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  1. Air Fryer?

    I like mine I have the nuwave basket style one bot the round one like posted. I like it for making home made sweet potato fries fast and what not. Chicken breast also cooks fast baked potato ect
  2. Question on a-maze-in smoker

    Put a drip pan upside down and put the amazing smoker on top of it. No doubt it will deflect enough heat
  3. Question on a-maze-in smoker

    Agreed You can always do a mail box mod. You would have to cut a hole in the side of the smoker though. But it would eliminate any problem if all else fails.
  4. Question on a-maze-in smoker

    Too much air should not be a problem with an amazing smoker.. If you leave it out in the open its not going to start a flame unless you sit there and blow on it even then it takes a little bit of blowing. I would say its a little so close to the element its a smoker like this right? there more parts to it that make it higher and another grate that you cook on? the chips should go like this I would say that bowl is suppose to act as a diffuser plate but it almost looks to small it should cover your heating coil completely I would say. I would tinfoil that grate the a maze smoker is on and poke some holes on the bottom. If you cant figure it out with the info people give here go to smokingmeatforum Post about it there more than likely Todd will see it and be able to help. He is the one that invented the amazesmoker
  5. Pulled pork is always a good one to do. Or if you can get your hands on a tri tip Are you going to use the standard wood chip tray or are you going to run it with an A-Maze-N smoker I like the design of the new ones I have a older style blue tooth one. I think it may be time for an upgrade
  6. I will just go with my experience last year. First day of season A I was able to call in 4 nice birds but no shot Second day I called in 2 nice Toms and took one. My uncle couldn't get out until season B He was having a tougher time. I went and helped him call end of the week and got one to come in but it hung back out of range. He later shot one a couple weeks later but really had to work for it. So I guess I would say try to get earliest you can.
  7. Instant pot

    I finally used it I was just testing it out getting the feel of things so didn't follow a recipe just cut up some Yukon gold potatoes zucchini onion and threw in a bunch of chicken breast. 1 can of cream of chicken and 2 cups of beer. Actual cook time after pressurized 12 mins. Some of the most tender chicken I have ever had. Next day I made some jasmine rice and cubed some chicken breast and coated with sesame chicken sauce. Didn't think the sauce would steam good on its own so I put half cup of water as well. Then drained liquid when itt was done cooking and tossed them in more sauce before eating. All in all I like it so far pretty easy stuff.
  8. Instant pot

    I got one for Christmas but have not used it yet, even got a book with a bunch of recipes in it. I did have pulled pork from when my sister made it in hers. I do say it was mighty good. Enough to make me want to do that instead of my smoker so I don't have to freeze my A off when its cold out
  9. Mille Lacs accesses

    I know I was being ironic or sarcastic or whatever you want to call it
  10. Mille Lacs accesses

    Hell no Better leech?
  11. ^ just sold my glock 19 looking to buy a sig wanting a hammer for my ccw
  12. Dang I just sold my .45 carbine If I would of known you wanted one I would have gave you a good deal. If anything hi point did right it is make a good carbine. not pictures but had a red dot on it too fun gun
  13. Who Else Tagged a Bird This Fall?

    Nice job I didn't see any this year while I was bowhunting Last year the one year I didn't buy a fall tag I was sitting I the deer blind and had about 30 walk past me at 15 yards single file one by one.
  14. Whole Smoked Chicken

    ^ what he said electric smoker will not get hot enough to make that crispy skin. I usually hit them on the grill at 500 and crisp it up real nice