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  1. Ha ha. I think my workin it, maybe somewhat your walking it.
  2. I use them and they seem to work fine. I guess with the poppin version I don't really walk them, I just work them in the holes and around other Bassy looking cover. I don't work them real fast. My guess is you would probably want to use the standard style for walking them. Cret what versions did you test for walking, the standard styles or the poppin versions?
  3. Yeah, they are steeper. Last year Cabelas had a 25% off sale on them so I tried a few RTX's. I did have one where the weed guard fell out. I emailed them and they replaced it no problem. Glad they stand behind them. Now I got an extra head to use for paddle tails!!
  4. Thanks for the jig review. I use the AT Grassmaster jig more than the AT Rattlin jig. Guess I fish weeds more than rock. Maybe throw in an OutKast or the old Jungle Jig next time just for kicks!
  5. I did test these out over the weekend in my backyard pond. I really like the tail action. A lot more action than a Sweat Beaver. I suppose they are like the SK Rage bugs, but I never have tried those.
  6. I vowed not to buy anymore plastics as of a week ago, but I spotted these at Cabela's last night. The dark purple ones really caught my eye! So of course I grabbed a couple packs being they were on sale, 25% off all Zoom stuff. No more new plastics starting Monday!(I still want to grab one or two packs of the jr's this weekend.) Anyone use these much on t-rigs? Thought they might be a good change up with the d-bombs and pit bosses I also use. The tail looks like it will have good action, plus it has good ribbing.
  7. Yes, 50's felt nice yesterday. If the pads have some holes and gaps or when fishing other shallow weeds that are submerged a bit, then I usually throw a Zara spook for early morning top water action. For me I feel hook ups are better than a frog. Always fun to see one disappear in a big boil of water! Oh almost forgot, also have a senko on another rod ready in case they miss. Sometimes that will get them to bite again.
  8. I use those double hooks with the Horny toads also, but they always seem to land upside down. Any trick to get em to land up right. If you let them sink alittle, then they will turn over, but sometimes the cover is to thick for that .Maybe that is why you said you like them when the cover isn't so think.
  9. Booyah's, both types. I have had some of the poppin ones crack around the line tie though. Comes from catching lunkers on them I guess. There is a bit of a rush to frog fishing!
  10. Thanks. I have a Bomber 6a and a few DT-6's which I'm gonna try a bit more again this year. Gonna play around with a setup to try to cast those better.
  11. What crankbaits do you like for the 7-9ft range? Looking for something that casts/have action like a DT-10, but doesn't run quite as deep. I have some SK series 4, but they have the wider wobble which sometimes I don't want. The SK series 3's just don't cast that far, especially in a wind. Same with some others, they always seem to be smaller in this range. Thanks.
  12. Gander has two day special of spend $50, get $20 off. 17th and 18th. Just need the code from their page. Must be trying to get some sales going or clear stuff!
  13. I'm no expert but just my thoughts. BC 1. If you wanted to use braid for swim jigs, maybe stepping down to 30lb would be a little better. Not sure if you would even need a flouro leader then, unless water is ultra clear. Maybe could even use that for lipless cranks or chatterbaits too when fishing around thicker weeds. I use flouro or 15lb mono for that set up myself. 2. Here I think straight mono or flouro would work. No need for a flouro leader. I use flouro sometimes and mono other times. 12-15lb. 3. I agree I would go to MH on this rod. 15-20lb flouro would work. I use flouro mostly, but because I am cheap I have also used mono. This would also make a good t-rig set up for beavers, dbombs and such. I won't even comment on the spinning set ups. I just use 8lb flouro on my two setups since I don't use them much. Good luck.
  14. That's a heck of a deal! I see them at Cabelas for $149 now. They must be coming out with a new Curado this summer or sales are slow.
  15. Cabelas Spring Great Outdoors days starts today. A variety of lures 25% off such as Havocs/Powerbaits, Strikeking cranks and other stuff. 30% off of Cabelas rods. Bargain cave is also pretty full of baits too. There goes my pledge to not buy any more plastics this year!