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  1. CM I agree...and Chicago seems to find those diamonds in the rough...not sure how their AHL team is or if they have more of these "sleepers" coming up from somewhere but I bet they are right back in the finals within a 2-3 years with or without Q. Another article that came in last night on Fletch/Wild You might have to Cut/Paste
  2. They talked today about the D inability to find shooting lanes....I like Reilly's ability to walk the blueline with the puck and shoot quickly...maybe he could help...but he is not physical by any means... BB stated he wants a big physical Dman for starters.
  3. Good stuff...the main diff between Chicago and Mn was the way the Bowman took ownwership of the problem and Fletch did as expected today and blamed a hot goaltender, danced around pointed questions...he did however admit we are in a tough position with the Cap and few draft choices but steered clear of ownership to that problem....did you listen in by was almost laughable
  4. I stated they are better than 3/4 yrs ago compared to point is the Wild are far from a top tier top 8 team when it counts come playoff playoff arguing what just happened. BB was very vocal in the Presser..."we need to get Bigger/Stronger" and Fletch missed that boat time and time again. Career Years are great personal I happy for Granlund, Staal, Nino...yes...but personal stats only gets you more personal $$, but if those stats don't translate into team goals they are all for naught....and every NHL Player will tell you that. They did exceed my reg season projection but their true colors showed losing in the first round so over all I was spot on IMO this team will be missing more than one of these "career year" guys by the start of the new season if BB has more say...and I am getting the feeling he will be getting more say on personel.
  5. Just stating the facts as they stand Bear. You listen or read at all what the national NHL analysts are saying/writing about the Wild's present/recent past/future? I've said before I love your postivity and I'm glad too that MN has an NHL team. Spin is required to hide the facts, spin is needed to turn what is not good and make it sound good, spin is needed to make it sound like you are doing your job well when in fact we are no closer than we were 3-4 years ago. Seriously....any chump could have improved the team from what it was when Fletch took and I could have done that. If you just look inside the box, wow we are much improved; but if you look outside the box and compare yourself to the rest of the league you realize we really have not climbed the ladder very much...16th, 15th, 14th, 13th, 12th, 11th, 10th in the NHL does not cut it for me...for you it does and thus our differences and our ability to argue/discuss this back and forth.
  6. CM..that is a big "if" and pretty much the story of the series...good puck possession, lots of shots, few goals...and they have to find guys that can score against the "Allen's" of the world going forward...we aren't going to be playing against trash tenders come any playoff time. Agree with your observation on the D zone coverage...way too much stick checking all over the ice by both forwards and Dmen...lack of putting body on opponents is either A - pure laziness or B - simply outmatched physically. This has to be addressed going foward. Quite frankly I cannot think of one player that stepped up in the playoffs and played above their reg season...not one. Haula seems to be a headcase...I don't think he is near as good as he thinks he is and tends to beat to his own drum IMO but we might be stuck with him. Ek will figure it out...playing in the World's now after playing in the Junior World's as well so he'll keep working on his game and be a good one soon IMO. Will be interesting to hear Fletch's spin on things when he assesses things publicly soon but my guess is it will be "the sky is not falling...blah blah blah" same dump every year. Sounds Like Leo is keeping him unfortunately...but he's made his own bed, now he has to sleep in it and there are not many GM's in the NHL that envy his postion IMO.
  7. excuses BB...the better team did win....4-1. Lucky for the Wild that Statsny was not playing from the start or it woukd have been a sweep. Love the fact that the national hockey gurus are ripping the Wild right now..and read local Souhans article pretty much what I've been saying. While Chicago is telling it like it is...the Wild are sending the wrong message...and Chicago has 3 cups in recent past....6 overall...pretty obvious which organization is trying to win the cup every year and which one is happy just "selling tickets".
  8. Isles will always be special to me but I never have been a Snow fan...he is a tool.
  9. You realize how long you've been saing this Bear??? Fletch has been the GM since 2009. Being 1 of 16 teams who make the playoffs is not that hard and it's not like we've gone deep under him either....let's come to reality here...we are down 3-1 in the first round to a team so far shows nothing but a decent long do you want this to continue under fletch?
  10. You are on to something Lung...I like this idea....changing of the guard so to speak...let the vets who really have not filled that role well IMO know...we appreciate what you've done but time to hand over the reigns...let the up and comers take control going forward.
  11. But is just not those 2 players (a mucker and a minutes guy) we spent quite a bit on a good supporting cast around them so not only was it the $200 Million but apparently the "fill-ins" have not been appropriate. Do you think Parise and Suter's best years are still ahead...I don't think so! It just chaps my a$$ to live with the fact that franchises like Carolina, Dallas, Anaheim, Tampa Bay, Colorado, Dallas, Edm, LA, etc have won Cups and we have not...and will not for the foreseeable future if we continue down this path IMO. Fletch's "plan" and idea of players is not getting it done...BB made mention right away he needed better players and I think getting Hanzal and White were just as much BB's doing as Fletch's, just too bad that was the only deal we could make with what we had to spend and what draft picks we had to give up and it is Fletch who has us in this position....not to mention the scapegoat firing of Yeo to save his own a$$. Every team only has so much $ and so many draft picks to work with to improve the team....our money is mostly already committed and our draft picks for the most part have been traded away...what a shame. I sure hope Kunin, Ek, Tuch will be playing next year...if they sign Hanzal/White and don't buy out Pom it would be a big mistake IMO
  12. Agree on the 4th line and in fact other than Allen it makes me wonder how the heck the Blues played so well down the stretch and even made the playoffs...they look absolutley horrid IMO....other than playing tough/tight...something smells funny with the Blues right now....or we really are as un-playoff capable as I think we are. We certainly should have them thinking..over-thinking hopefully....but I am still waiting for Tara to wake up and Statsny to get into the lineup just to see where the Blues really rank. Wild should have the mojo right now and momentum/confidence can carry you a long way...we shall see.
  13. Give the IA guys a chance...Fletch has been too quick to over pay for vets (many have not panned out) and at the same time stifle the young guys who are worthy of a shot, were worthy of a contract to begin with and are dying at a chance to show they can play just as good as the Poms of the world and don't cost near as much. We just seem to be stuck in between styles with a speed identity that in the end can't get it done....and without any game changers....I'd like to see them dump as much as they can....even though it was exciting at the time I now believe the Parise/Suter signing has not panned out...neither has been worth $100 million each. $200 Million could have bought us much better plus we started chasing the other pieces needed and Fletch started grasping at straws...making poor decisions...over spending on "has beens", giving up coveted draft choices; and we never really gave a chance for many of the IA guys to show they can play/improve and who are now understandably with bad contracts and w/o drafts choices we are boxed in IMO.
  14. I'm not saying it is far fetched....I am saying he is gone...bought out....for sure. It only makes sense.
  15. A wash with a younger player would be perfect....Pom is trash at best, weak on his skates, weak shot unless it is sitting on a tee, slow, no grit, etc etc etc etc....we have a half dozen or so players in IA right now who would be better....if he sees ice time in a Wild uniform next year I'd be so surprised..and so would he.