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  1. Looks nice Reb, good to see the neighbor left a cooler out for each pass for ya!!
  2. Those look phenomenal thirdeye!!!
  3. Never too old to color eggs.
  4. Think all I'm going to do is run around with the blower to fluff up the yard and suck it all up with the mow lawner , then spread some seed on the bare spots.
  5. Welcome aboard. You can always hit search here and put in stuffed peppers, a lot of older threads have some pretty good recipes.
  6. Think I remember you doing this before WH, if you have extras you can always count on us. Looks awesome!!
  7. It'll be interesting to see if the team plays a little harder in front of a different goalie.
  8. Been there done that. If live trapping grab an egg otta the fridge, you'll catch em in no time. I haven't tried the urine trick but it sounds like worth trying if you don't want to deal with them..good luck!
  9. Good job eyeguy!!! Something tells me to use splendid or something but those fillets ROCK!!
  10. WHAT, sounds to me you know a lot about keep cutting!!! Alright alright, big D, that chili is the BOMB. What you smiling at smurf!!!
  11. I have a waste high raised bed, 4×8 12" deep and it works great, easy to weed and maintain. Usually in the fall I'll blend in some cut grass with some chopped leaves. I stick to radishes early and then it's full of lettuce, onion and a few peppers, the pails have the bulk of the load. Started seeds last Saturday and the tomatoes are already 1 1/2 tall with the jalapeños and bells starting to scrape the surface. Trying a different light out, someone at work was throwing out a UV light and the seeds are really responding to it. I had to put small zip ties in when I cover em.
  12. Chili on a winter day is hard to beat, looks splendid Dave!!!
  13. A lot of great ideas , seems liquid smoke is a fav, lipton is a good thought too. Great looking burglars fellas, and that bacon wrapped meatloaf looks mouth watering thirdeye. I went back through my pics looking for the open pit burgers but all I found were steaks, but holy moly I must eat burglars a lot Cuz there's a bunch. Think next time I'll mix it up and see if anyone notices, thanks gents and keep the pics coming!!
  14. I'll do pre-formed patties in a pinch, but usually mix in A1 or sometimes heinz57 in for formed burgers with a dusting of pepper. Anyone have a favorite mix for a kick butt burger? Tonight it was A1 , Colby jack with sautéed onions.