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  1. Vikings vs eagles

    I heard some guy in new orleans threw his big flat screen out the deck 2-3 stories up after that diggs catch!!!!
  2. Vikings vs eagles

    where's the faith roony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Vikings vs eagles

    pick a different month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Vikings vs eagles

    I will the jinx is over!;;
  5. Vikings vs eagles

    what no chatter on this big upcoming conferernce championship game yet???????? personally i think the vikes got it!!!!!!!
  6. I'd like your opinion

    momma doesnt know this yet, but a couple more got added to the collection i got my grandsons work toolbox after he passed and there were a couple more knives in there!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Banquet Feb. 24 2018

    why's that??????? cause its as auld as you ??????????????
  8. Never thought i would say this!!!!

    But it's made in America, and don't you and del gotta discuss Republican elections!
  9. 2018 gardens

    holy moly ken........thats a bunch. never even heard of half them. have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Never thought i would say this!!!!

    Oh I agree get rid of the competition then jack up the price!
  11. Never thought i would say this!!!!

    what also scares me is these big companies buying out others, in particular there compeitors, to corner the market so to speak. i thought there where rules against that to a degree.................but thats wayyyyyyyyy above my pay grade!!!!!!!!
  12. Never thought i would say this!!!!

    yea i may be old schooled but i'm not buying stuff online. i need to see and touch what i purchase. not sure if its old school or fear to much info being stolen via online information passing required for payments!!!!
  13. Never thought i would say this!!!!

    you guys can duke it out......i still be a fleet farm guy........regardless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Bama

    Ok maybe!