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Jim Almquist

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  1. Redpolls

    If you have a thistle feeder they will hang around much longer. I have a flock of 30-40 that come in most everyday with a mix of Pine Siskins and a few Goldfinches thrown in.
  2. New kind of "bird" at my feeder

    Cool to have one around. Not sure if I have ever seen one,
  3. Air Fryer?

    The Air fryer XL was 120.00 and the Air Fryer Oven was 160.00. If you Google Power Air Fryer or put a .com at the end you should find it. 3 or 4 easy payment of $39.99 depending on model and free shipping.
  4. I could see cooking ribs with the Sous Vide method with a little liquid smoke and throw them on the grill to add sauce.
  5. Air Fryer?

    I was watching a infomercial on the Power Air Fryer. I really liked the bigger model and all of the extra attachments. Anybody own one ? Would like a review of sorts before making 4 easy payments and free shipping.
  6. Question on a-maze-in smoker

    Maybe you could make a little tin foil boat to help deflect the heat under the smoker tray.
  7. Something I like to do is to smoke country style ribs for about 2 hours and then toss them in a crock pot to finish. Another 6-8 hours on low and they are falling off the bone tender.
  8. Time for a smoke

    Looks awesome !! I just got done making up some guacamole and cutting up 4lbs of wings for the games today. Got a couple bottles of ZingZang for bloodies as well.
  9. Putting out the birdfeeder again

    We had a small flock for a couple of years but now ...nothing. Not sure were they went or why the left.
  10. Putting out the birdfeeder again

    I put up thistle for the Goldfinches and have found that the Redpolls and Pine Siskins also love it. When the flock comes in there will be a waiting line for the thistle perches. I always have black oil seeds but wait till the bears hibernate before I put out suet.
  11. Christmas chicken.

    Sorry to hear Smurfy !! Our Grandson means the world to us so I know how hard it must be right now !!
  12. Bourbon and Whiskey

    I have never seen that on the shelf's at my stores. At that price I would give it a try. I have been enjoying Woodford due to my one store has the 1.75L for $47 while the other store is $65.
  13. Summer Sausage ? For Ken w

    I really love the flavor of Schmidts summer sausage down in Nicollet, Mn. I told my brother that I believe they have to use liquid smoke due to the fact you don't get the smell on your hands like I do with my summer sausage. I just might have to give it a try this upcoming week. Too cold to fire up the smoker. I will post up with the results.
  14. Ken you talked about trying to use liquid smoke in your summer sausage. Just curious if you did and how much per pound if you did ? i have been giving thought to whipping up a batch and giving the liquid smoke a try.
  15. Bourbon and Whiskey

    I hear ya Dave ! I spent close to 3 years in Germany and drank a lot of different brands of German beer and never had anything taste as bad as an IPA. In our town of around 100,000 we had 3 breweries and if you went 20 miles to another town the odds are you would not find the any of the 3 beers but completely different breweries. 3 beers always for the most part...Weitzen (wheat), Weise ( Normal) and Pils and all only had 4 ingredients and no preservatives.