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  1. Strikemaster with Nils Blade!!!!

    Ho to video coming soon! last time out on the lake we forget to bring it. Sorry guys. We will get a video up soon so everyone can have this amazing product.
  2. Strikemaster with Nils Blade!!!!

    Newest video. You can see the speed that the Solo engine has. Will put it up to the Nils anyday. Anyone in the metro have a nils so we can line them up?
  3. Reinstating a 5 year moratorium on wolf hunting

    There are too many wolves. Something needs to be done. When I go deer hunting and only see wolves there are too many. When I drive up 169 in tower and see wolves in the ditch there are too many. The deer count was down 125 deer . Alot of people say they didnt see much. So something needs to be done.
  4. waiting for the cx9 to get a diesel hopefully next year then the old lady is getting one. 42 mpg from a decent sized SUV. I wont complain.
  5. Ford EcoBoost Engines

    Intercooler on a 2013 is bad. They said it could be until June until part shows up. Her husband is deployed so she has been driving his truck. We will see what happens with it.
  6. Big Buddy Heater Question - Help!!

    Had a big buddy, keyword HAD. It never lit had the thing apart plenty of times. Wouldnt work with a 20lb on it. Took it back and returned it. Got a double burner sunflower and have had it for 5 years no problem and I use it for a lot of other things as well. I cant stand those things.
  7. Inheriting guns?

    Can I take up any of these offers for RingNecks?
  8. crow season

    They taste like KFC!!! stand on the wings and pull on the feet and it comes apart like a grouse! Then take the breast and your ready for EATING!
  9. Strikemaster with Nils Blade!!!!

    Using the Ice Gator Attachment with modifications. Ill make a video on how it all goes together and how it works what you have to do to modify it for it to work this weekend. Very nice CNC piece.
  10. Best Holster?? That is what I use for IWB carry and My wife doesnt know if I am carrying or not cause it is so conceled. LOVE IT and LIFETIME WARRANTY

    Delano Gun Club. Nice Place. Shoot Trap at Buffalo Gun Club. Shoot Pistols in the Winter At Burnsville Pistol Range. I never ever go To Bills. Over Priced and Gougers.
  12. Shotgun Sights

    Purchased The Mossberg M90A1 last week. I hate the sights (peep) They have a lot of options with having the rail on the gun. What would you guys recommend for sights for deer hunting. thanks Ryan Note from admin: Your post has been edited. Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.
  13. crow season

    Gives me something to do while ice fishing while the fly over head.
  14. Strikemaster with Nils Blade!!!!

    There will be some new videos after the weekend cause we have got too much time on our hands.
  15. Ford EcoBoost Engines

    Yeah but the intercoolers are on Back order from ford. No known date of when they will have more. I have a friend whos truck isnt driveable. So try to tell me there is only 4 of these issues. Dont think so ! Parts dont go on BACKORDER for nothing!