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  1. Fishin report for Lake Iwanttobethere..

    Holy smokes! What on earth happened to HSO? I haven't been here for 6 months and everybody's gone. Were these new changes meant to bring their page traffic down to nothing? I guess it worked.
  2. Yeah, I see a lot of disappointed weekend warriors come opening day. It's looking a lot like it did last year.
  3. anyone fishing tulibees??

    I net both cisco (herring) and whitefish and there's a night and day difference between the two. Not even close. I can't really eat a 100lbs of smoked fish so I usually just make sure to remove the mud vein in the whitefish, freeze the fillets and fry them up later. If you're serious about smoking them in bulk they really need to be canned in order to preserve them properly. I suppose the DNR just lumps these species all together in their regs but looking at some of the pictures on this site it really had me wondering if these species vary from lake to lake or if we sportsmen just have our own names for them depending on where we live.
  4. anyone fishing tulibees??

    I've seen people catch them during the mayfly hatches in summer using fly fishing gear but it's usually a lot easier to just net them in the fall. In my neck of the woods we call them whitefish but maybe these tulibees you speak of are a little different than what we have in the arrowhead.
  5. having dogs

    I just put my 12 year chessie down last week. What a heartbreaker that was. I brought his beat up dog bed with me to the vet and he was able to go to sleep next to his master without being scared He was a beautiful, hungry, loyal and tough friend that I'll miss forever.
  6. WPA's closed?

    ..........It's not their land to close. We just pay them to manage it for us. Why do you assume that people will think they have free reign to do whatever they want to do on these lands? There's no Federal officers watching us in line at the supermarket yet people somehow manage to wait their turns at the checkout line in a civalized manner.
  7. WPA's closed?

    They prefer the term 'enforcement'. It covers just about anything they want to do.
  8. neighbors dog in heat

    I would think that having your dog neutered 'might' deter him from running off looking for females in heat. I would start off doing that. Perhaps neuter him and keep him tied up.
  9. neighbors dog in heat

    Is your dog fixed?
  10. Federal shutdown of hunting lands

    I think the term 'assumption of risk' applies to anyone utilizing public lands with or without the presence of government employees. Just because they are on duty doesn't mean that you are absolved of all responsibility in regards your safety. I really believe that the closing of these public lands has more to do with spiteful bureaucrats wanting to cause disruptions than it does with liability factors or with them being concerned over our safety. Would your movement on a remote county road in Montana be denied because LE coverage in that area is minimal? Of course not. You either would or wouldn't assume the increased risk associated with driving through that desolate stretch of road. We are the landowners, not the government. They are simply our hired caretakers.
  11. An AIS movement I can get behind!

    What on earth makes you believe that government has the knowledge and expertise to successfully eradicate AIS? Just because you want the state to "do something" doesn't mean they will act wisely, efficiently or even come close to solving the problem. Man has battled invasive species since the dawn of agriculture thousands of years ago. This just seems like manufactured hysteria designed to grow state budgets. Until the state figures out a way to eradicate (not any of that slow the spread nonsense) gypsy moth and those invasive dandelions from my backyard I'm just fine being in the "do nothing" camp.
  12. An AIS movement I can get behind!

    Waterfowl can't be issued revenue generating fines by the state. Sportsmen can. I don't think wanting to avoid unnecesarry harrassment by government busy-bodies is the same as claiming you're a victim.
  13. So the Pohlads also are tax cheats.

    As our states top DFL and DNC fundraisers; the Pohlads are going to end up paying a much reduced penalty than what is currently being sought by the IRS. 2-3 years from now buried on page 13 of the strib will be a statement regarding a $3 million settlement between the government and the Pohlads.
  14. Said goodbye to my baby this morning

    You were given the chance to do one more nice thing for your girl today and you did it. They just don't live long enough. Sorry about your loss.
  15. I wonder if they're going to add this youtube deer footage to one of those ASPCA Sarah Mclachlan commercials? Perhaps put in some video or photos of fishermen holding up a tortured bass or muskie like B-man mentioned.