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  1. 2017 Pheasants

    Well, the kid and I have been out quite a bit, have been seeing and shooting a few here and there but the numbers do seem down. "Pockets "of birds in areas really sum it up. One thing that has stood out this fall is the wind.. just keeps blowing!!
  2. Time for a smoke

    If not up n running, how did the wife smoke those sheepshead anyway??? Thanks for all replies fellas, it's just a matter of picking out which model and grabbing it. A full smoker is a happy smoker.. or maybe that's me!
  3. Just Food and Drink

    It all comes down to using the tube. Basically sausage, bacon, jerky and fatties until i get a handle on it. I cant see smurf in a Ferrari, pogo stick ya!!
  4. Time for a smoke

    Perfect!! Great advice rs_ld! It's amazing how the users come up with better ways of using products!!
  5. Just Food and Drink

    Looks good smurf!!! That all I gotta say about that....
  6. Time for a smoke

    I believe that's the same model FF had on sale for 199 on black Friday, I knew I shoulda grabbed one. I do a lot with the smoking tube but the gas smoker and charcoal grills usually win the battle for oxygen and the tube goes out. I'm not sure what the cold smoke accessories do but running the tube with no heat is what I intend anyhow.
  7. Time for a smoke

    Have you tried the smoke tube with it for extra smoke?
  8. Time for a smoke

    I'm thinking the pellets go under the pot!!... or wait did I say pot?? That's the thing, I usually do jerky, hang bacon slabs and sausage in the smoker where chickens and whatever gets smoked on the offset.
  9. Time for a smoke

    Great job gents, Turkey and the bullheads look mint!! Well here's my dilemma. I do lots of different smoking on my two big charcoal units but now and then I'll break out the old but faithful l.p. smoker, (which is about 20 years old). The regulater took a dump and I'm having troubles finding a replacement, I'm not quite comfy on cutting the gas line, adding a new one thinking it will work. Sooo i have the green light to go smoker shopping, what's everyone's thoughts on electric models.. brands, pros and cons??? Pretty much greek to me!! Or what kinda rig you running rl_sd?
  10. Bama

    Way da go smurf.... Where's the popcorn moji!!
  11. Sous Vide Turkey

    Boiled meat??? Isn't that for soups? How bout cooking meat the way it should be... then let the pooch clean off the grates.
  12. Bean 'n Ham soup

    That be a recipe for a disaster!!! . Mornin forum fellas!!!
  13. Electric Roaster for Sausage

    Looks good to me!! And no shrinkage.
  14. Bean 'n Ham soup

    Looks great guys, I'm thinking this thread shoulda been called " green haze aftermath "
  15. Roast beef

    Isn't that something mike, Rh has been gone for quite a while and still getting air time... how bout lmitout???