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  1. who you talkin about WILLIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was merely pointing out I had absolutely no clue what dem birdies where!!!!!!!!!
  2. AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. man that sounds good!!!!!! that dippin sauce on fish patties!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. well if you say so eyeguy!!!!!!!!!!! ya coulda told me them where rare Canadian ground chickadees and i'd a believed it!!!!!!!!!
  5. no mulch expert but i wouldnt think so, unless the mulch has die in it!!!!!!!! yea i have a lawn, i dont bag my clippings. i rake it up by hard workin union guys do ....... but dont ever get near enough!!!!!!!
  6. another good trick for good maters is once the tomatoes start forming is to put a tablespoon of epsom salt by the stalk about every 3rd-4th watering!!!!!!!! i'm a believer!!!!!!!
  7. i dont use newspaper but use alot of grass clippings. and by late fall there pretty much all rotted away..........good for the garden too!!!! if you know someone with a lawn care business get ahold of them, i went to a recycling place that takes grass clippings, and in the town i live in anyway, once they get there they dont allow people to come and take them. apparently something to do with potential lawn chemicals. i now get them from the city, they come from the baseball park in town!!!!!
  8. finally seeing some come to the window feeder!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. ooooh that looks really nummy thirdeye!!!!!!!
  10. I best come down and inspect the way this looks!
  11. us too!!!!!!!!!! guy might have to fry up extras and try thirdeye's way!!!!!!!!
  12. Yep. There okay. If I remember right fish, grind up add an egg crushed crackers and pan fry.
  13. sweet picture eyeguy!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. SO allergy sufferers................................did this rain help reduce your allergy issues???????? there was a discussion at work yesterday in regards to this. i thought the rain would help........others thought it make it worse?????????