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  1. bobberineyes

    Time for a smoke

    Good job rl_sd!!
  2. bobberineyes

    Bait for the opener

    You go ahead and cast that can coolie mike, I'm sticken to whatever minnows I can get!! Shiners are always first choice..
  3. bobberineyes

    Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    The finger needed to be pointed in his direction, after a few coaches got it first. I keep reflecting back on the team of 2002-2003, Marion led the bunch in points but the rest was either rookies, hand me downs and two goalies that got hot. Throw in guys that weren't afraid with lots of heart and they made it work..
  4. bobberineyes


    I agree, now is the time to go up since its cool out, especially for you. What about the basic roof vents, they must be able to get in that way if the screens are not intact..
  5. bobberineyes

    Wild play offs

    I hear ya bear, Parise and Suter out, that's a lot of coin not playing. Parise will definitely be missed, I didn't catch who's takin his spot.... Ennis?
  6. bobberineyes

    What's on the grill

    Swedish sausage and taters!! Gee whiz, you guys fare weather grillers..
  7. bobberineyes

    Norway Maple tree damage, need opinions

    2700 isn't to bad really, I've had quotes anywhere from 3-10 grand on a really ugly maple that spreads over a house, garage and a shed. You have a fireplace cheetah? The cheapest route would be to have it dropped and you take care of the rest.
  8. bobberineyes

    Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    Foligno, who is that? Pretty much non factor so far, you can't hit what you can't catch. Pretty sad when big buff is laying out our guys.. we're slow.
  9. bobberineyes

    What's on the grill

    Ha, kaboobs tonight. Bacon wrapped taters and beans in the nuker.
  10. bobberineyes

    Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    The jets are good but their also beatable. The opportunities will be there we just need to capitalize ( zucker first period) and find a way to bottle em up on our end. Sure would be good to have a wrecking ball running around hitting everything in sight taking em off their game. I'm feeling pretty confident we'll take game 2!!
  11. bobberineyes

    Just Food and Drink

    I'll take that as a compliment leech , I think. But this grub was warmed up by yours truly!!
  12. bobberineyes

    Just Food and Drink

    French dips n fries. Paired with a top shelf beverage!!
  13. bobberineyes

    Retriever Training

    Hoping everything goes good with the pooch smurf!!!Where does the time go?
  14. bobberineyes

    What's on the grill

    I can't explain it..
  15. bobberineyes

    What's on the grill

    Not all the time, just special occasions. She puts in rosemary, tyme and butter...pretty tasty in the cast!!