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  1. Just Food and Drink

    Maybe!!! those are the company dishes!! Actually just took them out of the dishwasher and it wasn't chow time for da hounddogs yet!!
  2. Just Food and Drink

    and why would you start now???????????
  3. Just Food and Drink

    Pa sqeeti for deer camp!
  4. Atv to utv

    dave ya buy that can-am yet??????????????????
  5. Pickled beets

    Only tink bacon is good for are BLT'S.
  6. Pickled beets

    dont you gotta go water your maters??????????
  7. Pickled beets

    your wierd!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Pickled beets

    maybe if ya drown them in katchup!!!!!!!!!!!!! personally i wouldnt waste garden space on them! i did them a couple times, i'm with leech on this. reb's reciepe is similar but dont think we had honey in it. it was my MIL's reciepe!!!!!!!
  9. Lunch

    It's dinner and supper!
  10. Lunch

    That looks good. Don't pay no mind Dave to that instigator!!!
  11. Mrs p

    Been there done that. Don't go cheap And I had the exact opposite experience. I but venny tallow in one feeder and beef suet in another. They way better liked the beef suet.
  12. See ya chippie

    NONE............. i dont consume or use a funnel during the work week!!!!!!!!
  13. See ya chippie

    yea i'v had them swipe a few of the birds I feed a couple times this summer. on another note last nite i was cleaning up dog reminants around the yard and found a young bird in the lawn. looked like it could of been a young finch???????? thought it was odd to find a youngin this time of year. checked later and was nowhere to be found!!!!!!!!
  14. Atv to utv

    Dave, maybe iffin ya didnt have to buy so many replacement parts for that camper you could get a CanAm. at least ya wouldnt need parts for that!!!!!!!
  15. Atv to utv

    bite me!!!!!!!!!!!!!