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  1. Pumpkin advice

    I plant pumpkin by Hackensack and it's pretty Sandy and try to get water to them if it's really dry, some years good some not so good. Fertilize and some composted manure helps.
  2. Lac Seul Reports

    We just got back today and fishing was pretty good, lots of fish over the slot 27.5 was the biggest. The fish were in 20 feet for the most part however we caught some in 8 feet as well but those were scattered. The fish in 20 feet were concentrated in small areas and the sand seemed to be the best. All of the short cuts are open from Hudson and the water is coming up.
  3. Lac Seul Reports

    Thanks for the update! We're headed to and staying in Sen bay this Friday normally we fish within 5 miles in all directions of the cabin.
  4. Lac Seul Reports

    . They struggled!!! He has been going up there every year for 20+ years and he said this was by far the worst fishing for their group. The size of fish was on the smaller side and he said the action was slow...hopefully you will have better success then they did but that is the report I have for ya. Good Luck!! Thanks for the report, we leave on the 24th hopefully things are improved by then. We've been going for 20+ years too and enjoy the trip but if the fish aren't cooperative that certainly takes some of the fun out of it. Good report, we go out of Hudson too, Lac Seul Floating Lodges, and go up to the Taylor Island area. The lower water levels is going to make a longer run without the shortcuts. I'll give a report when I return
  5. Lac Seul Reports

    Thanks for the report, we leave on the 24th hopefully things are improved by then. We've been going for 20+ years too and enjoy the trip but if the fish aren't cooperative that certainly takes some of the fun out of it.
  6. Ice Castle Blowing Fuses

    Good point on the warranty I missed the 2016 part, it be covered. I took my 2016 back in March and it was covered.
  7. Ice Castle Blowing Fuses

    You would have to disconnect the wires from it and either check it with an ohm meter or try new switch.
  8. Ice Castle Blowing Fuses

    Fuse size seems ok, and if it blows only when you try the switch it could be as Reb said the switch, or a bad fixture and possibly a broken or shorted bulb. Are there any lights on that circuit that aren't operated by the switch?
  9. Ice Castle Blowing Fuses

    Wisslin, what size fuse was in there and what have you replaced them with, are they LED, and is the fuse blowing without them turned on?
  10. Gmc Headscratcher

    I know the fuel pump used to be in the gas tank, I'm guessing they still are, is it possible that is malfunctioning in some way to keep pumping? Just a guess there's not much in that area with an electric motor. I have a 2012 extended cab with a 6.0 and haven't experienced anything similiar.
  11. English Setter allergies

    Knowsnothing, any improvements or updates? I went back to lamb and rice and things are slowly getting better. I am still using coconut oil as well. I contacted Setter Hills and she suggested the lamb, I had been feeding that earlier and switched to chicken. I hope I solved it without meds.
  12. I Lost my Buddy today

    Deepest sympathy BB, it sounds like Bud had a great life and you and you both were great companions. Hold on to the memories a good dog is very special. I regret the day I have to face it with mine.
  13. Fish breading

    Egg bath, and a combination of shore lunch, cracker crumbs, potatoe flakes and panko
  14. Blood Sausage

    Eyeguy, letme know if you have any questions. 15 lbs of boneless pork butts boiled in water until fully cooked, save the water and juces for mixing in to the ingredients (around 5 guarts) grind the cooked pork after its cooled. 50 ounces of quick oatmeal 8 cups of flour (5) quarts of the juice from boiling the pork butts (2) .9 ounce cans of ground cloves (2) .9 ounces can of ground allspice (4) tbsp of salt (5) tbsp of peppper Mix all the ingredients together in all large bowl or bin, after it is completely mixed, spoon it into well greased bread pans about 3/4 full and bake at 350 1 hour or until the edges are browned, remove from the bread pans before cool and place on drying or cooling racks. It is helpful to fry some before you bake it so you can make any seasoning adjustments according to taste.The salt and pepper should be adjusted to taste. After the loaves are cold slice off 3/8" or so thick pieces and fry both sides until browned. This goes very well with toast and eggs. This can obviously be adjusted down for smaller batches. I hope you like it not everyone does, it is and has been one of our family favorites for over 50 years. Good luck!
  15. Blood Sausage

    I would be glad to, give me a couple days when I'm back home I'll submit it.