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  1. Check out the 2017 Obsession Hurcan 366fps and 3.9 lbs!
  2. The sight adjust pretty good I would say you wont have a problem you can always take it back if it doesn't work
  3. This is what I put on mine last year with a jelly head choke. It pattern nicely out to 40 yards I am sure it would pattern to 50 but 40 is enough for me. This was on a Mossy 500
  4. Black Gold sights are worth looking at as well
  5. I will give it a go this year I wont be working so much over time so hope to get out a lot. My shoulder is better so I will be able to bow hunt this year.
  6. Here is what my buddy started and it seems to work pretty well he will plow a turn and go a bit of a way away from his spot and have a shoot or two coming off of that. Then he will come back and on the other side of the turn lift his plow for a bit then start his road going the other way from the turn. he will also plow the road past his house so if people do choose to go on his real road they can go past his house and set up. I think most people are sheep and just follow the nice road and not go off of it or don't see the other road. Then if they do go on the other road I think most people think that if they keep going the end of the road must be where to go.
  7. strike master has 4-cycle 0W-20 Synthetic here is a 10-30 by amsoil here is what your manual says
  8. my auger has play too... check the set screw and make sure it is tight if it is I wouldn't worry about it
  9. Nice glad they were found! lucky to find them both some people cant even find one when they go missing.
  10. Dang hope they are found good looking dogs
  11. I think the tsa guy was just a little confused and the sign that says state issued drivers license which in itself is not compliant The EDL is not state issued it is issued only If I apply for it just like I would apply for a passport. If you look at what needs to be in compliance for the Real ID and what you need to submit and the safety features and the electronic tracking with photo for the EDL you would see that it does In fact comply
  12. Jan. 23, 2018 through Oct. 1, 2020 Licenses from all compliant states (or noncompliant states with an extension) will be accepted. Minnesota is currently noncompliant and has not been granted an extension by the federal government. People with licenses from noncompliant states without extensions, such as Minnesota, will need to show another form of ID, such as a passport or EDL, to board a flight. That's from the DPS
  13. Ya Minnesota issued license or ID they don't issue the EDL you have to apply for it Here is straight from a house of leg document from jan 9 Other documents that are accepted for federal access include federally issued identification, such as a U.S. passport, and Minnesota-issued enhanced driver’s licenses and enhanced identification cards. ("Enhanced" licenses and identification cards are optional hybrid state and border crossing documents. They serve as a substitute for a passport when entering the United States at border crossings under some circumstances, and involve additional verification procedures and security features compared to standard state-issued licenses and identification.) I guess we will agree to disagree But agree it is a mess and we shouldn't be put in this situation in the first place Good thing I have my passport
  14. Its not really about security features so much as to what documents you need to give the dps to receive the drivers license
  15. Minnesota is currently non-compliant with the federal REAL ID Act. A Minnesota Enhanced Driver's License (EDL) is an option for Minnesota travelers. To apply for an EDL or enhanced identification card in Minnesota, you must visit one of the following 14 exam stations If you look what You need for the EDL it is basically the same as a passport PROOF OF DATE OF BIRTH  PROOF OF FULL LEGAL NAME ( that is not being used as proof of photographic identity document)  PROOF OF SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER  PROOF OF PHOTOGRAPHIC IDENTITY (that is not being used as proof of full legal name document)  PROOF OF UNITED STATES CITIZENSHIP  PROOF OF MINNESOTA RESIDENCY (TWO documents )