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  1. Frosty, I have the fanatic and the fanatic bibs and I love them. When it comes to gun season and late season I normally wear a base layer, fleece sweatshirt and then my fanatic. I am pretty hard on my gear and both the jacket and bibs have no tears in them. I did wear fanatic jacket last turkey season on opening day in the morning as well. overall if you have the money I would buy it! Yes other guys on here will argue will u can buy cheaper stuff and still kill deer but with Sitka gear you get quality, and great camo pattern. This could make u stick it out in the woods for an extra 20 minutes where u could harvest that late season deer!!
  2. I just bought a Comp N Choke. Going to give it a try through my 870 this year, if I don't have any luck the first 4 days
  3. Here is a picture of a nice rooster from our pheasant feeder!!! I did not set up the trail cam very well!!!
  4. Hey bob! If you need a good resort in that area or lakes that are good let me know. I use to guide up their. send me a pm
  5. Yea I will look into the HHA sights! Just to try something new.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I was looking at the IQ pro hunter. It is a three pin, two fixed and one that is adjustable. The other would be the 5 pin micro. i have thought about an HHA single pin but the sight makes me nervous to have in the rut. if ever I need to take a quick shot in an area I didn't expect a deer to come from
  7. Ok Hotspot Archery fanatics I have a question. I am thinking about getting a new bow sight.... I have been looking at the IQ bowsight what are your thoughts?? If you have one what are some benefits and drawbacks??? For you other guys what other sights should I be looking at???? Some info about my hunting style.... 1. I only hunt deer, turkey and bear with bow all in MN/WI. 2. longest shot I have ever taken is 32 yards. 3. I hunt mostly from the ground.
  8. May the odds forever be in your favor!
  9. My buddy found this today! Great day to be out! future booner!
  10. Another thing that might be underrated is turkey decoy movement! I will wraps fishing line around my strutter. So if I see a bird I will spin its half to full turn!!! If a bird has seen a lot of setups... and they are not moving they can hang up.
  11. I went in a gm this fall asked for a anterless tag and got an early antlerless tag. I caught the mistake went back in there and they accused me of saying the wrong tag and told me well you already bought we can't take it back!!! Well I got a manager and got my anterless tag!!! A bunch of people that have no clue what to do!!!
  12. I love to see the buck that was wearing this hardware
  13. Nice to know! I will be buying a new bow in August! I need to shoot all the top brands and make a choice.
  14. i think you have to put it over the limb and shimmy to the trunk by looping it through itself with the help of the pole. but your right scoot I am confused too. I normally attch my to the trunk.