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  1. Hunting in Zone 169 by Bigfork. Deer hunting has been tough to say the least. Group of 7 guys has only seen a handful of deer. 2 bucks shot in the group and a couple yearling bucks passed on....that is it. There seems to be plenty of sign in the woods, but the deer are highly nocturnal. There has only been 3 does seen in the past 2 weeks. We did see a monster tending a doe on the side of the road last Friday night. That was kind of cool. Really discouraging in the stand. I have sat around 40 hours this season, and seen 1 deer in the stand. Luckily it was an 8 pointer. I have plenty of camera pics, so I know the deer are there, but tough to get during daylight. Plenty of wolves around as well. They were howling Friday afternoon and a couple were seen last week by the crew. Anyway, that is my report. Hopefully 3rd weekend is the charm. It was last year.
  2. Youth bow

    I would go with a Genesis for a 6 year old. That is what I did with my kids. My older boy I started with a Genesis. Last year he turned 10 so bought him a Hoyt Ruckus. What a good bow. Shoots very good, very adjustable, and it is small. Perfect for a growing boy/girl. My younger boy is 7 and he has a Genesis as well. Bought it and he has shot it a couple of times. I am guessing this year it will be more....I hope. My opinion, get a bigger bow at about age 9. Good Luck
  3. Had to part ways with a good freind today...

    Anyone that loves their pooch as much as you guys do...knows your pain. And it sucks. I lost my baby last year. The worst part of it was that I had to finish her off. I was heart broken for weeks. Then my buddy called me and said he had a present coming for me in a couple of weeks. I have had my "new" baby for about a year now and that really helps. Life goes on. Mourn for as long as you need to and always keep them in your heart!
  4. Fetching Issues

    Thanks guys...excellent advice. As I am typing this, she was retrieveing while I am watching the twins. She has slowly started getting back into it, and that is good. Maybe I am being too rammy. Most of you guys have more experience than I really trust your opinion. By the way, this weekend she had her first experience with swimming on her own. She was wound up tight and fetching sticks. Hopefully it will all work out. All in all if it doesn't work out...she is a heck of a dog anyway. I have confidence that it will. Thanks guys
  5. Fetching Issues

    Mule; I don't do much yelling actually. She responds well to all commands except fetching commands. Now like last night, she was all wound up and I threw a ball about a half dozen times and she fetched it every time. It just seems like she only does it when she is wound up. Otherwise she just leans on me and looks at me like she screwed up. It is frustrating, because before that one incident, she was fetching quite well. I appreciate the advice though. I really enjoy reading all posts from you guys...because most of you guys know more about it than me.
  6. Fetching Issues

    Guys, I have a little problem with my 6 month old lab. A while back while I was throwing for the dog, she completely ignored the dummy and starting eating deer [PoorWordUsage]. She did it about 3 times and I started getting [PoorWordUsage]. So, I yelled at her and quit for the day. Ever since that day, she will not fetch for me. Every once in a while when she is playing with me and I am sitting in the lazy boy she will bring stuff back...but when I am standing up she justs sits next to me and gives me those puppy dog eyes and cowers. She will fetch for the kids every once in a while, but for me it is a real head hanger. She is an excellent dog otherwise and does all the commands I say....just wont fetch. It is really frustrating. Can anybody out there give me some advice.
  7. Injured leg on my lab

    I agree with you widower. Got her out this afternoon and she seems to be about 80+%. I am pretty happy as I thought the worst. I think that she was just overworked...even though it was just a busy day. Must have caught up with her I guess. She hasn't had a vaccination for about a month now so I know that isn't it. Just a reminder that they are still babies and need their rest. Thanks for all your opionions.
  8. Injured leg on my lab

    Well this morning it is a little better. I iced it a couple of times last night and the swelling has went down some. She is putting a little bit of weight on it this morning, but not much. If this dog was 8+ years old I would be less cautious, but at 4 months...I thought they were bullet proof. She was way wore out that day, and had no signs of anything wrong. Amazing that when you wake up, you are gimp. Kind of amazes me. If she is not better by the weekend, I will have to bite the bullet and bring her in.
  9. Injured leg on my lab

