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  1. Smaller brisket smoke method

    It was tough because you pulled it too early you need to pull it at 190-195 for slicing and 200 - 205 for pulled meat then let it rest. I don't know anyone in the bbq world that would pull and let rest at 165-170 internal temp not for a brisket no way. I think the only thing that saved you that it was just a portion of the flat. Had it been the whole flat or the point that thing would have been 100 times worse.
  2. Smaller brisket smoke method

    If you want a car tire sure if not cook it to 195 .... I find it hard to believe you are seeing a 10 degree raise pulling at 160 when typically that is where you get the stall.
  3. Smaller brisket smoke method

    According to the USDA, any food held in the so-called temperature "danger zone" (between 40°F and 140°F) for more than two hours presents a risk of food-borne illness from the growth of pathogenic bacteria — whether it's cooked sous vide or by conventional means. In truth, these numbers have a built-in buffer zone, so 130ºF is a much more accurate cutoff point. Harmful bacteria can't grow above that temperature, and at around 135ºF, most bacteria will actually be destroyed after a few hours, making pasteurization possible. The precision temperature control of sous-vide cooking means it actually has the potential to be safer than traditional cooking methods. (This is exactly why one of its first major applications was making hospital food). And most home sous-vide circulators will let you know when you're cooking in the danger zone. Anyway a lot of times you smoke briskets ect your food will be in the danger zone for awhile and it is perfectly fine. This is why I wont probe my meat until further in the cook where I know it is 140 otherwise you are introducing surface bacteria to the otherwise sterile center. With proper finished cooking temps you shouldn't have to worry anyway. I look at the danger zone is more of a hold temp cook a turkey stick it on the table with a temp at 90 degrees for 4 hours eat turkey get sick.
  4. Smaller brisket smoke method

    I do small ones all the time Run my smoker at 220 Take out and put in foil pain at 160 internal temp put some beef broth in the bottom of pan and cover top with tin foil. I usually pull around 192 take out let rest for at least 2 hours slice eat make sandwiches and enjoy
  5. Wy Antelop

    Any pointers for a first timer that wants to go out that way and try a diy public next year?
  6. Opening Day

    No clue yet somewhere with a cheap motel and some public land
  7. Opening Day

    Ya he comes home the 29th getting excited for pheasant going to take a trip out to sodak this year Ended up showing a guy from work who is a first time bow hunter a couple of my spots in Sherburne. Was going to walk kunkel after for grouse but it ended up getting too late so just went home. Was hoping for some good weather this weekend but doesn't look too good. Friday is a high of 90! no thanks Maybe I will get a morning sit in for deer hunting if the rain cooperates
  8. Opening Day

    I am going grouse hunting in the morning hopefully I can manage one or two for dinner I will be dogless this trip
  9. 14th Annual Portable Modification Get Together

    It is at their store " Thorne Bros" 10091 Central Ave NE, Blaine, MN 55434
  10. Otter fishhouse

    She is a bot I wouldn't click it @monstermoose78 this is the post I am talking about
  11. Looking for a new puppy

    she is a bot I reported her but I don't have any mod powers on the HSO site so hopefully they can take care of it. If you look at her other posts they are all like this. I the bot takes key words of post and then post something that is similar topic then they hope you click the link in there signature. @monstermoose78 look into her activity feed. Like the thread about a otter sled and she responds back about how to bring a fish home from the pet store.
  12. Kenai Sockeyes

    Nice looks looks like next year I will be there July 13th to July 23nd
  13. Kenai Sockeyes

    Did you go to the Russian river at all?