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  1. thanks!!!!!!!!!! i obviously dont do this if i gotta ask!!!!!!!
  2. can someone answer my this/ bow fishing isnt open yet is it??????????? i believe it maybe from or on rivers but not lakes??????? i could of swore i seen a rig out potentially bowfishing last nite. this boat was lit up like no tomorrow along the shoreline of an open water lake.........well techniqially a bake water of a river!!!!!!
  3. no pictures??????? its all the tweety birds in your noggin!!!!!!!!!!
  4. i usually set out the hummer and oriole feeders around fishing opener!!!!!!!
  5. Now!
  6. yea coming from the pea expert!!!!!!!!!
  7. and not one off topic post............................YET!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. never seen one of those!!!!!!!!!
  9. not so sure on the harmless. along with raccoons their hard on nesting birds eggs!!!! not to mention their one of the top critters that carry rabies!!!!! granted there cute critters but I prefer they don't exsist!!!!!!!!!
  10. sorry to disappoint ya but I,m not a doctor, much less an onocologist. lotz of things cause cancer!!!!!!!!
  11. i'll have to get some!!! escpecially for up north. we seem to attact them stinky critters where we bury our fish gutz!!!
  12. Where you get that at Reb?
  13. do you??? other then thinking everyone gets get from anal....................