    I have a question for you guys. On Sunday morning my 4 month old lab came up kind of lame. She put on plenty of miles on Saturday playing with the kids and was way wore out. I put her to bed on Saturday night and she was fine...on Sunday morning she couldn't walk on one of her front legs. I figured that she sprained it and it must have seized up overnight. It is swollen right about where a human's wrist would be. She puts very little weight on it and she yelps when you touch it. I hate to bring her to the vet just to tell me it is I am on a tight budget. My question is this stuff common? If it is sprained, how long does it take to heal; if it isn't sprained...what is it? What else can I do? I iced it a couple of times today, but nothing else. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. 7 Week Old Lab Issues

    She is growing fast...that is for sure. She is learning better now that I have more patience. I appreciate all the ideas that you guys have given me. The best info is always first hand experience. She is definately a welcome addition to the family even though the wife doesn't like her shoes chewed up all that bad
  11. 7 Week Old Lab Issues

    I probably am a little inpatient...she is only 9 weeks old. As I said this is my 3rd lab...I just forget how to deal with pups every time. I work with her every night on a few things. Mostly the come and sit command. She had the sit command down in 1 day so I believe she is pretty sharp. She also has potty training down to about 95% and the only accidents are liquid. What bothers me is how irritated she is when I put a rope on her collar. I just don't want to be mean to her at such a young age. You guys have been wonderful with your advice and could use some more. Thanks
  12. 7 Week Old Lab Issues

    No argueing guys!! I have been working with my pup on the "come" command all week. Everytime I put that rope on her it is like Widower says...not this again. I am trying to do it without the kids around, because they distract her. She is not doing very good at it and really hates that rope. I feel as if I am doing something wrong. It really irritates me though when I let her out to go to the bathroom and she ignores my calls to come back. I don't want a pooch that ignores me. She is very loving in the house and seems quite intelligent. Here is what I am doing exactly. 1) put on collar with rope. 2) make her sit and walk a few feet away. 3) Say her name and "come". 4) pull on the rope if she doesn't come. 5) Make her sit when she gets to me. She might do it once or twice, but gets sick of it really quick. Also, once the rope is off, there is no listening. Guys, let me know if I am doing this right...also how long does it usually take?? Thanks
  13. 7 Week Old Lab Issues

    The pooch is doing much better thanks in part to all your advice. She is getting up once a night, and that is very tolerable. One more question for ya; how do you guys get the dog to "come" to you. I was trying it yesterday with a rope in my hallway. I would make her sit(she does this very well)and say her name and "come". Then I give a tug on the rope if necessary. Is this the proper way to do this? Any other suggestions?? Thanks
  14. 7 Week Old Lab Issues

    Thanks guys, any tips are appreciated. I just got done with a 5 minute training session. Was getting her wound up with a toy pheasant and thowing it in my hallway. She would charge up to it; sometimes she would bring it back...sometimes she wouldn't. No biggie. I was also working on sitting. She did it a couple of times after about 10 times of tapping on the butt. It is fun, and they grow so fast. My previous lab had me not wanting a new dog. She was an elderly pain in the butt. The morning after she passed, I already missed not having a dog in the house. My wife wasn't happy, but I was on the lookout for a dog. I figured that my boys are the right age (7&4)to be duck hunting when she is in her prime. With that said, all the dogs that I have had have been more than hunting partners....they are family.
  15. 7 Week Old Lab Issues

    Well last night went better. I wore her out pretty good before bed time and only had to get up 2 times in 7 hours. I don't mind that and to tell you the truth knew I had to do it. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about my day schedule, so daytimes will be awfully boring to her. She does pretty darn good about not soiling her kennel. Only 2 times in the past 8 weekdays. I would have preferred that she was 9 weeks old before I took her, but he wanted them all gone at 6 weeks. I am not sure what you guys mean by "Hot Dog"? So far I have been working on some fetching, and potty training. Trying to make it all fun. When do you guys get "serious"?