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  1. Direct to Dish

    Thanks for all the input .
  2. Direct to Dish

    I still haven't "Pulled the Trigger" on this but my question still is, If I get standard package, (no Hopper or recording) and I drive out on Lake of the Woods and drop the house will I be able to have the dish on the house and find the satellite signal in 30 seconds with Dish like I can with Direct ? Or not so easy..
  3. Direct to Dish

    I called Direct yesterday and they offered me a fair price but it was only for 12 months and 12 months at regular price. That was with a 2 year contract. Dish is no contract and 24 months at one price. I asked the lady at Direct if they thought it was better to loose a customer of 35 years or match the competition.. She had no reasonable reply. So,, Hello Dish Network.. And I was on the phone 20 mins.
  4. Direct to Dish

    I've been using Direct TV in the fish house and it's easy to aim and works great. I'm retiring in a month and don't want the $100.00 month anymore for Direct TV. Dish Network has a $57.00 month plan for 2 years but I would like to know if Dish is as easy to aim as Direct ? Anyone using Dish in their fish house ?
  5. Sonar Interference

    Are both your units Lowrance ?
  6. Attaching camera to sonar unit

    Hawg, I'm with you on this one !
  7. Skeeter ZX2050 Angled in Garage

    ??? HUMMM, How long is your boat, motor & trailer ?
  8. Over lap for aluminum sheets

    The diamond plate should overlap the aluminum sheets but just butt the ends and tape under them
  9. Accessories for my Vexilar

    Bobby, Would you trade the blue case for a red one ?
  10. Over lap for aluminum sheets

    Use the tape, Screws are ugly and they break off.
  11. What heater are you using

    The bay... has Empire dv215 for $629.00
  12. Electronics For The Ice

    Hey Jig Saw, Don't take things so personal. I would be happy to come out there and show you how we do it , As long as you can hook me up with a Yellow Fin Tuna ! would be my 1st choice of a guide.
  13. How close???

    I wonder if the people that set up 20 feet away from someone live in a metro area ? They must, they live with a next door neighbor 20 feet away their whole life so they think nothing of setting up on the ice close to someone else.
  14. Centering point on an Ion 8"

    You might try a chisel to make a starting point for the auger, like a center punch.
  15. Empire dv215