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  1. I may have to pick some up I never had time to start my seeds indoors this year
  2. These started plants? I have some reaper powder I use on my eggs and chicken... yumm yummm
  3. Are we talking about like ones with a light? to illuminate the pins? Or one of those weird ones kind of like a Holographic red dot sight? I would stay away from all the holographic ones and what not. I run a Black Gold sight on my bow it can have a light attached but I feel like I have no need for it. As Black gold has "SkyCoil" that gathers the light and illuminates the pins. People put lights on there bow for lowlight conditions and when they are in a blind. With my sight I have found if I cant see my pins I shouldn't be shooting anyway.
  4. How far away was he walleye? bummer
  5. Usually the 165 temp is when some people pull the butt wrap in foil and put back in smoker to finish I usually put some apple juice and rum in the pan before I wrap if I do this. This can get you past the stall quicker if need be. I have always pulled mine at 195 and let rest usually it will climb to 200 during the rest and I have never had a problem.
  6. Been Shooting for 14 years and it still hasn't gotten old. Deer hunted for 13 or those years and just this year shot my first Archery turkey. Next year hopefully arrow my first bear. I think you will have a blast it is a fun sport, even if not to hunt 3d shoots are a good time.
  7. Well last year there was 30 and since it is a new zone the years prior when it was a different zone there was surplus as well. I am not saying it is going to be easy but it is worth a shot if you are not drawn. Just be at a license center at noon I think that's the time it opens to surplus on whatever day it is.
  8. Those are definitely holes. Sonar creates shadows because there is no return behind the object because the object is blocking the ground behind it. If they were rocks the shadow would be on the other side think of it if you pointed a flashlight toward a hole in the ground the far side would be lit up but the close side would still be dark because light cant bend around and bounce on the side of the hole
  9. That too
  10. I don't ever add water or anything to the tray I have it filled with sand and cover with tin foil. I always run my vent all the way open I fill my racks with as much as I can AI don't know what model you have but my mes cooks hotter on the right side where the heating element sits below. I usually just pull the meat from that side a little earlier No don't ever trust a MES smoker probe Get yourself a maverick with dual probes I run one for meat and one for inside smoker temp I find that I have to run my mes 10 degrees hotter to achieve the smoker temp I want on the inside I also start at a low temp for sticks and jerky to rid some of the moisture then apply smoke and raise temps . I found with sticks especially if you start at high temp you will cook the fat out and wont get a nice finished product As far as cleaning I don't clean anything besides the racks and those I just stick in my propane grill and blast at high temp I do put tinfoil on the bottom tray and just switch it out scrubbing is for the birds. I don't touch the walls of the smoker I worked hard to get that seasoning on there.
  11. Well as far as smoke goes I use an a-maze-n smoker to produce the smoke. It paired with the electric is the best way to go steady smoke and don't have to worry about adding chips or anything its about 30 bucks
  12. Well it looks like there is always surplus available so if you are quick on the draw you could go that route if you are not drawn.
  13. No but I would put it in different frame that had protective glass on it and keep the original frame if I decided that I needed to sell it If he uses it and has the original wood on it is bound to get beat up so the condition of the wood will degrade over time. If he has a synthetic on it and uses like that while the wood sits in the safe. He can always put it back on and walllah back to original condition with non beat up wood