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  1. Well our lilacs were just starting to bud out yesterday and I was thinking we should go take a peek today. Unfortunately we got 2 inches of snow overnight and it's still coming down! I'm pretty sure Hubbard county will have to wait at least a week to ten days with the temps forecast.
  2. What is your top end on that beast? That is about the style of boat I am looking for.
  3. I guess that I don't see a lock button or a manual lock.
  4. Big Thank you to everyone for the insight! I appreciate all the info!
  5. I am in the market for a new boat. I have not decided 100% on a brand but I am leaning towards an Alumacraft fitted with a Yamaha or an Evinrude. I would also be looking at a Crestliner but I have never had a Mercury motor. I am looking for a rig about 17 feet long and a 90 HP in 4 stroke. Several years ago if you bought a Crestliner it left the factory with a Mercury pre-rig and you had to purchase a pre-rig in the brand of motor you wanted for extra, not sure if it is still that way but if it is I really do not want the extra cost or hassle. Are there any issues with Mercury motors? Are they as quiet as the Yamaha and Evinrudes? Is the fuel economy comparable? I do understand that the Evinrudes are 2 strokes. I have also heard that the Suzuki's have been pretty good, super quiet and good economy. Thanks in advance for any input!
  6. I have a 2003 FX4 with 180,000+ on it. It is the 2 valve motor. I had to replace the motor about 14 months after I bought it because of a bad rebuild before I bought it, the oil pump went out and they drove it too long. The line bore was out. There is no plug trouble with this motor. I have replaced the coil packs and installed new bulbs on it, that is it besides the motor.
  7. I saw the most deer that I have ever seen in stand in 184. Now don't get excited, I only saw 6. I harvested a large doe early Saturday afternoon and called it a day. I heard 3 deer Sunday but that was it.
  8. Ever since we bought a 2 person stand 2 weeks ago my step son has been nuts about going hunting, he's 9! I think the boy is hooked! We'll see what tomorrow brings!
  9. We looked for 2 hours and found 6 very dry blacks. We found them in the lowest spot of a run-off that was only slightly soft, normally it has a foot of water in it. No rain, no schrooms. Maybe next year. I think we found 10 total this year.
  10. The family and I found 1 tiny morel tonight south of Bemidji. We did find a few Verpa's and several Devil's urns. Slim pickin's!
  11. I found Kenda Bear claws on hsolist and Amazon for $241 and $256 shipped to my door. I am leaning that way. One review said 1 1/2" lugs but that doesn't look anything close to what you have Musky. What do the lugs really measure if you don't mind? My X2 will top out around 75 according to the speedo. I don't run that hard with it, mostly topping out at 45 on the road so I won't miss the speed. Thanks guys for the help. I was wondering if these were worth the money or a waste of time. Sounds like they will work just fine for me!
  12. Does anyone have a recommendation for new tires for their machine? I have the stock 489's and they are getting bad. I would like to get something universal as far as ice, snow, mud and trails. I am not a mudder and most of our miles are on trail or roads. Thanks!
  13. They cut loose last night twice that I heard just a couple hundred yards south of my house. It sounded like 8-10 coyotes. Once about 7 pm and then about 145 am. There are several pieces of state or county land just NW of Laporte that are prime real estate for them. These were in a small 10 acre piece right between 7 houses and right next to a guy that has cattle.
  14. He made it through the season! He is not big but he has potential. Looks like he has dropped already though. I guess I should get out and look for sheds!
  15. I saw one sitting outside of Fleet Supply in Little Falls yesterday afternoon.