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  1. Pork belly

    You referring to the burnt ends moon lake? Ours turned out tasting almost like ribs, don't get wrong they were good but I'll stick to makin bacon out of the bellies. Not sure what a # of bacon is worth in the store, it doesn't matter I'll stick to doing my own slabs, more tastier, more better and more importantly more funner .
  2. Time for a smoke

    Looks fabulous rl_sd! Thanks for the reminder, think it's time for a batch.
  3. 4th of July Picnic Pictures

    So many ribs, and so many ways.. . That is a good recipe rs_ld..
  4. Pork belly

    I am flattered fellas, but in rebs defense he did say " goodies" and not "goods" or he would have some explaining to do . between the different s.i.t.e.s. were on I post no shortage of food shots ,so reb grab that scissors from leech lol. You pick up a belly yet moon lake?
  5. Pork butt wont pull

    Your right rs_ld, a full smoker is the way to go, leftovers can always be frozen and re heated..good eats.
  6. Pork belly

    Very good stuff, kinda tasted like ribs with this recipe, I'll keep at it til I find the right one!! Good luck moon lake!!
  7. Pork belly

    Nice!! I just did some last weekend.
  8. Pork belly

    I've been getting them at Costco, I've checked slyvee and sams but never see them. Although one of the butcher's at slyvee says he can get them which might not be a bad idea since you can have some fat cut off before you pay per #. I picked one up a couple of weeks ago and it was about 2.80 a #, which isn't too bad yet considering bacon in the store can run quite a bit more than that. You making bacon or doing pork belly burnt ends moon lake?
  9. Yard Tme

    I sprayed mine almost a month ago. An ortho product that seamed to work. All that's left is the dead grass it choked out.
  10. Cheap traction

    Actually the guy at ace was pretty close. These little guys are for framing steel studs before sheetrocking, but yes they also could be for sheet metal work even though they are black . But your right hawg sharp and go in fast.
  11. Amazen smokers

    Go for it del!! If he passed jump on it it mike!!
  12. Amazen smokers

    Pics is s must....great call mike.
  13. Amazen smokers

    25 delivered , that's awesome. How bout 15 and I'll pick up?
  14. Amazen smokers

    Ok ok, I can tell your a wheeling dealing kinda guy. I'll start the bid at 10 bucks.
  15. Amazen smokers

    Isn't mastercraft a boat? You need the tube, once you do cheese and eggs with no heat among lots of other goodies you'll change your ways..