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  1. lake X!!!!!!!!!!!! OK ill give ya a better hint..................its one of the 1000 long lakes in minnesota!!!!!!!!
  2. i wasnt allowed!!!!!!!!! i wouldnt go to bed at 8 pm!!!!!!!!!!
  3. The geriatric ward at the campground is in a different part from where we were. we actually had names for different areas, they go like this. the ghetto.........which was where we were at Arizona.............had no shade trees geriatric ward...........older couples snob hill...........well self expainlitory!!!!! now i hear our area we used to be at is now called THE DRUNKS!!!!!!!!! one reason we left, very clicky group and i wanted no part of it.
  4. yea they were. nice dock and boat in the background!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it just got to be to much bad DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. so leech, does your campground have festivities functions for there permy site people? ours had a big fish fry on the fourth with a little parade. they do a golfing event to. i heard they finally got some decent playground equipment for kids. there theory was theres fishing. they used to do a pot luck with a theme german, mexican..bleah blah.....but that required work and planning from the owners. took away from the beer drinking!
  6. I have definitely come to the conclusion that on those big 3 day holiday weekends its way more quiet and peaceful if i stay put at home.................even up north. hey i can have a fire and have cocktails at home too!!!!!!! the weekends to go are weekends prior to and after them big weekends!!!!!!!!!!
  7. well it didnt help our family has a cabin up in itasca county and have had it since 1965. the camper took time away from there. granted the camper was 30 minutes from home the cabin 3 1/2 hours but there is agood city block of woods between us and the neighbor.............and we have noone on the other side. i dont mind a little socoilizing but that peace and quiet is right up my ally. so leech does your park charge extra for additional company not your immediate family? the campground we were at did, but they didnt enforce it fairly. some were forced some got to slide. oh and there were alot of other issues i got fed up with!!!!!!!
  8. We had our permy site for 14 years. It was a blast the first 10. Neighbors changed, other things changed. We got tired of it and finally had enough. It was getting so with the yearly fee we felt we needed to be out there every weekend. I still fish the lake in the fall but don't miss it. Now we can go to other places to do something different. With that said I'd do it all over again.
  9. Well except for the owner. He's kinda ancient!! We did the same thing with the frig to Dave on the first camper we had.
  10. I now boys fight Nice!!
  11. 17 qts done tonight. Pickles that is!
  12. vinegar!!!!! stuff in jars. brine is water vinegar and picklin salt. add garlic, onion dill and this batch some tia chili peppers> put in hot bath for about 10 minutes!
  13. deflate the tires!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its only a ford anyway!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Did 20 qts of pickles last Monday, another 1/2 bushel tomorrow!!
  15. The heat and humidity is getting to you huh!!!