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  1. Jackrabbit Mystery

    I live right outside of Moorhead and see a few in the winter now days. About 8 yrs ago they moved into the shelterbelt around our place and there were about 50. It was nice to see them. I grew up in Harvey N.D. and we would go out and shoot a pickup box full in a night. That 250 - 300 jacks in a night. We would sell them to a guy that had a Mink and Fox ranch and get 50 cents each. The amount of jacks we would see in a night would be in the 1000's. I think all the chemicals and pesticides are killing them off. We dont see the Meadow Larks like we use to either.
  2. Nodak

    Im from N.D. and guided for many yrs from Sask to Texas. And why anyone would go to N.D and hunt waterfowl is a mystery to me. Canada has the best waterfowl hunting I have ever seen. You only have to drive 500 miles more. There is no posted land and no hunters. Its a waterfowlers dream. We averaged 69 Geese a day for 15 yrs plus I never counted the Ducks in the decoys in the mornings. In the evening clients would sit at a slough and shoot ducks while I found a field to hunt geese in the next morning. Pretty good chance you would shoot more bird in one day than in N.D. in a week.
  3. Remote electric jacks worth it?

    The guy that built my frame talked me out of them. He said the first yr or two there great. Then problems start, he said I would be coming back to him and putting a winch system back on. He said he has taken the electric off lots of frames and put them back to winch system. With the two speed winch and a cordless drill it is so easy.
  4. Sure Step

    I sure like the design. And it could detour a thief.
  5. Lyme Disease, aka Borrelia burgdorferi

    I was diagnosed with Lyme disease back in like 2000. I was sicker than a poison pup for over 6 weeks. It took them about a month to figure it out. After I took meds for about 2 wks is when I started feeling better. Better to be safe than sorry
  6. Cheap traction

    I take the hex head 5/16 sheet metal screws that are 1/2 inch long and screw them in the lugs of my 4 wheeler. I put about 70 in each tire and can push snow a lot better. And on the lake no sliding around. And I very seldom lose one. I only use the 4 wheeler in the winter so never take them out.
  7. Rubber Roof Replacement Help

  8. Waubay/ Bitter Ice Reports

    Lots of safe ice in N.D. The warm weather isnt hurting the ice in N.D. It freezes up every night so the ice is still good.
  9. How close???

    Timberghost must be from the older generation. The young people will take out there phone and take a picture way before I would even think about it. If someone tells me or reminds me to take a picture I will. Im going to a Lake in N.D. tomorrow and plan on spend the weekend there. I know the spot im going to, and there's not one house with in 1/4 mile. But by Sat at noon there will be 10 - 15 house with in 50 - 60 yds away. Just seems like you can never fish alone any more.
  10. How close???

    I had a guy do that also on Sat in N.D. Pulled in with a Ford F350 and a big Ice Castle and started his 2000 watt All-Pro generator and set it in front of his pickup about 40 ft and went and got in his house. I went and asked him if he want to plug into my Honda 2000 so I didnt have to listen to its all afternoon. But when I left we picked up and got everything ready. He never came out and I could see him looking out the window so I just unplugged his cord and picked up my generator and left. Never came out to thank me. But the guy next to me thanked me so he wouldnt have to listen to it.
  11. Get a CO Detector!!!!

    I dont know if this matters but if you have fans blowing in the house. Should the detectors be away from the fan? I have a fan under my empire and one above the TV moving air around the door. So I have a fan in the front and one in the middle. I just picked a detector up and want to put it in the best place. Im thinking any where as long as you have one. Thanks
  12. Ice Rod Rack for Wheel House

    My walls are structural panels. There .032 tin inside and out with 3 1/2 inch of Styrofoam. And they are tongue and grooved. There 6 1/2' tall and 4' wide
  13. Ice Rod Rack for Wheel House

    This is what I did and very seldom have a rod bounce out.
  14. Impressed With Ion Service

    I bought my Ion in Dec and have punched maybe 300 holes over the course of 20 days of fishing without a single issue. When I push the button it cuts. It doesnt throw the chips all over. And put it in reverse and slush is gone. I leave my house in the air when I drill and set the house down on the chips and always have a very good seal. Im very happy with mine
  15. Lost Equipment

    Very nice, good to here there are still good people out there.