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  1. Last I checked the lines were Mayweather -900 and McGregor +500 So I would put 100 on Mcgregor for the chance to win 500 Rather than 1000 on Mayweather to win 100
  2. It was a female deer tick in a county that is in one of the high risk areas for tickborne disease, didn't know how long it was attached for. Lyme is one of those things that the earlier you treat it the less severe it is and the less you have to be on antibiotics. I think I took 4 doses or maybe it was a single dose. Im not one to even take asprin or anything but I figured why sit around and wait for symptoms if I had any when I could take 4 pills that cost me 8 bucks and be done with it. Had to do it once in my lifetime just because I wasn't sure I don't think that is too aggressive why wait till you start feeling bad?
  3. I am surprised that didn't just give him Doxycycline scoot I had one on me over a 3 day weekend buried good in my waistline didn't know if I got it the first day or last day no bullseye but I wasn't trying to find out called my dr and had a does of doxy waiting for me at the pharmacy.
  4. I hate watching all sports
  5. photos

    Have you been taking bumps of cough syrup leech?
  6. Cave in rock switch grass also depending on how you have you food plot set up I would do something with egyptian wheat or sorghum.
  7. Do a google search of walnut hollow country turkey mount They make nice real wood ones I ordered mine from them on amazon as it was cheaper on there for some reason They make ones without the picture on it if that's your style
  8. Bushmasters are not bad I have shot a couple and they work just fine. Just think of it as a chevy Malibu. Yes there are Camaros and Corvettes out there but they come with a price. If you are just needing to get to work and back the Malibu is just fine if you want to go to the track the corvette is better. I am getting the drift he wants the gun in case you know what hits the fan well in that case the bush master will do. If he wants to do some serious shooting or competition 3 gun or whatever I would suggest otherwise. As far as the wall penetrating debate Its all hog wash unless you are hitting studs the bullet is going through drywall with the exception of birdshot will stop after a wall or two
  9. Whole weekend cheats yes I agree even with ideal weight but one cheat meal a week I feel is ok If you are maintaining your calorie deficit for everything else. I feel like this is actually a good thing because when you are in a calorie deficit your bodies metabolism actually will slow down as your leptin levels drop to conserve energy. Having one cheat meal will temporarily raise your levels. Now your cheat meal should be sensible still something with carbs and protein think burger or philly cheese steak sandwich pizza with sausage two or 3 slices not the whole pizza. Fasted cardio before your cheat meal is also recommended Anyway like others have said before being in a calorie deficit is the way to lose weight You need to find your calorie maintenance level then ideally cut 500 calories a day below that this will get you around 1lb of fat a week loss. Weigh yourself ONCE a week in the morning and track your progress give it 3 weeks before you evaluate and see if the calorie deficit you are at is right if you gained or stayed the same weight take more calorie off your daily intake. Being in a 500 calorie deficit is the most important part exercise comes second when adding exercise this is going to add to the daily calorie you burn so if without exercise you calorie deficit to lose weight was at 2500 calories with exercise it might be 2700 calories a day. When cutting or anytime really clean foods are #1 in my book if it doesn't spoil in a week I don't eat it Think chicken, broccoli, green beans, peppers, sweet potatoes, green beans, turkey blah blah You should also count your Macronutrients which are carbs protein and fat Ideally when cutting 10-30% carbs, 40-50% protein, 30-40% fat
  10. BEFORE BEGINNING Before you begin, make sure you have a good strong battery and make sure it's charged up. If you have a bad or weak battery, you may want to replace it because if it doesn't crank good and strong, you are likely to get a low, inaccurate reading. Make sure your engine is warmed up to operating temperature(if possible). About 10 minutes of riding should do. First, take out the spark plug and thread in the adapter for the compression tester. Make sure you have the correct size adapter for your particular ATV. Slide your kill switch to the "off" position. Some ATVs won't crank over with the kill switch in the "off" position, so if yours is like this, then you will need to either unhook your ignition coil or ground the end of the spark plug wire to a good ground. You can use a jumper wire with alligator clips on each end to