebelSS.
  4. Dry rub Hot Wings. Gooood!!

    PM your number, I'll give you a call next time we're in the Merrifield area fishing. Do you stay at Cozy Cove?
  5. Night Bird ID...

  6. Dry rub Hot Wings. Gooood!!

    Man do those look good leech! Bring some out to Watab next week so I can sample them....
  7. "The Doctor's In"

    Thanks guys. I can say all the vaccines seemed to take hold and it seemed the meat even tasted better after being refrigerated over night. That sauce I make is unreal. Just checked the appointment book, looks like Mrs. Porkloin gets her exame and inoculations next weekend. Mmmmmm, lip smackin' fun food.
  8. Nom. Nom. Nommmmmm

    The kid in the background bombed it nicely, Great shot eyeguy 54
  9. "The Doctor's In"

    Finger Lickin' Chickin'!!!
  10. Nitrate and cured meat question

    You can control the nitrates, but what about all the carcinogens found within the yummy smoked foods .......
  11. Step by step pork jerk

    How fitting, congrats on the new hat eyeguy54, you definitely earned it Great job!
  12. Yellow Bellied

    Flickers are strictly insect feeders, must be out of meal worms, Time to venture from your comfort zone; they've been foraging on the ground heavily.......
  13. Yellow Bellied

    Looks pretty anchored from the wind. Flickers arrived in big numbers today. Love their flight pattern
  14. Little Falls gunshow?

    Well worth it Carl, Awesome Deals! Go early; Friday if you can.....