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  1. Jackrabbit Mystery

    I live right outside of Moorhead and see a few in the winter now days. About 8 yrs ago they moved into the shelterbelt around our place and there were about 50. It was nice to see them. I grew up in Harvey N.D. and we would go out and shoot a pickup box full in a night. That 250 - 300 jacks in a night. We would sell them to a guy that had a Mink and Fox ranch and get 50 cents each. The amount of jacks we would see in a night would be in the 1000's. I think all the chemicals and pesticides are killing them off. We dont see the Meadow Larks like we use to either.
  2. Nodak

    Im from N.D. and guided for many yrs from Sask to Texas. And why anyone would go to N.D and hunt waterfowl is a mystery to me. Canada has the best waterfowl hunting I have ever seen. You only have to drive 500 miles more. There is no posted land and no hunters. Its a waterfowlers dream. We averaged 69 Geese a day for 15 yrs plus I never counted the Ducks in the decoys in the mornings. In the evening clients would sit at a slough and shoot ducks while I found a field to hunt geese in the next morning. Pretty good chance you would shoot more bird in one day than in N.D. in a week.
  3. Lyme Disease, aka Borrelia burgdorferi

    I was diagnosed with Lyme disease back in like 2000. I was sicker than a poison pup for over 6 weeks. It took them about a month to figure it out. After I took meds for about 2 wks is when I started feeling better. Better to be safe than sorry
  4. Spearing help

    Another couple of questions. I have a 7 x 14 wheel house and I have a life time lic on the trailer. And a 3 yr lic on the house. I built a 7 x 14 trailer this summer to spear out of and put a 4 man portable up when I get to the lake. I know I need a lic on the trailer. But do I need a lic for the portable? I have lived in Mn for a few yrs but never fished with a portable. And I have a fishing lic but I also need a spearing lic??
  5. Spearing help

    There is a weed line as I like to get in it as we catch lots of Bass in that area. And the Northers are always cruising through.
  6. Spearing help

    I live outside Moorhead. I know of a lake by Barnsville that has some big Northerns in it. As I have cought many 10 to 15 lb fish out of it. And in the camera at 14 to 15 feet its real clear. So if I was in 4 to 5 ft should be clear. Or do you think i should go deeper?
  7. Spearing help

    I built a spearing house this summer and am getting ready to go. The problem is I have never been in a house or seen it done other than videos. Anyone want to give me some advice on how to do it. Do you throw the spear or drop it? Decoys or live bait? Any help would be nice. and if someone would like to go and show me the ropes let me know Thanks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Relive your memories take a Kid Hunting and Fishing
  8. 500 sportsman question ???

    Artic-scrap1 Is right about jumping the brown/brown-white. I did it to mine and it works great. Thanks And it only took me 10 months to get back to this forum
  9. 500 sportsman question ???

    I have a 600 sportsman that has the same problem with the 4x4. The speedo took a dump. Artic-scrap1 say to jump the brown and brown and white. Can I just crimp them together outside the wiring harness. Thanks for the help