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  1. Ended up being the clutch dog and reverse gear were wore out... 550 for parts...I almost ended up getting a whole new lower unit, but a buddy was able to find the parts...The shop said they discontinued the parts Yada Yada Yada, but some shop in Hackensack was able to find them I guess...just want the dang boat back ha...
  2. I dropped it off at the shop today, hopefully it just needs some adjustment I'll let ya guys know what I hear.
  3. New to me it's a 96 115 merc
  4. So I took the new boat out for the first time and it did not go as planned...When I put it in reverse it clicks like it's not getting into gear. If I just barely put it in reverse it didn't really click...Anyone have this happen and figure out what it was?? Thanks for any help
  5. Anyone know where the closest open water is to the cloquet area, other than Superior. I'm looking to test out my boat and all the electronics before I make the trip up to Rainy.
  6. I was referring to the spool for the ez ducer icing up not your spools on your rods...
  7. I wanna see what happens when your out hole hopping in the extreme cold and the water on the spool becomes a block of ice haha.
  8. If you set your ducer to the right height you don't have nearly the trouble if it's hanging down below the ice too much... I don't think they'll sell many of those.
  9. Yup I already bought one, wish the guy before me would have used one haha
  10. If anyone is looking for something to plug their livewell overflow, test plugs seem like they will work like a charm...
  11. I got in contact with that Dr. Sonar... He said he hasn't noticed a difference on which side...He also said 18" from the center line.
  12. Does it matter if you mount your ducers port side or starboard...I have read a lot of people saying the prop messes it up on the port side. Then people that say it doesn't matter... In my head it shouldn't matter, because the prop is hitting the water that already went over the ducer. Also I'll be mounting a side imaging and a high speed ducer, I know you want the SI lower and closest to the keel...Do you want the ducers as close to the center as you can get them? I keep reading conflicting info on that too. Some say close as you can get it some say 15" from the prop...I feel like it shouldn't matter either side and you'd want them as close to the center as possible... Correct me if I'm wrong
  13. Does anyone know if there's a reason why they have the thru hull livewell overflow rather than the just the hollow tube for the plug...My 91 rebel just has the the hollow tube and I never had any problems with it overflowing...Im thinking I'm just going to plug the thru hull, then I don't have to mess with it again if I have to take that part of the floor up again. It just seems unnecessary
  14. I feel like that project was kind of like when you do brakes for the 1st time and 1st side takes 2 hours to do and 2nd side takes 15 mins....If I had to do it again, I feel like it wouldn't take very long...That dang livewell overflow is the only thing that is pain in the butt...
  15. Well got the boat pretty much done, just have to put the livewell overflow back on and the battery compartment...I'm happy with the vinyl (nautolex shark grey). I have some vinyl left over, in the summer I might try and make a rod locker between the consoles... Not just need some open water