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  1. Spinners for stream trout

    Worden's Rooster Tails....
  2. Pop Quiz!! What the heck made these tracks!?

    Otter.... maybe a Bobcat with prey.
  3. Minnesota Shrimp

    Animal beer, well that explains it; always wondered what was in that chit....
  4. Minnesota Shrimp

    LOL! And in a can no less.....
  5. Jigs or Lindy rigs

    It greatly depends on how the fish are positioned in the water column. If they're hugging bottom, a sign of neutral or negative fish, I'll drop a jig first. Fished slow near bottom, sometimes just dragging it along works. Next, would be a longer snell lindy with a plain hook, maybe a single bead. Higher riding fish tend to be more aggressive, then a lindy spinner rig. Cover water with speed, keeping off bottom and in the strike zone. If that connects with fish, I'd grab a crankbait to eliminate the need for putzin' with livebait. Let the fish deside...
  6. The couple

    You should of took up tying hair jigs
  7. Al Franken

    Can't believe no posts about him yet. LOL! He finally made me laugh . Rest in peace Al....
  8. Pushbutton start

    I hope you don't have a PC program to find where IP addresses originate from...... I prefer hollow points. LOL!
  9. Painted Lady and Friend

    Awesome! a new naturalist in the making; impressed with your research eyeguy64. Actually "aberrations" can occur do to several reasons, but very likely this was environmental. Yep, caused by a sudden change in temp. but since there are changes in wing pattern coloration and not much darkening overall..... It was an increase in temp, rather then a decrease, that caused this change from normal. Dark variations always occur when there is an extreme drop in temp. during metamorphosis. Hey buddy, your never to old to learn. GOOD JOB! Here's another form of "aberration", with Monarch spots I thought you'd find interesting....
  10. Painted Lady and Friend

    Another Painted Lady
  11. Painted Lady

    Hilarious!!! Couldn't keep count on how many we drove over on the highway near Big Birch the other day; I'm sure they were drying their newly hatched wings on the warm tar. They sure have been hatching big time the last week...
  12. Eclipse Totality

    Nice work!
  13. Night Bird ID...

    Finally got a chance to listen to it; wouldn't download and play on phone. It is a flycatcher RebelSS.
  14. Dry rub Hot Wings. Gooood!!

    PM your number, I'll give you a call next time we're in the Merrifield area fishing. Do you stay at Cozy Cove?
  15. Night Bird ID...