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  1. I asked the same thing about a Month ago...must be a contract/money issue...we don't spend money foolishly
  2. Nailed It!!! Way too much tinkering went on...some of that brought on by Fletch...Hansal, White/Schroeder, Stewart for a 4th line would be just fine too...they have to dial in these remaining games to have the consistency needed for the playoffs.
  3. Makes no difference what place we are in or that Stall has scored 2 goals in the last 5 games (you call that bunches?).....who would not want to play the Wild in the first round at this point? This is absolutley shocking to me....they appear to me like a ship without a Captain....7 games left to figure it out.
  4. On a good note Prosser finally came out of his Zero for Can'tCountBackThatFar goal slump....maybe he'll catch fire and carry the team
  5. Pom 1 in his last 19 Suter 1 in last 27 Parise 2 in last 11 Brodin 0 in last 30 Hanzal 1 in last 12 Zucker 1 in last 13 Nino 1 in last 19 Haula 1 in last 17 Koivu 2 in last 23 Combine that with a weak defense and iffy goaltending.....yikes.
  6. Looks like they are back to normal to me...great win...when they "lock down" like they did in the 3rd they are tough to beat...really did not give SJ many quality chances...SJ goals were scrappy....Dubs does go brain dead at times.... They need to prove they are "OK" a few games in a row.
  7. I hope you are right but my guess is that Dubs is not up to the task yet (if he plays)....SJ has lots of firepower but they did play a game last night...we lose by 2
  8. Overall it was pathetic....bad 1st period, good 2nd period with some awesome "puck luck", bad 3rd from a standpoint that nobody could put the puck in the net with multiple great chances and Dubs let in a weak one. All defense was awful IMO, not just Dumba and Scandella, Brodin weak on the puck, Suter sloppy as can be, Olofson looked lost out there, we were bumping into our own one point I thought I was watching a bunch of rec league players out there...a real circus. Still time to right the ship but holy cow....not even sure where BB starts with this mess as it sits....and when you don't have the superstars that you can lean on it really makes it that much tougher to pull it all together again....actually will be that much sweeter if they can get it back to the level we recently had it to.
  9. Again I see Granlund as the only player with that "extra step" right now...not sure if it was his off-season training or just purely a mental thing but most everyone else looks "tired" for the most part IMO. BD I agree with you on Prosser...the fact that he is even on the ice tells me our depth on D is not up to Par. I see Zucker took full responsibility on that go ahead goal...did not move his feet on the Cane coming off the boards and let him beat him...again...tired legs or unwilling to to do the job? I am sure the locker room is getting a little bit tense so it will be interesting to see how they respond coming home tomorrow night...huge game against the Rangers and then back to back with game up in Winnipeg Sunday...grueling schedule down the stretch..."$uck it up boys"!
  10. And they have to find a way to light up Du...Kem....and slow down our sta..... Hansel has not been what I had hoped...White looked like a PeeWee on the delayed penalty "woe is me" stop playing goof up....god bless Zach but he's buried down on the "B" team, D has been very soft, Granlund is on fire but can't carry this team....I'm hoping BB is just tinkering...and I hope the team is just melon headed at the moment and they have a plan to turn it on last 4-5 games and into the playoffs. I am sure with BB's track record of laying an egg come playoff time he'll get it figured out this time around...get lines set soon to allow solid consistency before playoffs start, get the D tightened up............or maybe he won't.
  11. Where are all the Panfish fanatics? It is March and the bite has been awesome these last few weeks and will only get better up to ice out...been fishing the DL Area. Yesterday before it got ugly I got out...they were either 6-7" little guys or big girls 13-14"...lately they have been crushing the Clam SnowDrop XL Pink with the white Lunkerhunt Spade Grub Plastic. 18" of good ice and I drove out....only one other guy out probably 1/2 mile east of me. Pic of a couple of the big girls.
  12. LV picks Reid Duke as first signed player...wouldn't you know it...former Wild 2014 pick.
  13. mixed up on site will delete and post over in FM where it should be! LOL
  14. If the Wild can play that tight come playoff time this is going to be a fun ride IMO. They locked down so tight in the 3rd period SJ did not have many chances and the few they had were handled easily by Dubs. Nice to see Staal and Parise score.
  15. You'd think they'd give Stalock a look. His overall NHL stats are OK and not that bad down in IA either....Kemps has to have a "great" night and have everything in front of him going our way to be good...he's not going to steal games for us like Dubs can IMO...give Stalock a shot in the nets!