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  1. Week 36 Finals

    Thank you for setting this up and keeping track. It was a lot of fun to be somewhat in contention. I don’t really care one way or the other for the lucky dog. The one good thing is it let more guys get in a week late and still have a shot at winning. Thanks again
  2. Ugly Week 31

    Wow.....6th win of the season and it gets called ugly.......J/K. Getting down to the last few races and we have a pretty good battle going on for the top spot. I know I’m about out of decent picks left but we’ll see what happens. Good luck everybody
  3. 2017 Fantasy Nascar?

    Good call doing the lucky dog. A few more signed up, should make it more interesting. Good luck guys!
  4. Week 1

    Sounds good to me having a mulligan. Nice work on setting it up, and trying to make it fair for guys that may have joined late. It's all for fun anyway. Good luck to all.
  5. 2017 Fantasy Nascar?

    The more the merrier. Funny how I always make picks, second guess and change and should've stayed with original picks. Still fun to do though. Should be interesting year with some of the big changes.
  6. 2017 Fantasy Nascar?

    Thanks Juneau4. I'm in 3rd one signed up.....probably the highest I'll be all season. Good luck guys.
  7. The wife and I went on Sunday also. Like Rundrave, a lot of the lodge booths didn't really appeal to me but we talked to quite a few dog people there, maybe learned a few things. Funny how two people that would have nothing in common can talk like old friends for 20 minutes about a dog.Realized that a lot of the game farms are WAY more expensive than the one I'm a member at. Over all I would say it was worth it.
  8. Unique Super Bowl Food?

    Started a little early. 5 of us just demolished about 30 pheasant poppers. Up in a few minutes are hot wings and spicy garlic wings. Then the wife has homemade potato skins and a pheasant/ wild rice hot dish. For dessert is a blueberry cobbler. And of course cocktails with all
  9. Smoking some beef today

    Very nice Thunder, wiping the drool off the screen!
  10. This is what we need.

    Maybe Reb was getting moderated by the neighbor lady so he couldn't respond!
  11. Welcome to the staff RebelSS

    I think they have to have a lot of time on their hands! just kidding Reb, congrats
  12. This is what we need.

    I'm thinking I'd have to go with Taylor Swift. She's young, hot and rich so I could just stay home smoking and hanging with you guys all day. Plus when we split up she'd write a song about it and the fame would never end. Plus she doesn't like Kanye West so at least we'd have that in common.
  13. Replacement apples

    Way too funny, I thought my house was the only one with a fruit/ veggie problem. Not kidding but I know I could walk to the fridge and spy probably 10 kinds of fruit and 4 kinds of lettuce at least. Some fruits are just for " drying" though....... Maybe we need to start a support group.
  14. Jalapeno Venison Summer Sausage

    Thanks RH- you're a gentleman and a smoking/sausage making scholar.
  15. Worst food you had as a kid

    I remember when I was younger my brother was newly married. I was staying at their house. His new bride had been home during the day so she had supper in the crockpot. My brother and I got cleaned up from cutting firewood and she's sitting at the table eating a hamburger and fries..... I was like wow didn't know you could make that in a crockpot. She says no I made you guys liver????? My brother pulls the lid off the crockpot and yep there it was LIVER.....drenched in BBQ sauce. It quivered in the crockpot when he took a fork to it. Needless to say didn't even try it.