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  1. Helix Summer Unit Conversion

    If i'm not mistaken i believe the older 5 and the new chirp use different transducers. Assuming you are looking at purchasing the ice transducer. In my opinion the Humminbird page is horrible. They do not explain things very well in their descriptions. Just an FYI that the ice pack they offer with the XL-9-20 transducer does come with the power adapter to hook to the battery but does not include the battery and charger.
  2. Helix Summer Unit Conversion

    I have the parts on order to get the unit set up for the ice. I ended up buying a marcum lithium shuttle for my LX7 and then plan to mount the Helix on the shuttle that came with my LX7. I am hoping to find walk-able ice in my area this weekend and hopefully the parts show up before then so i can give it a go. I have the pre-chirp model of the helix so with a little luck i can get them to cooperate.
  3. Helix Summer Unit Conversion

    I have a couple of Marcums and i figure when the wife comes with i would have another unit for one of us to use. Like many i bought the helix 5 with the intention of dual purposing it. None the less it will be useful for the GPS capability if the flashers don't play well.
  4. Helix Summer Unit Conversion

    For those of you using your summer unit on the ice do you have any issues when fishing around others? From what i have found in the limited research i have done it looks like it is kind of a mixed bag. One guy says they are unfishable next to a Marcum/Vexilar and the next guy says he has no problems. I am hoping Santa brings me the ice conversion kit for my Helix unit. I figured it would be nice for a spare and to have the GPS in the truck when locating spots to fish. Any advice or tips would be appreciated.
  5. Fish House Build

  6. Fish House Build

    I was hoping to catch you before you had the interior done. I wouldn't be too worried about it but i thought i would point it out just in case you had a chance to add them.
  7. Mounting Fish House License on Shack

    Mine is light enough so it has lifetime license! With that said why cant they just add a sticker to the plate that shows you purchased the DNR license as well? I suppose that makes too much sense?
  8. Mounting Fish House License on Shack

    Does anyone have a handy way of mounting the stupid sticky back tag that gets printed out at the license station for their wheel houses? As most know the tag fades in the sunlight and I cant really come up with a good way of displaying it on the outside of the shack. In the past i have screwed a piece of sheet aluminum to the house and then stuck the sticker to it. Last year i just wire tied it to a marker light. Obviously it was not legible after a few weeks in the elements. Looking for a better mouse trap so to speak. I wish they would just issue a license plate similar to your car where you can just buy tabs every year.
  9. Fish House Build

    Looks good but i did notice something on your lights. I believe that you need 3 lights in the middle top on the rear of your shack. I am not 100% sure but i thought i would mention it before you finished just in case you need them. I didn't look up the law in MN but here is a snippet from a quick online search. Wide Trailers Trailers that are more than 80 inches wide must be equipped with additional lighting on the front and rear to indicate the trailer's width. Two red rear clearance lights must be placed at the trailer's widest point, as far apart and as high as possible. Three red identification lights must be centered on the back of the trailer, spread between 6 and 12 inches apart, and placed as high as possible. Front clearance lights must be placed as high and as far forward as possible, at the trailer's widest point.
  10. Made 2 turkeys over the weekend in the oil less fryer/roaster. Both turned out better than expected. The only draw back is that the skin does not get crispy like it would if it was deep fried. With that said most of my guests thought it was fried in oil. I injected the turkeys the same as i would when i deep fry them and the final product was the same with exception of the skin. Breast meat was moist and tender. Took about 10-12 minutes a pound so my 12 pound turkey were ready in a little over 2 hours. Being fully electric the cleanup was a breeze and definitely cheaper than buying oil. I would definitely purchase one again. Keep in mind that air temperature and wind does affect the temp. I had mine setup in the garage with air temp around 40 degrees. Finished product:
  11. Electric Roaster for Sausage

    I normally poke holes in the casing when i smoke them. I thought i would forgo this process because i thought water would get into the sausage. I am not talking about a lot of fat buildup, there was just a slight film under the casing in spots where I believe some small holes would allow this to drain out. This was the first time for me trying this method so there is a bit of a learning curve. Next batch will have holes and i will let you know if there is a difference.
  12. Electric Roaster for Sausage

    I used 2 roasters.
  13. Electric Roaster for Sausage

    I'm sorry but I guess i didn't really pay that much attention to the residue. I usually use a set of tongues to handle them so i really cant say. The one thing i may do different next time is poke holes in the casings. I didn't do that on this batch and i did get a bit of fat build up under the casing. Not horrible but something worth considering on the next go around.
  14. Picked the unit up last night and assembled. Hoping for the best come Thursday. Might be some disappointed people if the thing doesn't work! I'll try to give an update on how the thing works.
  15. Electric Roaster for Sausage

    The roaster method actually worked pretty well to finish the sausage. Typically when i would try to finish in the smoker and at times in the oven i would get hot spots where part of the sausage would get burnt or dried out and other spots were not up to temp. With the water bath all of the sausage is at the same temperature so it is a more consistent product. I found that i needed to keep the dial on the roaster around 375 to maintain the water temp at 160 ish. Summer sausage with hi temp pepper jack cheese.