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  1. Meat Sales

    .99 cent a pound pork butt At Hy-Vee through march 6th
  2. 2011 Toyota Tundra 5.7 common problems?

    Thanks for the info. I read up on the air pump. From what I can tell Toyota extended the warranty on model years thru 2010 to 10 years or 150,000 miles. Still read reports the problem exists in 2011 and 2012 which are not covered. There is a bypass kit that can be installed, reasonably priced, so maybe the problem isn't a deal breaker. I appreciate the response Jeremy!
  3. Found a Tundra for what looks like a decent price. 2011 double cab sr5 5.7l with 64,000 miles. With a little research I am finding what seems to be a lot of issues with the limp mode and cold weather starting. I read some posts from last year on this site and am wondering if anyone worked through the issues and is satisfied. I like the specs on the truck, towing, cargo capacity, and motor specs but am a bit nervous. Does anyone know if Toyota has resolved these issues? Should I steer clear? Thanks.
  4. Time for new catalytic converter again?

    Doesn't use any oil. I will have to check on warranty (very good idea, thanks). To update, I cleared the code a second time and it hasn't popped back up yet, after 450 miles of driving this week. May not be much to do until the code comes back? Thank you for the reply Jeremy.
  5. I have a 2001 Buick Century, 3100 motor, with 130,000 miles. Twice in the last week I have gotten a p0420 code, no other codes.. I poked around on line and it sounds like the most common cause is a bad catalytic converter. I replaced the catalytic converter at roughly 80,000 miles, about three years ago, with a Walker brand. Got the intake manifold gasket replaced at 65,000 miles. My question is, do I just put a new one in or is there anything else I should look at first? Thank you for any responses and Merry Christmas.
  6. polaris atv fluid change question

    Tranmission and rear axle are seperate units. I,ll take a closer look. It doesn't sound like adding a little extra will hurt anything. Thanx for the replies.
  7. polaris atv fluid change question

    I have a 2005 Polaris Sportsman 600 twin. I changed the transmission, front and rear differential fluids. When I filled each, the level was below the fill hole. I followed the owners manual on type and amount of fluid (15 oz transmission, 5 oz front and 5 oz rear differetial) Should the fluid be filled to the bottom of the fill hole? Thank you for any responses.
  8. 2001 buick century engine stumbling

    catalytic converter was bad
  9. 2001 buick century engine stumbling

    you are correct,3 coils. while engine cool i pressed brake firmly while in reverse and put the gas pedal to the floor, ran smooth. repeated when engine was at normal operating temp and still ran well. sprayed maf sensor with maf cleaner, removed egr valve and sprayed it with carb and choke cleaner. i have ran 2 tanks of gas thru with injector cleaner. no change after any of this. it seems there is a dead spot when accelerating, if i get heavy into the throttle it runs smooth, does'nt seem to depend on engine temp. i do have a scanner that give live data but i can't find anything telling me if a coil is bad. Thank you for the replies everyone's ideas are appreciated
  10. 2001 buick century 3100 motor 84,000 miles. Car hesitates on acceleration above 20 mph and motor stumbles/misses at cruising speed when heavy load is encountered (any hill) and shifts out of overdrive. Intake manifold was replaced at 58,000 miles. fuel and air filter, spark plugs and wires replaced at 80,000 with no change. check engine light not on, hooked up to scanner,no codes. throttle position sensor reads from 0%-100% smoothly while in "review data" on scanner. any ideas what could be wrong would be greatly appreciated.
  11. 4 cyl Ford engines

    i have a 1995 escort wagon 1.9 liter 225,000 miles. the body is falling apart but still running well