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  1. Just Food and Drink

    Only missing the toast, hot sauce and ketchup! Good stuff Manerd!
  2. Were did the grouse go?

    I saw 2 during deer season, both were in 5-8 year old clear cut with heavy aspen re-growth.
  3. MN Rifle Buck 2017

    There are 2 possible stands that the deer was shot from. The first is about 100 yards and the second is about 150 yards. Both stands are made by the same guy and they face each other about 200-225 yards apart. I saw him laying from about 30 yards away, and I believe that if I get up in the one stand I will be able to see the deer. The stands are on state land. A couple of years ago I found a little spike buck shot in the neck with a trail cam watching it. It was when the wolf season was open and it was about 75 yards from a stand. In my opinion that deer didn't go anywhere when it was shot. Both deer were in the same woods and all the deer stands are made the same way, you draw your own conclusions.
  4. MN Rifle Buck 2017

    I came across the 7 pointer today that I had on the trail cam. It looked like a good shot and it was only about 100 yards from the stand. We had snow for opener so it makes me wonder what went down. Really hate to see any animal go to waste.
  5. Grinding Deer

    If I don't do it right away it seems like it doesn't get done. I cutting and grinding tomorrow after 3 days of hang time. I ordered 20 pounds of 80/20 ground beef for mixing. I'll mix it about 50/50 and package it in 1 pound packages in bags then freezer paper. I always grind thawed because it's not as cold to mix with my hands.
  6. Small deer

    I harvested a big buck 7 years ago that weighed 260 hanging. Both the taxidermist and I figured he was well over 300 on the hoof. That was in east of Long Prairie. I have harvested several deer near Kabakona in the last 6 years and they all run out in the 120's hanging. I had a big doe last year that weighed 122 and an 8 pointer the year before that weighed 121.
  7. Trail cam Pic's or Video

    Had this one come in. Didn't know there were any big deer out there. So far I only have seen 2 bucks out there, sure like to see a few more.
  8. Trail cam Pic's or Video

    Finally! Horns! First buck that we've seen.
  9. Trail cam Pic's or Video

    I had a tree go down so I made a bowl in it and poured in mixing salt. I've had 3 deer hitting it several times a day and just recently got 2 more interested. I've had the camera out in the same spot for over a month and in the last 6 days it has had to most activity.
  10. Side arm heat exchanger

    I am looking at hooking up a side arm heat exchanger to my hot water heater this fall. I am not familiar with them but I understand the mechanics. Does anyone have a brand or type that they are willing to recommend? I am currently looking at a 38" SS model fin enhanced model. Thanks in advance!
  11. We picked 125 today out of 2 spots. The first got hit by someone else and was picked pretty clean. My other spot was spread out and we covered a lot of ground. Several were drying out already and at least 2 crumbled as soon as we touched them. I did notice that trillums were flowering around where we found the majority of the morels. In others areas the trillums were just starting to come up where we found few morels. Not sure if there is a correlation with ground temps or not.
  12. I found 6 tonight in a spot that looks like it should be better. Past years I have picked more and it was either late or dry. Maybe they need a few more days. Fresh shot of rain tonight can't hurt!
  13. I am staying out of the woods this weekend, don't want anyone seeing my truck parked and GPS'ing my spots!
  14. We picked 81 today. It was a bust at the first spot, the second was just a few babies and at the third we covered a lot of ground because they were so spread out. I picked 1 that was in full sun and the edges were dry. Everything is southern exposure.
  15. Yes sir. Southern exposure. Mixed cover. They surprised us because normally the Trilliums are up and budding out. We had good snow cover and it really packed the litter this year. Very wet underneath.