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  1. Waterfowl

    Delcecchi the goldeneyes, ringnecks, and swan pictures are from lake vadnais actually as well. First time checking it out this fall but it's already one of my favorites in the cities area.
  2. Waterfowl

    Was able to get out these last couple weeks a couple times to enjoy the waterfowl before most of them left for good. Surprisingly was able to find a couple sea ducks on back to back weekends. The harlequin was a first for me in MN and the Long Tail was the second of my life. Young long tail days before this lake froze over. Hen Harlequin below the St. Cloud darn couple weeks ago. American blackduck - may have some slight mallard mixed in with it as I noticed some green on its head from certain angles. widgeon picture I liked the colors with. This was taken early November.
  3. A few from Bowstring

    I have tried night time pics with my 18-55 without as good of luck. Don't have remote yet but used the delayed timer. Will have to keep trying and play around with settings.
  4. A few from Bowstring

    What lens you use for the night sky pictures? I really like them.
  5. Maplewood State Park

    Love the pictures. Also have fished beers lake in the past off the pier. Brother got a musky off the pier with a sucker minnow. I also had a decent sized one snap my line when reeling in a sunny.
  6. Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Unfortunatley the west has gotten stronger for a few teams competing with us. While I also believe we have a good chance at past first round playoff berth, I don't think it's a bust if we don't. Thunder, Houston, spurs, and golden state are all going to be very tough matches. I'm excited for it to officially start though!
  7. Hummingbird Migration

    From my understanding males migrate earlier then the females. I've only seen females the last week and a half.
  8. Hummingbird Migration

    Well I think these little guys will be gone in the next couple weeks pretty much. Went to a nearby flower garden and it is covered in hummingbirds right now as they migrate south. Never realized just how aggressive they are. They would stake out there own area of flowers and chase away any other hummingbirds, butterfly's, and bees that came close. Sorry for the excess of pictures. I just really like these little guys.
  9. was hoping to get the full moon along the horizon which should of been especially red due to all the forest fires west but wasn't available until it rose higher but still loved how they turned out. I got a tamron 150-600 lens a little over a month ago and have been really enjoying it. Also drove north of the cities a little and tried to photograph the Aurora for the first time. The Lights showed up but the clouds blocked the show.
  10. Eclipse Totality

    I was in Columbia and it was pretty cloudy as well and looked like it was going to rain. Luckily got a open area to come by during the totality and then kinda cleared up after that. If a friend didn't live in columbia I would have probably driven some place else because clouds were definitely in the forecast.
  11. Made it down to Missouri to visit a friend and witness the eclipse. Cool event overall. I had a tripod malfunction seconds before totality began so all of my shots were handheld at 600mm so I know they could be better. I still am happy with the results though.
  12. Kyrie - Hmmm

    There is no way I see us doing the three team trade and getting love. I've only seen that from one source and it just doesn't make sense for us. I have a feeling that wiggins will be a wolve this season. Adding kyrie doesn't make sense since we just acquired teague and can't deal him anywhere until december. I know people hate on wiggins for his defense but the dude is 22 and will develop in that area especially with butler with him during practices. I really like the core players we have right now and although it wouldn't be the worse thing to have kyrie on the team, I really want to see how this core can develop together.
  13. Hummingbirds

    Haven't mentioned it yet but I am a neighbor of yours across the alley, or at least my parents still are. I was there two weeks ago on break and put up the hummingbird feeder as well. I had one visit that morning and kept coming back. They are around, I guess I just got lucky.
  14. Your Three Best Photos

    Tweaked the lighting a little on this picture but like how it turned out either way. From camping around Grand Marais last summer. Had to take a quick a break from some great topwater smallmouth fishing to take this picture. From a summer and trip I will never forget to Alaska. Not the best clarity but a combination I hadn't seen before until this spring.
  15. Haven't posted for awhile but got a few pictures I'm happy with from the spring season so far. Mainly waterfowl and out of the kayak exploring the lakes in minneapolis a little. A lot more waterfowl than I was expecting and even saw my first long tail duck.