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  1. Fletch's hands are totally tied by his own doing, keep in mind our 1st round pick this year was 15 games of Hanzal...definitley not worth it. Fletch needs to get off his duff and pull the trigger on a Scandella trade real soon for a decent Forward and not pass up an OK opportunity by "hoping" for the homerun and missing out on a good opportunity. IMO our only hope is that other teams are "watered down" more than we are and that our vets can hang in there one more year.
  2. LOL...Pens win in 6....the better team hands down. Happy for Preds/City of Nashville....great fan base....they should be good again next year....gonna miss hockey...2017-18 season starts a little earlier than normal....can't wait
  3. Looks like Boston is in hot pursuit of Brodin...need a left handed Dman...rumor is they are offering a 1st round pick plus Ryan Spooner...take that deal in a heart beat IMO
  4. Good stuff but one more comment before I depart from this conversation, there are about 15+ high point guys other than the 3 you mention here that are grittier than anyone we have...just go down the list of points and goal guys...even Drouin, Guentzel, and little Atkinson are grittier than most of our guys....the D on the list are much more phyhsical than any Wild Dmen. With that being said I agree time to move on and wait for things to unfold....let's light it up again after the exp draft and normal draft...later dude.
  5. Bigger/Faster is what is coming out of the Juniors/Colleges now...the days of pigeon holing players as fast/slow or speedy/small are long gone with a few exceptions...and that's where we don't see eye to eye...the NHL is Big/Fast now and the good smaller players are tougher/grittier than ever before like Zach used to be...but now he's too beat up, too concussed to play at a high level. Like I stated before one and done was the end result so we are no closer to contending than previous years...not sure why you don't understand that....reg season means that was the culmination we are forced to keep overpaid hacks, move good players, lose some to exp is going to be a while before we come close to contending and I'd rather them go as young as humanly possible now and I bet they'd be closer to contending in 7/8 years than we are now after these past of 7/8yrs. IMO we will protect Granlund, Coyle, Nino, prbably Zucker, but maybe Staal, and then those we are froced to upfront, like Parise, Koivu Pominville then on the backend I hope they protect Dumba but doubtful, Spurg, probably Brodin but maybe Scandella and of course Suter. So we have OK players we are going to lose and others to throw in the mix for possible trades. Vegas is getting plenty of offers from other teams with overpaid older players like we have and McFee (Vegas GM) has stated they will likely take a couple of those overpriced guys on the books at the price of high draft picks...we have no high draft picks to make deals like that thanks to Chuck.
  6. I agree with everything you stated but my comment on the above is that we can never copy other teams...that's a given but we need to keep up with the times to keep up with the top tier teams. Simple question; in the 7+ yrs Fletch has been the GM do you think he has gotten us in a good position to make a Cup run next year...regardless of where we were 8 yrs ago?
  7. Like I need to blow it up but come close....and I am not whining....just complaining on a public forum for us all to banter back and the other public forums that discuss hockey.....don't like it don't respond...I tend to enjoy the conversations/ideas others post including you. Your speedy little 2nd place team in the West...first round exit needs to change to be better....and I am not talking a 1st place in the West better; that means nothing and ALL the players will agree with that....need to make a Cup run...that is all that matters to the Players, Coaches, Mgrs, and Owners........and Me.
  8. You crack me up one has ever said it is easy to win a's very hard I agree but that does not mean as fans we just get complacent not winning one in is pathetic to be out so early or not make the playoffs....and as far as working the last 5 years to get where we are today is my point! We are no closer to a Cup run than we were last year or even a couple years ago....if you think we are you are sadly mistaken and everyone "in the NHL know" has stated so. Old vets with large salaries who don't have it, young guys that showed promise during reg season but don't have it....we don't need and will not blow this up but we need to come as close as we can to doing so IMO...and with the exp draft, normal draft, and trading one or two of our better "younger guys who have not panned out" we can change the face of this team. All teams will take a hit this year so the league will be watered down a bit just becasue. IMO we need to A - build for a Cup run 3/4 years out; B - stay competitive to at least make the playoffs; C - take the pressure off the team and close the book on the dissappointing past 5-6 years as quickly as we can and move forward in a slightly diff direction that at least has a it stands with the current players we have little to no chance to make a Cup run. Chuck's plan has not worked is the bottom line.
  9. By Design...we had nothing to push back with....take away our speed...make us shoot from the one that can take over and snipe a few....not one player rose to the occasion, guys who carried the reg season were non existant...either they chose not too or they don't have that next level in them...changes have already started internally thank god...keep the changes coming IMO.
  10. There will be more than one gone...don't you think? I sure hope young wild filling some jerseys too hopefully
  11. Out hitting is one thing...actually making it hurt is another...we won't win the split decision on points when we are laying on the canvas out cold is my point. Changes are coming whether we want them or not..just the nature of everything on the table this year...and my guess is physicality will trump over speed with the changes that are made this go-around....but we'll see.
  12. It's 2017 now Bear.....better teams now have both size/toughness and skill....and BTW...we have never blown up the team....and Zucker does have brains but I would never put him on the level "smart wise" as Grandlund for cripe sakes....good player but a headcase. I agree...out with the old and in with the new......asap
  13. Bear.... did I say the D played bad? NO. Lots of guys had "career years" this year....happy for each one of them but it got us nowhere in the playoffs. I can almost guarantee they will make the move towards extra physical presence vs what you call "quality play"...only makes sense...if it is not fix it.
  14. Was not a good fit for the Dmen on the roster that were even close to his "in your face" style. The game has changed a little since his hay days but we need a better mix of both style and substance....right now all we have is style and that does not get you very far in the NHL,,,IMO we will see a much diff back end by the start of the season and hopefully a little diff front end with more substance there as well.
  15. Great game....Anderson was unreal..stopped 45 of 46 shots...if he has another night like that Sens could pull it off but I'm betting against them.