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  1. Feiders sittin just outside the top 12. Really cool to see him doing well this year. Didnt sound like he had much luck prefishing going into the last tournament or this one but hes doin a heck of a job when it matters. Would be sweet to see him fighting for another top 12 spot on saturday! As for my fantasy team... not so good. I was having a decent year so far (except for tharp last tourney).
  2. A: Combs B: Ike (hes a bit much but like his intensity and he knows how to win a classic) C: Defoe (momentum) D: Williamson E: AJ jr. (Texas guy)
  3. Made a comeback, everybody I picked did great except for my pool B pick Mark Daniels. Tharp, hackney, Lefebre, Hite all had great tournaments.
  4. Ha... not sure how I read it so wrong.
  5. No way it comes off within a week. They have the big perch event up there this weekend.
  6. Well I joined the group late but Im in! Had a rough first tournament but hopin to make up some ground. Totally opposite fishing conditions compared to the first event and it stacks up a lot of good shallow water largemouth guys in the lower brackets. Should be a fun one to watch! I didnt pick him but itd be cool to see Feider up there again. He knows how to flip from tonka and saw him get a good one prefishing.
  7. Thats an interesting format. So it can be any lake in the north metro as long as you and the person agree to fish the same lake, and same time?
  8. Fished the Minnetonka classic yesterday, prefished Thursday and Friday. Caught all the fish I could ever want but only found four fish over 3lbs. Thorne bros guys won it with 25+ pounds, their biggest fish was 3.9lbs so that means all there fish were pretty much the same size. My guess is they got a school fired up on some weedline.
  9. Was on Tonka the past few days and the same thing there.
  10. Going to switch it up from mille lacs to tonka due to wind. I'll start off with a lipless just to cover water and casting into the wind
  11. Debating about switching lakes and not fishing mille lacs... In which case switch all small mouth rigs over for largemouth
  12. WI Jerkbaits Chatterbait Lipless Jig T rig (maybe some fish spawning?) MN Mille lacs More jerkbaits Jigs Craws
  13. Same area as I do... Pretty good chance one of the lakes is the same. I hit up a few different ones.
  14. I like to trout fish when I can't bass fish. Not so much trout but steelhead. Nothing comes close to hooking a big steelhead on a fly rod. They'll take you for a ride!
  15. I have WI opener to get my fill of largemouth. MN opener is going to be all for small jaws on the big pond. I'll probably launch out of liberty or isle in a green Stratos. Maybe I'll see you guys up there!