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  1. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    Wild playing very well in all facets of the game right to watch...Toronto is no slouch even without Matthews.
  2. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    It was a strange game...survived the opening barrage thanks to a cheapy...then it actually became a very boring game until the OT and SO...I win is a win and with new found confidence we just keep rolling along...have not heard what is going on with Dubs but Stalock is doing just fine.
  3. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    I'd be careful about extending these older guys at this point....extending Koivu was a mistake and if Staal proves out and he's worth it we can sign him we should have done with Koivu...but we've already been down that discussion. Agree on the 3 on 3 OT wins...we showed more aggressiveness, it paid off...and then it becomes a confidence factor which we certainly should have going forward. Big game tonight.
  4. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    Well they won the 2 out of 3...keep it rolling boys
  5. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    I think you said this same thing about a month ago so they are not gaining just staying the same....makes me wonder if "they are who I thought they were"...god rest his soul. There are only 3 teams in the West with fewer points than the Wild right now. At some point soon they need to go on a run to solidify their competence...there are not that many push overs in the league so for us the schedule does not get any easier.
  6. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    Very big win after being thrashed by them the previous week but make no mistake about it Dubs single handedly won that game and he'll have to stand on his head every night to give us a chance game in and game out in ther current state...not saying the light switch can't turn on and we start clicking on all cylinders upfront and on the back end but what happens if Dubs gets hurt? Got the Surf Board Swing this week...would be nice to win 2 out of the 3 to make up some ground
  7. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    Wild looked good last night...was impressed they fought back after being down 2-1...Dubs was hot...let's hope they can go on a run.
  8. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    Prosser pickup can't hurt no matter how bad of a player he is...we desparately need a right-handed Dman...he shoots right handed...or should I say carries his stick right-handed
  9. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    I agree NYI and LAK are in no better shape age you can see I'm not hiding anything but the argument was about the GM's not the ages. Last night was a $hitShow....Winnipeg was Bigger, Faster, Stronger and more highly skilled. I'll say it again I feel sorry for Boudreau and where has Fletch been? Totally quiet, no interviews, not taking any blame.We lost 9 guys becasue our backs are against the wall with no cap space. It is great being a Sub to The Atheletic cuz you get the twitter feed from both team's fans during the game...good stuff. On funny one was about the fastes he moved all night was when he skated over to a Ref quickly to point out that a fan was hit with a puck when it flew over the glass...IALTO
  10. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    LOL...I just listed the info from the this is from The Atheltic written by Dom Luszczyszyn (try pronouncing that one) Talk about've been saying "Next Year!" for almost a decade now....and don't you get tired of it? I will agree that there is a lot of the season left but not sure what can change cap room to bring guys up for any length of time or god forbid go out and sign someone. Maybe we will find "lightning in a bottle" and make a run in the playoffs...but I'd bet against it.
  11. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    Calgary one of the younger teams and having a good year so far, NYI has a solid lineup even minus Tavares and having a good year thus far, LAK are long in the teeth having an OK year with a couple good players out with injuries. Read an article not long ago titled "Which Teams are setup best for the Future" listing the all the teams by their Under 25 core...Wild are listed at 29 out of 31 teams. Calgary is 7th, NYI 25th, LAK one behind Wild at 30th. Top 5 are Oilers, BlueJackets, Panthers, Jets, Mapleleafs.
  12. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    Tampa Bay, Toronto, NJ, Columbus, NYI, St Louis, Winnipeg, Nashville, Vegas, LAK, Calgary, Edmonton...I know you only wanted one but ripping off a dozen was not too hard. I actually feel sorry for Boudreau trying to work with this mess Fletch has got us in to.
  13. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    Zucker is the new Parise in style, types of goals, speed, etc. Only 4 diff forwards have scored in the last 27 periods (9 games) and Koivu has only 4 goals and ended last yr with only 1 in his last 23 games...and got a hefty extension. We should obliterate the Sabres tonight, bad team playing even worse lately. The jury is still out on the Wild, very strange it lack of talent, lack of effort, poor coaching, or what? I still think Fletcher has us setup for failure and Boudreau is trying to make something out of nothing. Thoughts?
  14. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    Put opponent to sleep early...lull them into being over confident...then turn the switch on and totally surprise and overwhelm them...great game plan by BB
  15. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    They have played well last 2...maybe it is a sign of things to come..maybe not. Like you eluded to Hoppe Dubs has been hot and if that continues we will at least get one point even in a 0-0 regulation tie Problem is making up any ground, others have to faulter. Zucker's feat is unbelievable...good for him...well deserved...and just think he's making less than we are paying Vanek! Wonder if Chuck wishes he would have extended the 25yr old Zucker vs 34 yr old Koivu's rediculous $11M extension? IMO if we can stay healthy (and that is doubtful in the NHL) we can scratch & claw our way into the playoff hunt.