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  1. Team 2

    Well the big tom slipped away from me Man He was big be was coming i ti my decoys but the hens went the otherway and he turned and followed i drew back and almost gave it a shot but it was a wierd angle on one knee and i decided to not i will get him friday when i go out next
  2. Team 2

    Everlasting gobble stoppers lol
  3. Team 2

    Well to hens came out in the morning behind me eating theb a big tom pushed 4 more hens out the pther two joined them and the went the wrong way i should of set up 20 more yards down and i would of had a great shot! Stupid birds
  4. Team 2

    Nice bird! After my uneventful day Sat I gave Sunday a break Going out Monday morning to see If I can tag one.
  5. Team 2

    Besides the gobbles i heard in the morning nothing is moving out here! Besides 11 deer pheasant and a coyote that was 10 yard out from getting one in his boilwrmaker!
  6. Team 2

    Allready hear them
  7. Team 2

    Snuck out today had one walk by 40 yards no shot ones gobbling at me across swamp making hos way now
  8. Team 2

    I wont get out till Sat morn we shall see how it goes
  9. Team 2

    Checking in here Archery tag will be hunting as much as I can Been seeing lots of birds on my property Might have to get the snowmobile out to get back there
  10. Strawberries

    Last year I had a big fat white floppy ear bunny eat my pepper and strawberry plants My wife thinks it is the neighbors so I wasn't aloud to shoot it. My dog almost had it too but she called him off I guess I am going to have to try fencing this year. All other varmints get a pellet to the head though I like everberries better than juners
  11. My cache history gets deleted on this computer every night I don't see an option for questions or responses either I do see that it is a different address now though
  12. Was it a 20 inch box fan?
  13. I still get the sign up site when I click summary If you hover the links it is the same hyperlink on both
  14. I think part of the problem was that rent was too high in riverdale. It should be better at that location. And it is right off the highway may be better for them. Time will only tell.
  15. Turkey Time

    Every time I drive by the land I hunt I see at least 50 in the field cant wait