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  1. So was I. When I say "my equipment" won't be freezing up when I am hole hopping with the aid of my toasty warm Otter cottage, part of my equipment that won't be freezing up would be the ez ducer...
  2. The bite was on last week. With 4 guys we caught over 700 fish in 3.5 days. And I don't care if anyone believes me or not. Actually 700 is probably a conservative estimate because we had to have averaged at least 50 fish per person per day and it was probably much more than that. Yes some of them were 10" saugers but there were many 16 to 20"+ walleye and the crappie size was the nicest I've seen in 4 years with no keepers under 12" and several 13-14" with 2 at 15.25". All of the pavement pounding and scouting this winter and last week really paid off on this trip! This is the most hardcore group of guys I fish with and they really know how to put the smackdown on these fish.
  3. Here is how the math works out on the 100 holes per day. First off, not every hole gets fished. Secondly, I am not just drilling holes for myself. When I am with my kids or an older person or fishing partners who don't understand where the holes need to located on a particular area I might drill all the holes for 4 people to hole hop. Thirdly, ice thickness plays a roll. I will drill many more holes in a day on 16" of ice than 30". I know this may be hard for some to understand but some people really truly actually will drill 100 holes in a day. I am a very crafty ice fisherman who has adapted to extreme cold weather by using a portable "flip over" shelter and propane heater to keep myself warm and my equipment from icing up. Yes, even when hole hopping. That's why they call it a portable. Haha.
  4. Sign me up for one of these! I prefer to think of myself as more practical than lazy. Even if its a slow day and you only catch 100 fish that dang cord is constantly getting the line wrapped around it and it drives me nuts. The other thing that drives me nuts is dealing with all the extra dangling cord when hole hopping or packing to move from 1 area to the next. Especially on 30" of ice all that extra cord has a mind of its own. It's not practical to drill 2 holes for every hole you fish when the ice is thick and you are already drilling 100+ holes in a day. Call me lazy if you want but this looks like a great solution for those of us who move around constantly and catch a lot of fish.
  5. Just got back from a quick couple days with the kids and they do know how to catch more and bigger fish than the old man! Ice is nice and thick but still a little bumpy and you definitely need scratchers or something with tires. Walleyes in the same old spots they have been all winter in 16-20'. Mostly used Kranz Jigs.
  6. Respectfully couldn't disagree more about a Polaris being any more or less sporty than a Skidoo. It all depends which models you are comparing head to head. The Titan Adventure is feature for feature almost a carbon copy of the Expedition LE that Skidoo has made for years. And the fact that the Titan has an 800 is a detriment IMO because its not the style of machine that will be typically ridden in a manner that will take advantage of the extra horsepower over a 600 and just reduces fuel economy unnecessarily. The Titan XC 155 and the Expedition Extreme 800 are pretty much the same thing and both are as "sporty" as each other.
  7. Glad to see Polaris getting with the times and giving us more utility sled options. Skidoo has been making basically the exact same thing for over 7 years already. Including a radiator.
  8. There probably won't be any fish left in Morson next year. There were barely any left last week.
  9. Well maybe there are a few fish left in Morson after all. We just got back today having had great multispecies action and i didn't even get pics of the sauger, tullibee and rock bass. The good news is we had the best walleye bite we've ever had up there. Bad news is the travel conditions conditions are the worst we've ever seen with an average speed of 15 mph. Just when you think all your gear is 100% Lake of the Woods proof you find new ways to break stuff. Best walleye bite we found was on the reefs in 16-20'. It was crazy they would come in 2 or 3 at a time and hit the jigging rod and deadstick simultaneously. And did I mention all of these fish were caught on Kranz Jigs?
  10. On the off chance there are still a few fish left in Morson we will be up tomorrow through Sunday and primarily fishing Kranz Jigs. If anyone else is going up this week call or text me if you want to compare notes. 612-221-3475. Ask for Mulcher. FISH ON!
  11. There are no fish in Morson I would suggest Baudette or The Northwest Angle.
  12. Thanks for sharing your story! Good luck this year I hope you get a full fishing season in!
  13. Had the same thing happen 2 or 3 times to our vexilar units over the years. It's always been the transducer cord wire getting a crack in it. We have multiple units so it's been easy to diagnose just by swapping transducers. I would just buy a new transducer regardless it's never hurts to have a spare if that doesn't fix the problem.
  14. Don't tell me you have a heated enclosed cab as well? For what it's worth we did get a side by side through there 5 years ago so should be possible unless there are any deadfalls that haven't been cut back far enough.
  15. Another question to ask would be can you even get a side by side to Turtle portage? There is a decent amount of snow up there right now and the slush sounds like its worse than it was a week ago. Snow is always deeper in the woods and I am guessing you would bury that thing up the axles on turtle portage but that's just a guess.