ground it. Next, make sure the throttle is in the wide open position. You can either hold the throttle lever with your thumb or you may be able to tape it or use a zip tie to fasten it to your handlebars to hold it in the wide open position. If you don't have the throttle in the wide open position, you will probably get too low of a reading. Also, if you are testing a newly rebuilt engine, the engine needs to have been run for, at least, 30 or 40 minutes or you will probably get too low of a reading. NOTE: Before you begin with the actual test, make sure the threaded adapter is screwed in good and isn't leaking any air out around it. ACTUAL TESTING With the throttle in the wide open position, push the start button and crank the engine over until the hand on the gauge stops moving. Each time the engine turns over the hand should raise a little more until it reaches the maximum compression of the engine. When it stops, that is your compression reading. This usually takes no more than 10 seconds. Try to avoid cranking an engine for more than 10 seconds at a time as this is hard on the starter and the battery. Now, push the relief valve on your compression gauge and that will reset the hand back to zero. It's a good ideal to repeat the test a couple or three times to make sure you get an accurate reading. On kick start models, it will be the same procedure, but obviously you will be kicking it over instead of using a start button. Worn piston rings and cylinder walls will increase the number of strokes it takes to reach the maximum reading. If you're kicking, it could possibly take as many as 10-20 kicks to get the highest reading. THE READING You will need to check your repair manual for your particular model for the correct compression specifications. See note below. Usually, an engine will run OK if it has at least 100 PSI of compression. Most engines will have somewhere between 100-250 and some as high as 300 PSI, depending on the engine. Sometimes they will run with under 100 PSI, but usually not very well. If you get a low reading, you can do a "wet test" to try to help determine the problem. If your reading is too high, then you probably have carbon built up on your piston and combustion chamber. NOTE: You may get a low reading on some engines because some engines have a decompressor assembly built into the camshaft. Check the service manual for your quad to see whether or not your quad has a decompressor assembly built into the cam. WET TEST If you got a low reading, pour about 1-2 teaspoons of clean motor oil down into the cylinder through the spark plug hole and do the compression test again. If your reading increases, then your rings or cylinder walls are probably worn. If your reading doesn't increase, then it's probably your valves. You could have a bent valve, you may have leaky valve seats, or your valve clearance may not be adjusted properly. Also, low compression can be caused by a blown head gasket. CAUSES OF LOW COMPRESSION *Worn piston rings or worn or damaged cylinder walls *Leaking valves *Valve clearance not properly set *Blown head gasket CAUSE OF HIGH COMPRESSION (stock engines) *Carbon buildup in combustion chamber and on piston NOTE: Compression testing is a good way to keep track or "gauge" the wear in your engine. When you first get your ATV or when you rebuild the engine in your ATV, you can do a compression test and then later on, you can do them periodically. This will help you determine the wear in your engine each time you do a compression test and will guide you in knowing when your engine needs rebuilding. This is about all I can think of. I hope I didn't leave anything out and I hope this helps everyone with their compression tests.
  11. They are not the best out their but for the price and your average person not too bad I guess, Its going to send lead to where its pointed. This is probably what is going to happen he is going to buy a package shoot it for awhile then start upgrading everything to how he wants it and it is going to end up costing way more than if he just built one himself how he wants it.
  12. I may have to pick some up I never had time to start my seeds indoors this year
  13. These started plants? I have some reaper powder I use on my eggs and chicken... yumm yummm
  14. Are we talking about like ones with a light? to illuminate the pins? Or one of those weird ones kind of like a Holographic red dot sight? I would stay away from all the holographic ones and what not. I run a Black Gold sight on my bow it can have a light attached but I feel like I have no need for it. As Black gold has "SkyCoil" that gathers the light and illuminates the pins. People put lights on there bow for lowlight conditions and when they are in a blind. With my sight I have found if I cant see my pins I shouldn't be shooting anyway.
  15. How far away was he walleye? bummer