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  1. Cabins

    With all the water I've been in this state I've never had an issue or the fam. Isn't Hayward bout the same distance?
  2. 2017 pheasant brood survey results

    Great looking pooch rundrave!! Having daily walks in bird country is dynamite. Early spring before crops came up I saw lots of birds west central mn, but lately just a few. Friends of mine go out to eastern sodak to see rellies said the same thing...lots of birds early on. So as of this spring it looked promising, late season could still be a good shoot.
  3. Time for a smoke

    9 pounder is on, throwing some more hickory at it for about an hour then let the coals do the rest. They sure are good and make great soup bones!!
  4. Just Terrible

    Omg, I can't fathom witnessing that, just pure bad luck. I feel so sorry for the family. Responsibility is huge, having that laying around in a good. The thing that sucks no matter what the circumstances, weather fido chews on a shoe, whizes on the floor it's our fault, not his/ hers. In this case she was the victim for human error! So sorry bobby.
  5. Smaller brisket smoke method

    I do catch a few competition cook offs now and then, but I'm not sure if I've ever seen anyone show up with a boiling contraption.
  6. Smaller brisket smoke method

    Lol. If I remember right they say 1.25 hours per #, that little guy won't take all tgat long. I've always used a mop sauce after two hours in to it, but Reinhardt has a great recipe that has bacon covering it to keep it moist, I'll be trying that next! I've always just brought it up to 200 then foil for burnt ends.
  7. Unfriendly?

    Lol, naw we got stung enough last weekend from a ground hive.... we're inside!!
  8. Unfriendly?

    I are. Playing fetch has been kept to a minimum . First look at this thing I'm thinking something blew in from the tropics..
  9. Unfriendly?

    Great call on the horntail crow, looks spot on!
  10. Unfriendly?

    Here's another shot, still on the tree.
  11. Unfriendly?

    I spotted this thing crawling up my maple. It let me get pretty close but as soon as the dog went by it flared it's wings with the stinger moving side to side. The body looks to be an inch and half long with the stinger being close to a half inch. This thing makes a wasp look small!
  12. Lunch

    If that's lunch, I'd love to see dinner!!
  13. Time for a smoke

    It all turned out good, a little salty from the brine but good. Think I'll back off on the salt and give the cod another shot.
  14. Time for a smoke

    Looks awsome Grainbelt I need to get a dehydrator that's for sure. Cold smoking on some salmon, tilapia and some cod ( just for a few hours then some heat and more smoke). Dry brined the salmon over night but the cod and tilapia was for a few hours. Never done cod before so we'll see. Never know, it might be a popcorn dinner after I'm done with these!
  15. See ya chippie

    Those are some neat pics reb!! I haven't seen or heard the whistling hawks in a while, that was probably a different hawk having chippie fer supper I'm guessing.