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  1. Actually the guy at ace was pretty close. These little guys are for framing steel studs before sheetrocking, but yes they also could be for sheet metal work even though they are black . But your right hawg sharp and go in fast.
  2. Go for it del!! If he passed jump on it it mike!!
  3. Pics is s must....great call mike.
  4. 25 delivered , that's awesome. How bout 15 and I'll pick up?
  5. Ok ok, I can tell your a wheeling dealing kinda guy. I'll start the bid at 10 bucks.
  6. Isn't mastercraft a boat? You need the tube, once you do cheese and eggs with no heat among lots of other goodies you'll change your ways..
  7. Whatta ya mean ya don't need em??
  8. After putting a few in the pickling jars and hot sauce they sure turn out good cold smoked and dried out for seasoning. But then again the boobs above know nothing of that..
  9. Hot garden and a steaming toilet..
  10. Awesome looking wings leech and congrats on breaking in the new smoker!
  11. Gee whiz, doesn't anybody go to church anymore. Just hit up slyvee and Costco checking on prices and both were packed even in the rain. Both have impressive meat but so far Costco has a better selection. Boneless pork shoulder was 1.95 a # and chucks were 4.50 a #. I did not see a beef roll thirdeye, I asked on of the butcher's but be didn't speak a bit of english.. Next stop will be sams, mid day during the week, not as many cart crashing going on then.
  12. Thanks Jim, that's my thoughts as well. The way its looking now I'll be starting in the early afternoon the day before ,Just not sure how the meat will be cooking most of the way then put in the fridge and fire it back up in the morning.. spose I can always start it all at midnight.
  13. Here's my dilemma, I have a lot of people coming over soon for a grad party, I'm making pulled pork and pulled beef sandwiches. My first thought was a whole packer and a few pork butts, but instead of dealing with perhaps a tough flat maybe one is better off smoking up some Chuck roasts. What think?
  14. Gotta be Bigfoot!!
  15. I've done both dry and wet, go ahead and keep the stinky slabs in the wet and save the not so for the dry.