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Jim Almquist

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  1. Bird Feeding Newcomer

    I like to put up thistle feeders to attract Gold Finches. I also like suet but the problem is the bears like it as well but soon they will be sleeping. I find that most all birds that come to my feeders will always eat black oil sunflower seeds so that is all I use in them. When L&M has the seeds on sale I can pick them up for $12.99 for 40 pounds.
  2. Deals on parkas n bibs

    Should have checked out the Gander closing sales. I was able to pickup a set of Striker bibs for $99.00 vs $229.00 regular price. I plan on selling my old Striker bibs when winter get closer. Those ones are first year they came out and I feel they are more like XL then XXl in size.
  3. Is She Lost?

    We have them in the spring and around the the time the babies are born they seem to disappear till late summer when the are getting ready to migrate south. The males only seem to be around maybe 6 weeks and they seem to disappear and all you see is the baby males once they can fly.
  4. Nashville Warbler

    It likes it fried chicken really HOT
  5. Nashville Warbler

    Great shot !!! Sure looks like a Nashville to me.
  6. Direct to Dish

    It should be close to the same location to find the sat. Might want to see if Direct will match Dish. They don't like to lose customers.
  7. Boo Boo the Thief of Bird Food

    Funny thing was I forgot that I had taken pics with the good camera vs my phone. Found them when I was going thru pics of the Grandson.
  8. Nils Slush

    I don't like to clean my holes too much. Reduces the amount of movement above as seen from below if you know what I mean
  9. Orioles Are Leaving

    Still have a few hummers around. Lots of Pine Siskins with a mix of Goldfinches as well.
  10. Lunch is Ready!!

    Looks very tasty!! Might even be some awesome leftovers
  11. Skid house runner help please

    Not sure just what you are going to pull your house over (tar road) but you can't go wrong with UHMW for a protective type cover over your runners. 1/2" X 4" is $7.02 a foot so it would run you about $85.00 a ski or $170 for both. Plus shipping Place to buy UHMW
  12. Annoying, unwanted Skype pop-up!

    Click on the round circle in the lower left and in the search type msconfig and hit enter. Go to the start up tab and see if you see skype and disable it.
  13. Berkshire pork

    Schmidt's is one of the best in this state!!!
  14. Pork belly

    Its a shame that you can buy bacon for almost the same price. I have found belly for $3.99 but why bother going thru all the work when there is no savings but the flavor would be better.