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  1. I have seen Gregs YouTube videos that's not arrogance. That is called knowing your stuff. That 9.5" light weight bit with stackable flighting for deep ice is ahead of its time just like the Icegator high speed electric power drives are. I would love to find one. My favorite thing about the Icegator is the cutting sound it makes. I feel very fortunate to have one knowing the high demand and coming from just a mom n pop operation. We are lucky. It also attracts attention on the ice like a supermodel.
  2. Let me guess 2nd step: no more Ice show sales
  3. I was thinking the same thing. I definitely need help. Burn out. Thank you Adam for the likes and the compliments.
  4. Let's put it to you this way. With the amount of 10" power augers I have amassed. If the Icegator ever fails me I'm certain I won't be stranded without a hole.
  5. I had those hole covers custom made For my tip-ups. By Katz Koverz I put one tip-up at each end of the shack they are under glass you can step on them. It's like a glass bottom boat
  6. Not sure but you can catch sarcasm if you fish for it.
  7. I have no worries. I bought the extended warranty. It's still In the box
  8. It is a died black sheepskin quad pelt. Everyone who sees it thinks it's A black bear rug. You get tired of correcting them you just let them think that.
  9. Not sure. But if you are listening Icegator, THANK YOU!
  10. 10" Nils 42 volt Icegator Annilator Beauty and the Beast It's looks will grow on you fast Rich kid's auger
  11. Looks amazing. You could grow some plants in there. Those led ropes are bright. Reminds me of my house.
  12. I purchased both my Yamaha 2000s from a dealership for $890 each. This deal is a no brainer. It's not difficult to spend $200 at Cabelas.
  13. King Kong Bundy That fish has been around since WrestleMania 2
  14. My Marcum Pancam rocks No more wires out each door Panner works great even better with Reel Weeds cable structure THANK YOU MARCUM!
  15. I bought two Pancams I have only tried one The panner works fine But I only get 60 feet of range Inside my truck for viewing Definitely Not 300 feet as claimed What do you get for wifi distance??