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  1. Meat bandsaw

    I worked with stainless for 28 years, it's the way to go.
  2. Roast beef

    Well Del, that's 3 more than he had!
  3. Roast beef

    It's the cooking forum, someone asked about your bedtime eating habits. Not sure how that's not food/ cooking related. You didn't derail nuttin but maybe rundave can enlighten us.
  4. Roast beef

    That good morning thread was for run amuck posts, some of the gods here just didn't get it. But the dump in sillytown is OK??? this is a prime example of why people left.
  5. Meat bandsaw

    I've bought some of there products at runnings in Monticello, I like there stuff. Good customer service also.
  6. Meat bandsaw

    I get a catalog from LEM. Check them out!!
  7. Roast beef

    Del is partially correct. Don't know really if it had anything to do with his site. It had a whole lot to do with a few people all of a sudden coming into the cooking thread/ forum and deciding that group was having to much fun and criticizing the group for it. That good morning thread was just for that.
  8. Bird Feeding Newcomer

    WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW i get no christmas present!!!!!!!!!!!!! my pops built a contraption that catches sparrows. that coulda worked like that too!!!!!!!!!
  9. Roast beef

    DUDE.............i sure hope you dont dunk your cookies in your milk?????????? look what happened to Richard Prior!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Roast beef

    I'd just head over to leech or big Dave's house!!
  11. Fun little project.

    a darn.........shoulda looked at that in an optomistic frame of mind, not de udder way!!!!!!!!!!! correct you are as usual!!!!!!!!!
  12. Bird Feeding Newcomer

    not in these temps and not in a 2 week period!!!!!!!!
  13. Fun little project.

    so you can do more then instigate trouble in the world wide web!!!!!!!!! looks good there sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Bird Feeding Newcomer

    Reb, you have the 6 year old neighbor kid build that! I got them friggin Easter bunnies I'd like to launch!
  15. Bird Feeding Newcomer

    thats correct...............i love my job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dang Del............i defend ya over in sillytown then ya hit below the belt!!!!!!!