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  1. Hey, shouldn't you be workin????
  2. I'll run different meats together as long as it takes the same smoke, chicken / pork with hickory or fruit woods but fish is usually by it's self.
  3. Saw first motorcycle out today

    Seen a crotch rocket on Hwy 100 today... crazy.
  4. Smaller brisket smoke method

    Looking good rundrave, mamma picked up a 3 #er at cub today. At the start of this thread I mentioned Rh's method on covering with bacon, I'm sure it would hold the moisture but thinking about it I don't believe much of the smoke makes it in to the brisket. I think I'll do best of both and cold smoke for a while then wrap in bacon and see what happens.. experiment with the small ones and infuse in the bigger ones.
  5. Time for a smoke

    Yep that's pops brine alright, you can tell how the pieces shriveled up. Pops is a good brine but I've switched to dry brine and get very little shrinkage or curling on sliced bellies. Pops sure is the way to go for Canadian though.
  6. Time for a smoke

    Lookin awesome grainbelt! 3 weeks in the brine, we need to know your recipe.
  7. Ciscoes

    Ya, I'm pretty sure he's up to date on this issue...
  8. Looks great big d!! I used to do same after the foil but it seems that's when they dry out some. So now they don't come out of the foil until they hit my plate..
  9. Supper

    Yes del, they have quick pizza delivery in town, right Dave? . We're having chili dogs n fries. But tacos or grilled cheese are tough to beat..
  10. New pack member

    Looking good PF!! My daughter came home with a trouble maker last weekend, cute little poop ( golden retriever) but a handful, ya that rug doesn't belong there..
  11. Just Food and Drink

    Don't believe I've ever tried spam, but it does look tasty big D. Grilled over charcoal would probably would help a canned processed something or another out..
  12. Time for a smoke

    I think it's appropriate that some sort of bird needs to be smoked up this coming Sunday, just not sure which one yet..
  13. Time for a smoke

    Looks dynamite grainbelt!!
  14. Kettle grates

    Great idea smurf!! Just think of the heart shaped burgers i could smooth things over with..
  15. Kettle grates

    Thanks for the responses gents, I like the thought of hot grates and longer lasting heat on long cooks. Just not sure which way I'll go, Amazon has a 5 pc set up 4 removable grates and the ring for 95 + shipping. At certain times it might be good for a grate or two out of the way instead of the ends stood up...