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Jim Almquist

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  1. Berkshire pork

    Schmidt's is one of the best in this state!!!
  2. Pork belly

    Its a shame that you can buy bacon for almost the same price. I have found belly for $3.99 but why bother going thru all the work when there is no savings but the flavor would be better.
  3. Berkshire pork

    I hear what you are saying Del. I have had pork and beef that I would rather not taste again. The hog was one my dad had roasted for a family party. Not sure where the got got the pig but I swear I could taste the pig pen in parts of the meat. The beef was a roast given to us and the did not finish it at all. I have had venison that was less gamey tasting if that is such a word. Very tough as well.
  4. Meat Sales

    Looks like it is a 2 week sale in case your in the neighborhood.
  5. Badlands np Bighorns/Rushmore Goat

    Great looking shots and you were right on with the back drop of the hills. Some day I need to get out there for a vacation.
  6. Flat and curved shaver blade sharpeners.

    You would think it would be something that could be done on a Work Sharp knife sharpener. I can get my knife's scary sharp using the 6000 grit. I use the 6000 along with the leather strop and it works like a champ.
  7. Meat Sales

    Stokkes is having a truck load sale this week. Ribeyes for 8.99lb, Chuck roast for 2.99lb, Whole bone in porkbutt for 1.49lb and my favorite is the bulk Italian sausage for 1.99lb. grill those up with some pizza sauce on top, cheese if you like and you have a awesome burger.
  8. Pickling Time

    We would add 1/8 of a teaspoon of Alum to make the pickles stay crisper.
  9. Young hairy

    I need to get my suet feeders back up soon. Seems to be the best at keeping the Woody's around. Dang bears keep coming in the yard and messing with the feeders.
  10. Problems With Chrome !!

    Click on the 3 dots on the upper right corner and then go down to the bottom center and you will see Advanced. Might be the ads on the side bars. Rick did not change anything on the websites so Chrome must have. This was just my quick fix till things get done right.
  11. Time for a smoke

    Looks super Yummy!!!!
  12. If you are getting this message: Go into Advanced setting and shut this off: Then close your browser and open back up and it should go away.
  13. What a dang waste and shame!

    They are now making a cloth made out of trees and it seems like the plant is doing just fine. I have not noticed the "smell" since the conversion. Always made me wonder why the smell was the worst on weekends. Kinda thought that maybe the EPA did not work weekends
  14. Tanager

    What a sweet find !! Even better that you had a camera handy !!
  15. Hummingbirds

    They can be pretty noisy at times when around the feeder. I can hear them in the house when the window is open. They are only 2 feet from the window.