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  1. Otter fishhouse

    She is a bot I wouldn't click it @monstermoose78 this is the post I am talking about
  2. Looking for a new puppy

    she is a bot I reported her but I don't have any mod powers on the HSO site so hopefully they can take care of it. If you look at her other posts they are all like this. I the bot takes key words of post and then post something that is similar topic then they hope you click the link in there signature. @monstermoose78 look into her activity feed. Like the thread about a otter sled and she responds back about how to bring a fish home from the pet store.
  3. Kenai Sockeyes

    Nice looks looks like next year I will be there July 13th to July 23nd
  4. Kenai Sockeyes

    Did you go to the Russian river at all?
  5. 2017 Hunting Regs?

    I agree they are doing that as a way to keep track that you cant hunt in the hunters choice area once you tag a deer in that area. But I think once I tag a doe with a doe in hunters choice I should be able to go buy a bonus (good for buck or doe) tag that says not valid in hunters choice/lotto area
  6. Kenai Sockeyes

    Sometimes they put out an emergency order saying that the commercial guys can net that day usually fishing is not the greatest the day after as they net at the mouth of the river Last year they did it almost every other day so some days you had to work for your limit And by work I mean a couple hours most days I could bang my limit out in an hour or less The last two days I was their though they raised the limit to 6 a day so that was nice I started fishing at 10pm-4am and no crowds and could usually get my daily limit for on day before midnight and the next by 1am or sooner Just a way to control the number of salmon getting into Skilak lake as they have a certain number they want to hit.
  7. Kenai Sockeyes

    Went last year and timed it right as well... Will be going next year again my uncle has a cabin right in Soldotna have not talked to him yet this year but looks like they did well too. What dates were you up there this year? Did they raise the limits any of the days or did it stay at 3 a day? All so did they do much emergency netting while you were there?
  8. nothing different seeing how we should peak in 2 years maybe we will see a higher than average peak since the 80s coming up if you look at the graph from 08 to 09 it made a jump as similar since this one is a year early maybe it will go even higher
  9. sounds like draw length is too long
  10. How do you wax the string on the bow?

    Wax all the string except where the serving is as the wax can get under it and cause it to slip You should be able to tell the serving because the string will be thicker. Serving is just a thin string wrapped around you bow string. Will be around your peep sight around your d loop If all else fails just go to your local archery shop and ask them for some pointer about waxing and other general bow maintenance that you should be doing hope some of this info helps though good luck!
  11. How do you wax the string on the bow?
  12. Removing hide from antlers

    try boiling in water then let soak a couple days and blast them with pressure washer
  13. Mayweather vs. McGregor

    Last I checked the lines were Mayweather -900 and McGregor +500 So I would put 100 on Mcgregor for the chance to win 500 Rather than 1000 on Mayweather to win 100
  14. Lyme Disease, aka Borrelia burgdorferi

    It was a female deer tick in a county that is in one of the high risk areas for tickborne disease, didn't know how long it was attached for. Lyme is one of those things that the earlier you treat it the less severe it is and the less you have to be on antibiotics. I think I took 4 doses or maybe it was a single dose. Im not one to even take asprin or anything but I figured why sit around and wait for symptoms if I had any when I could take 4 pills that cost me 8 bucks and be done with it. Had to do it once in my lifetime just because I wasn't sure I don't think that is too aggressive why wait till you start feeling bad?