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  1. Monti Fleet Farm

    The Monticello Fleet Farm is now open for us guys on the NW side of the cities! Checked it out last night. They have a fair amount of Bass tackle. Guess another option to Cabelas for us Brick and Mortar guys. It was hard to really tell what Fleet Farm carried, since the BP store also seemed in disarray. At least for now the new store is pretty tidy and looks good.
  2. Long Lake-Park Rapids

    I haven't fished that lake, but have fished others in the area. Probably pretty clear water if it is like most. I would also guess more Pads and cabbage weeds, than the junk weeks like we have down here. Sometimes jig worms can be your friend on those lakes. Good luck.
  3. Gm 3.8 V6 Engines

    Thanks for the replies.
  4. Might be looking at getting a new/old(2000 yr and up) used car in the future here.The 3.8's are suppose to be great engines, yet I hear about the Gen II series having the upper intake gasket and Plenum issues? Is this a big deal or was it only on certain years. I see starting around 2004/2005 they made a Gen III that had an Aluminum upper Intake Plenum instead of the Plastic one that the Gen II had. Is the Gen III better or are they about the same, once the gasket issue is fixed. The cars I am looking at with this Engine are: Regals, Grand Prix's and Lacrosses. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Bass a Biting

    Glad you got into some fish Cret! I just had a pounder fest this weekend! Most Bass were around a pound or so. At least I was consistent. Wind was tough on Sat. Sunday wasn't bad after the storms.
  6. Off Season Deals

    The Rogers Cabelas has a bunch of Arashi crankbaits on sale for $2.99. Pretty good variey of the squarebill style. Also some Rapala DT Series and a few other styles for $2.99..
  7. Bass Photos

    Finally broke 5 this year with this nice North Country Bass caught on a zoom Lizard. Came in at 5-1. Wow, sorry for the up close look at the white knobby legs, just noticed that now!
  8. What's going on out there?

    I was up west of Walker this weekend. Pads are up some but not thick yet. Perfect for working the shores and getting those shallow bass. Fish seemed to be spawning or just finishing up. Swim jigs and t-rigged lizards worked. Different world up there compared to our junk weed filled lakes down here!
  9. Bass Photos

    What no pics of any Giants yet from the new season? Nothing big, but here's a few from the last couple weeks to try and get the pics rolling again! I'm sure someone has some real fish to post!
  10. What's going on out there?

    I have been out the last two days locally and haven't set the world on fire. Caught a few each day, but fish have been scattered. Lake is loaded with curly leaf mats this year, so that hasn't helped things. Once that starts dying and weather warms up, things should pick up.
  11. What's going on out there?

    I was out last night on a local lake and was surprised to see the water temp down to 57. Caught a couple cookie cutter fish, but not the big ones I was looking for. Fished a lot of weeds in the 6-9ft range, but not a lot going on there. The biggest one was still shallow in some reeds, so not sure if we are still in the spawn/post spawn stage. Whats everyone else seeing out there for a bite and fishing conditions. Big weekend coming up, Good luck!!
  12. How was opener

    Yes, you crossed over to the dark side and ended up in the Bass thread! Those other fish.
  13. How was opener

    New rule change that happened in 2015. Bass use to open 2 weeks after the regular eye opener. That meant u couldn't legally target them during that time. Now it opens the same time as the eye opener, so you can target them, but you must release them. Weighing them or a pic, shouldn't be a big deal. Just says catch and release in the regs.
  14. How was opener

    Went out with Juans group on opener to some local lakes. Had a decent morning, maybe 20+ fish or so. Swim Jigs and t-rigs worked. Biggest for the boat was about 4.3705lbs, I could only hit 3.1102lbs! Nice weather and fun times though. I tried another lake in the evening and caught about 30. Too bad the biggest one was maybe 13-14in. Most were smaller!! Saw bigger ones, but they wouldn't bite. Curlyleaf was really bad, think the big ones where buried in that stuff.