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  1. There probably won't be any fish left in Morson next year. There were barely any left last week.
  2. Well maybe there are a few fish left in Morson after all. We just got back today having had great multispecies action and i didn't even get pics of the sauger, tullibee and rock bass. The good news is we had the best walleye bite we've ever had up there. Bad news is the travel conditions conditions are the worst we've ever seen with an average speed of 15 mph. Just when you think all your gear is 100% Lake of the Woods proof you find new ways to break stuff. Best walleye bite we found was on the reefs in 16-20'. It was crazy they would come in 2 or 3 at a time and hit the jigging rod and deadstick simultaneously. And did I mention all of these fish were caught on Kranz Jigs?
  3. On the off chance there are still a few fish left in Morson we will be up tomorrow through Sunday and primarily fishing Kranz Jigs. If anyone else is going up this week call or text me if you want to compare notes. 612-221-3475. Ask for Mulcher. FISH ON!
  4. There are no fish in Morson I would suggest Baudette or The Northwest Angle.
  5. Thanks for sharing your story! Good luck this year I hope you get a full fishing season in!
  6. Had the same thing happen 2 or 3 times to our vexilar units over the years. It's always been the transducer cord wire getting a crack in it. We have multiple units so it's been easy to diagnose just by swapping transducers. I would just buy a new transducer regardless it's never hurts to have a spare if that doesn't fix the problem.
  7. Don't tell me you have a heated enclosed cab as well? For what it's worth we did get a side by side through there 5 years ago so should be possible unless there are any deadfalls that haven't been cut back far enough.
  8. Another question to ask would be can you even get a side by side to Turtle portage? There is a decent amount of snow up there right now and the slush sounds like its worse than it was a week ago. Snow is always deeper in the woods and I am guessing you would bury that thing up the axles on turtle portage but that's just a guess.
  9. Fished Thursday Friday Saturday. Walleye action had its moments but it was tough to find a consistent bite. Best depth for walleye was around 20' with frozen shiners and fatheads, jigging raps and spoons. Its just flat out difficult to move around and search out the active biters when its that cold out. Crappies bit ok but we really had to work for them. Zero slush west of Morson. A few very small pockets between Morson and Nestor. We had a great group of guys that were able to tough it out in spite of the frigid temperatures!
  10. You might want to try a new auger blade. Just sayin.
  11. Atlantic salmon is Atlantic salmon whether its wild caught in the Atlantic ocean, Pacific ocean, Lake Huron, farm raised or grown in a bath tub. I do prefer my salmon to be wild caught of the Pacific variety from Lake Michigan.
  12. Fished last week Wednesday through Saturday like huntercj said the walleye bite seemed a bit slower but we still caught 200 per day for the 4 of us the 2 days we fished walleye all day. Here is my cousin's son who has never fished walleye before with a fat 24". Got some nice crappies at Hay but they were really finicky and far between. Fattest muskie any of us has ever seen on 6lb test and a buckshot out on the reefs.
  13. That crank caddie looks great for the boat but wont alleviate the scuffing and rubbing from bouncing across the frozen tundra. I have been averaging 6-700 miles per year on lotw and every lure I had would get trashed and look like it had been in a rock tumbler for a couple hours. So I have most of my ice tackle inside smaller fly fishing cases with the closed cell foam for sticking the hooks into and a sheet of softer open cell foam added in so that it squishes against all of the lures when I shut the case. The multi hook lures like lipless cranks need to have both trebles stuck into the closed cell foam so they don't stick to the open cell foam when opening the case. Now my lures that don't get destroyed by fish stay shiny and new and ready for action!
  14. Thanks Kris I tried this recipe last night and the family was delighted not only by the taste but the shape as well when it came out of the oven!
  15. I would say that 95% of the time you would have 0% chance of getting anywhere on wheelers in February. Even if they had no snow right now they probably would be by then. 6 inches of powder is one thing but it gets hard and crusty and can be impossible for a wheeler to get though especially when consider drifts that are 1 or 2 feet tall. Late March is more like wheeler time but I wouldn't take wheelers up any time of year without some trustworthy up to date local info. You'd hate to drive all the way up there just to get stuck 100 feet onto the lake....