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  1. Goodbye AP!

    Looks like AP is heading to Arizona!
  2. Tv blanks out

    Probably a bad board that was discontinued the month you bought the TV and no replacements are available because a million other people had the same problem. I have had 2 Samsung plasma screen televisions go out in similar matter. Fortunately i had a replacement warranty from Best Buy that replaced the first one and when the second one went out within a year they refunded my money and i went LG. I believe it was a power supply board that was the issue with mine. MY brother in law had the same TV and the video board went out in his but luckily i was able to swap the video board out of my defective television and his is still working. Keep in mind this is when a 42"-50" television was $2,000 so a guy can understand the frustration when you only got 16 months out of it.
  3. Vietnam War

    To this day, even though i had grand parents fight in it, i pretty much have no idea what the Korean war was really about. All i know is that it was to stop communism from spreading. I have the utmost respect for the people that fought for this country and from what i have seen of the Vietnam series I cannot imagine what that hell must have been like for both sides. I believe a big part of the decay of patriotism in the US lately is due to the fact that a majority of Americans in my age group, including myself (born in '78), have not served in the military . In the 50's and 60's young men were drafted into the war just like their fathers, uncles, and grandfathers were before them. I am pretty sure if we would have a law that made it mandatory to serve at least a year or two in the armed forces the viewpoints would be a lot different concerning the recent protests.
  4. Vietnam War

    From what i can recall from my school days the teachin lady never really covered the Vietnam war as well as the Korean war in class. Maybe our textbooks were too old but did many of you have much learnin on these wars. They covered the civil war and world wars but almost skipped over these. I assume it was because we pretty much got our posteriors handed to us and that doesn't sit well.
  5. Lyme Disease, aka Borrelia burgdorferi

    It is definitely frustrating dealing with a Lyme's diagnosis. Hopefully they will get it figured out for you Cheetah. I tested positive for Lyme's about 10 years ago. Went to a few different specialist and the final prognosis was that they were both false positive tests and i didn't have it as i would have been the first case of Lyme's in my county which is located in SW MN. Of course at the time Lyme's was only located in the northern region of the state. I don't believe i was bitten by a tick but i think i contracted it by field dressing deer. I am not 100% sure that is possible? Good luck. Unfortunately i haven't been the same since.
  6. Transporting ice rods and storage

    Although a bit heavy I have had good luck with the Frabil heavy duty case. It protects the rods nicely and then i also use it to lay on the skirt of my otter when there isn't enough snow to bank.
  7. Ice Rod Rack for Wheel House

    Here is the one i have been looking at but not sure if there are better options.
  8. I set up in a 30 foot basin west of the landing and stayed put. There were a lot of houses setup on the break line Friday night when i arrived and most were gone by Saturday night. Either they slammed them and had their fish or they struck out which i believe was the more likely scenario. I had buddies hopping around the lake without much luck. We probably caught 10 walleyes and kept 5 which sounded like it was better than most i talked to. It was still fun to get out there. One buddy said there was a pressure ridge out away's but didn't say exactly where. I agree it sounded like fishing was tough on most of the lakes in the area that i have heard.
  9. Ice Rod Rack for Wheel House

    What do you guys use for rod racks in the wheel house? Looking for something that I can put on wall or roof without worrying about rods bouncing out while driving. Looking online i have seen a couple different options but I am not sure which ones are better. They offer ones with foam pads that grip the rod and others that have slots and holes to lay rods in.
  10. Spent the weekend on the lake. It was a rough ride on the ice. Fishing was slow to say the least. There were a lot of houses on the lake. We measured about 19" of ice. You could drive pretty much anywhere but not sure what the wind and snow the last couple of days have done to lake travel.
  11. Are they driving full size pickups and houses on Bitter? Would like to head that way this weekend but not sure on the ice and snow. Any updates would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. Humminbird Helix 7

    I run a Marcum LX7 currently with no complaints but am looking for the added benefit of the GPS in winter and summer. I do have a handheld GPS unit but my old fish finder on my boat doesn't have GPS so I was thinking it would be nice to be able to use for both seasons. It looks like the SI version is compatible with the ducer posted by Rundrave. Now i just need to convince Santa to bring one for Christmas!
  13. Humminbird Helix 7

    It will be mainly used in the boat but i figured i could use it as a spare in the winter when friends or family tag along that don't have their own. I was able to look through the owners manual and it looks like they are pretty similar. I am not sure which units for the summer are compatible with the ice transducer? Maybe they all are? Never used the side imaging personally but it would probably be a nice feature to have if it is only a bit more money over the standard. Do they have interference rejection on them?