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  1. A little snowshoeing today and I came across some interesting tracks which have me baffled. Anyone got any guesses? 2” Fresh powder on top of 8” of slightly crusted snow. Feet go pretty deep. No nail or hoof drag. No print. This is in the south metro area. The side side to side swing, sway or swagger is a challenge. I can picture a Fox trotting with a rabbit in its mouth. What’s your guess!!??
  2. Devils Lake Help

    Sounds like a fantastic outing for you and your dad. My dad passed away a few years back, and I really wish I had put a Devils Lake trip together prior to our losing him. Enjoy your time together! I'm sure some of the HSO folks like picksbigwagon will gladly lend a hand/advice to make it a memorable experience for both of you! Wish I could join you up there but the dates don't work.
  3. Heading out to Zone 4 this coming weekend. What is everyone/anyone seeing for activity out there lately? I am hoping the tom's are still looking for love! Anyone been hunting the last week? Thanks.
  4. A great few days!

    Amazing!! Congrats!
  5. Team 6 - Team Gobblestein

    Nice bird! It's worth the effort, ain't it!! Congrats!
  6. Devils Lake First timer

    Anyone out over President's Day weekend? Care to share a current report? We are heading up Thursday.
  7. I'd like to blame winter and say it had a detrimental affect on the birds, but it could just be hunting pressure? Can't believe too many folks were hard at in the the crappy C season weather, but in two days of D season, I have heard exactly four gobbles so far. Normally where I hunt you have several birds in different areas pinpointed at sun down. I'm out right now and have not heard a single one. Might be going in blind in the morning.
  8. Coyote Attack

    Ironically after reading this thread last night, I had a little 'yote encounter of my own today. Had a bird coming in after lunch and all of a sudden all hell breaks loose! Lots of putting and chasing and then quiet. I call again and 10 minutes later the dog comes in at 50 MPH right at my decoy. When he was close and the "hen" didn't bust, he freaked out and bolted...10 yards in front of me. If I was ready, I would have cranked him...but what do you do with a spring coyote anyway. I put the little bit of excitement into the + column. Otherwise, a crappy day. Man, those gobblers are tight lipped this season!
  9. Winchester Long Beard XR

    Anyone had a chance to try these on paper yet? I just picked up a box of 3" #5. Can't wait to see what these do! Gonna run it through a .670XXF choke and see how it performs.
  10. Looking for boat storage - south metro

    Thanks. I will PM you. Any one else have any options? Thank you.
  11. Long shot, but here goes... I have lost my storage spot due to change in ownership. I need an enclosed, year round storage spot for my trailered boat. Pole barn with a dirt or gravel floor is ideal. 28ft x 12ft min. South or south east metro area preferred. If anyone has any thoughts or leads, please chime in. Thanks!
  12. turkey tips

    Scout your area so you know the topography.
  13. Venison Tenderloin

    I'm right there with ya! (Back strap, lowry's/two days in the fridge, 10 minutes on a hot grill) delich!!
  14. Northern Wi Rut report

    Any recent activity to report?
  15. Grouse anyone

    Yeah EELL. A ten year anniversary "present from my wife" a long time ago. (boy, was she surprised!) If you don't take it into the woods, ain't gonna get no birds. That gun is part of me now. Just love it. One small scratch in, let me see...13 years. And I'm a firm believer in going through, not around. Keeps me moving slowly so I don't rush past the tight holders.