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  1. N Metro Pigs

    Would you mind sharing what depth you were catching them at?
  2. Propane fills

    There is a gas station on the corner of Lexington Ave. and 694 that fills a 20# tank for $14.99.
  3. Strikemaster Mag 3 problem

    Thank you so much!!! I'll try it tonight.
  4. Strikemaster Mag 3 problem

    Its a tillotson. You better explain which screw too.
  5. I put a new carb kit in mainly because it was leaking gas, but it also wasn't running right. Now when it warms up and I give it some throttle it bogs down and quits. Can anyone give me some pointers as to what needs adjusting?
  6. Strikemaster is out of stock of the carb kit i need for my Mag 3 Plus. Does anyone know where I can buy parts in the Twin Cities for my auger?
  7. Strikemaster is out of stock for the carb kit I need for my Mag 3 Plus. Is there anywhere else close to the twin cities where I can buy parts for the auger?
  8. Barometric pressure

    Is it better to fish with a Low or High pressure system?
  9. Ice today?

    Does anyone think the ice will be good enough to get out fishing today?
  10. Buddy Heater fuel filter

    Thanks everyone. I will get the filter.
  11. Buddy Heater fuel filter

    I have a Buddy Heater and was wondering if I need the fuel filter to add a hose and 5-20 pound tank?
  12. mr heater cooker with 1# tank how long run time?

    Do you need the fuel filter also to run a 20# on a buddy heater?
  13. Tubes...How to?

    I've been very interested in try tube baits, but I have no idea how to hook them. What type of hooks should I use, and are certain tubes better than others? Thanks
  14. Lake Vermilion Water Temp?

    I just talked to a guy that was up there this past weekend, and he said it was about 47 degrees.
  15. Is it a lot harder to use a solo canoe than a two seater? I've never used a solo canoe and my paddling partner cant go on a May trip to the BWCA, should I rent the solo and go anyway or is it too hard for a newbie?