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  1. Bourbon and Whiskey

    I hear ya Dave ! I spent close to 3 years in Germany and drank a lot of different brands of German beer and never had anything taste as bad as an IPA. In our town of around 100,000 we had 3 breweries and if you went 20 miles to another town the odds are you would not find the any of the 3 beers but completely different breweries. 3 beers always for the most part...Weitzen (wheat), Weise ( Normal) and Pils and all only had 4 ingredients and no preservatives.
  2. Oooh Baaaacon!

    Between the frig and stove its only about 2 steps My kinda program !!!
  3. Time for a smoke

    Sorry no help with me choosing an electric smoker but.... I did just finish up about 15 pounds of country style ribs on the Weber. They had them for $1.29 at Super1 and they were very meaty so I had pick up a couple of packs. They are darn near as good when heated up in the oven for a meal during the week. The upcoming forecast dose not look for long smokes. Vac-u Pac and freeze until another day.
  4. Ice show

    I am waiting to go to the Duluth show next weekend but I know what I what is not going to be there and that is the Otter Hub Resort. Sounds like they are late on shipping out of China. Not really sure I need anything else but would like to look at some chairs for the hub. Getting too old to always be sitting on a bucket.
  5. Big Buddy's on sale

    I have 2 big buddy's and they work just fine after I fixed them. I had one that would leak gas out of the quick connector. I ended up removing both quick connectors and connected my gas hose directly. No more leaks. The other thing that helps with a hose connected is to purge the air out of the hose before trying to light. It takes a while to remove the air with a 10' hose.
  6. Sous Vide Turkey

    Might have to get a Sous thingy and give it a try one of these days. Today the turkey is going on the Weber using the rotisserie. Charcoal with chunks of hickory for flavor. Charcoal will be on the sides and a drip pan will be under the bird. I always put 2 boxes of Swanson's chicken broth in the drip pan for my gravy. Should be ready after the Vikes game or at least that is the plan.
  7. Electric Roaster for Sausage

    When you start slicing some up see if your hands get the smoky smell on them. Part of the reason I ask is when you get summer sausage from a good meat shop like Schmidts down in Nicollet, MN, it dose not leave the smell. Just makes me wonder if they use liquid smoke to keep the batches more consistent flavor wise and the skins clear of the smokey smell.
  8. Electric Roaster for Sausage

    I have been one of those that would use the oven to finish. I do not care for the smoke smell on my hands when handling the sausage. Did it seems to take the smoke residue off the skins using this method ?
  9. Bean 'n Ham soup

    Looks Yummy !! I just made a big batch of chili !
  10. Bird Feeding Newcomer

    It seems like the birds need a few weeks to really start chomping away at the suet. Around my house it is always 3-5 days before they even stop to peck on it. Once found they will start hitting it on a regular basis.
  11. Roast beef

    I do the same as Big Dave2 except that I like to brown all sides of my roast before tossing in the crock pot. To me it seems to add more depth to the flavor.
  12. Electric Roaster for Sausage

    I use my oven all the time when making large batches of summer sausage. I use 2 racks and swap every half hour to keep the cooking even for all.
  13. Bird Feeding Newcomer

    That is a really good price. Most times when I see suet for sale in the store it cost darn near as much as fresh beef
  14. Bird Feeding Newcomer

    I like to put up thistle feeders to attract Gold Finches. I also like suet but the problem is the bears like it as well but soon they will be sleeping. I find that most all birds that come to my feeders will always eat black oil sunflower seeds so that is all I use in them. When L&M has the seeds on sale I can pick them up for $12.99 for 40 pounds.
  15. Deals on parkas n bibs

    Should have checked out the Gander closing sales. I was able to pickup a set of Striker bibs for $99.00 vs $229.00 regular price. I plan on selling my old Striker bibs when winter get closer. Those ones are first year they came out and I feel they are more like XL then XXl in size.