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  1. Mayweather vs. McGregor

    Another cynical, bloated Mayweather circus, another nail in the coffin of boxing. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight. A virtually enending parade of douche bag "celebrities", the Burger King King in his entourage and a lackluster fight.
  2. Panfish Photo Gallery

    9" gill, cpr'ed. Not bad for a metro lake.
  3. They run a very tight firing line, tho. You won't be able to clean your gun when the line is down, which makes sustained shooting a slow process.
  4. HSO Deer Photo's

    Zone 239 Opening morning
  5. Opening weekend results

    239 Filled 2 out of 4 tags. I shot a nice little fork Sat am and the new guy got a decent 8 point that eneveng that was chasing a doe all day. Too darn warm!
  6. And the penalty for shooting one down is the same as for any other aircraft.
  7. It's a shame this d-bag walks because of an avoidable procedural cock-up on the DNR's part, but it's the right call. My question has been: If his actions were well known in the community, and he's essentially stealing resources from the community, how has been so hard for the DNR to catch him? No one turns him in? Maybe a little frontier justice? Disrupt his "hunts", etc?
  8. Anyone Heading West?

    Any advice on particular zones? Or will that be pretty obvious with some research? I've only looked on my phone so far, maps a little hard to read
  9. Anyone Heading West?

    Antelope somewhere. Trying to decide between SD and WY, leaning toward SD because I already know the area somewhat.
  10. 2015 Wyoming Antelope Hunt!

    Great story! I've recently gotten the bug to do a public land antelope hunt in 2016. Had been thinking South Dakota as I have at least some knowledge of the general area, but Wy sounds like a good option as well. Obviously not you kids' first rodeo planning a hunt, but would be mine. Definately fueled the fire! Thanks
  11. Trophy Memory!

    Cool! Had a similar experience: Last morning of my season, a gobbler coming in from the woods behind me. A red-tail flys over and gives my hen decoy a look. Gobbling is getting closer and the hawk smacks my decoy on the 2nd pass, hard behind the head. The gobbling is closer yet and my attention is focused on that, behind and to my left. Out of my right comes the hawk again, hits the deke again and scares the mess out me. Now I'm starting to worry that the hawk is gonna scare my bird away! It makes one last pass without hitting, the gobbler finally struts out a few minutes later and the rest is history. 23#, 9 1/2" beard and 1" spurs. Fun morning!
  12. Flatheads in Vermilion River Hastings Area

    Any shore fishing possibilities in that area?
  13. Grouse anyone

    And don't forget muzzleloader season starts this weekend, runs 2 weeks . . .
  14. Favorite panfish rod??

    Great info, thanks! Just pulled the pin on a Powernoodle, can't wait to try it out. I really wish I would've done in 3 months ago . . .