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  1. I have been meaning to try to stick a yote too whenever I was out I hoped one would show up instead of a turkey.
  2. should have set up in the grass! Uncle went back for evening set up at a pinch point hen and tom came through to go back to roost but no shot!
  3. Ya I don't know do I dare say I almost like it better than deer hunting... Cant sit with him tonight but came up with a game plan wouldn't be surprised if he sticks one tonight
  4. ya but its fun! It was nice getting out i am learning alot watching them and being out there gets me more experience since i shot mine this year after being out a total of probably 6 hours for two days
  5. well gobbled like crazy in the morning finally got a hen to come out she came 1 foot away from blind. Then 4 more came behind her 2 toms and 2 hens then the hens went back to the woods and one tom followed the other tom stayed in the open strutting back and forth just out of range then a crane came and he strutted at that then a goose came and he strutted at that they all came out just out of range and cut to our side. They sat there strutting at each other and couldn't get them to come in. One of them came back started walking to our decoys once again just out of range. Uncle tried to get out and go through the dirt bike track he's currently laying on top a jump within 60 yards of them no other options to sneak he chose the wrong way to go should have crawled against the burn... Man these buggers suck going to change blind spots next time know where they roost and see where they strut on the property. should of had a fan decoy out I bet that would have drawn them in
  6. Keep holding out for that big one @hugonian1 ones heading your way soon!
  7. Going to sit with my uncle Sunday morning to help him call some in. He heard a bunch of gobbling at the next farm over same place all of them came from when I shot mine. Going to put my blind on his property and see if we can get my uncle his.
  8. I used them in my compound I ment to say* but they are for x bows as well
  9. I used a grim reaper carni-four on mine this year massive wound channel turkey had no chance! So impressed I am using them deer hunting this year. They deploy by the blades swinging back as far as I can tell it would be next to impossible for a failure
  10. Wooo hooo congrats on the double
  11. Slow down you guys!
  12. anyone get out over the weekend? Any reports?
  13. congrats
  14. on opener I got out a little late 8:30 I chose a hen and a Jake had one come in and 3 more come in that never cam in view of my decoys I'm sure they would have came all the way if they saw them. next day I left work early and got set up at 530 am I opted to use two hens two toms came in and right to my decoys thats when i shot mine this year if i didn't get that one my plan was to move down to the more open sod field early afternoon and use two hens and a Jake
  15. Your chances go to 0 if you pack up