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  1. I bought a new 5 hp 4 stroke so this doesn't get used anymore, $95, comes with original tank, according to the s/n on the motor it is a 1959 model, I've had it about 15 yrs, originally was white, painted olive drab to match my duck boat.
  2. I have a 5 year old English Cocker, very sweet lovable family dog and a great upland bird hunter. He has a very soft mouth (can retrieve a water balloon intact) and works very close. I haven't duck hunted much in recent years but he loves the water and was doing water retrieves since he was a pup. I wanted a med/smaller size dog, mine is about 35lbs (male). No regrets...
  3. 09 550 griz vs 450 griz

    I have an 05' Kodiak 450 (same as Grizzly). I am very happy with it, with diff-lock and hi-low range it can do anything. I put chains on it in the winter and can drag my heavy icehouse all over the lake. I've had a plow for a couple years and it handles that just fine as well summer & winter. The long part of my driveway is gravel, and I use the blade during the summer to grade/fill potholes. Very reliable, good all around machine, my only regret is not getting it in camo.
  4. Plow for 2008 yamaha grizzly 700

    I have a Kodiak 450, bought a plow from the Yamaha dealer a couple years ago, have a Warn 2500lb winch. I've really beat the snot out of it and it has held up well (no issues). If you plan on plowing on the ice you will need chains for sure too.
  5. lets see your dogs

    My English Cocker "Reggie".
  6. game farms

    Pheasant Ridge in Ogilve/Mora area, been going there for a few years. Don't need a membership, but those are reasonable if you do decide to go with one. Great people, good variety of cover. I trained my pup there last year, he is doing great on wild birds this year.
  7. My New ATV

    Your machine looks a lot like my black 05' Kodiak 450. So far mine has been bulletproof. Congrats, I'm sure you'll like it.
  8. anyone running an antique?

    I have a mid 50's 5.5hp Johnson twin, traded a small generator for it about 10 years ago. It sits on my Coleman Crawdad at my dock from ice out to ice up, never misses a beat, ugly and heavy for a 5.5hp but couldn't ask for a more reliable unit.
  9. Small hunting dogs

    After much research, I bought a english cocker from a breeder this spring. I wanted a the smallest decent hunting dog I could find. He's pretty much full grown now at 9 months/35lbs. He loves the water, was doing water retrieves as a pup, and gun trained him on upland birds this fall. He's been a good house dog and minds very well, great with kids and other pets. The only negative is his coat is fairly high maintenance, (took an hour after one trip grouse hunting to brush all the burrs out of him).
  10. Can I run a 12V trolling motor with 2 batteries???

    This is ok, as long as your batteries are fairly identical, and are of the same age. I would recommend a switch like Geeksquad21 suggested. I use a rotary switch that allows connection to #1, #2, both or off. I utilize one of these between my starting and trolling motor batteries, it allows me to charge my trolling motor battery from my outboard when I am on a long run etc.
  11. Pick Up Camper Questions

    You can get 24" hitch extensions at Fleet Farm for about $50. I use my pick-up camper quite often for ice fishing. Frost isn't a big issue unless you keep your furnace running on high all the time.