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  1. Dead fish being found along shores

    dead northerns on a local lake near zimmerman as well
  2. Water temps where you are.

    lakes in the elk river/zimmerman area were sitting at 85 last weekend
  3. Spotlight recommendations?

    Hail you flashlight king! (you like my garage logic reference? love that show!) Anyway, I'm in the market for a spotlight, and I'm looking for your thoughts on a good one to get. I don't really want to spend a ton of money as it wont probably get used very often so I'm thinking in the 30-50 dollar range... I'm not sure on a minimum of candlepower either or if I even need to be concerned about that... basically I'll use it for navigation at night on lakes I'm not familiar with where there might be buoys or other obstructions involved.
  4. Humane Handling of Fish Before Cleaning

    This is my take on the humane treatment of animals, fish, etc...I'm not some crazy tree hugging looney either...just want to disclaim that. I've traditionally done most of my fishing in the winter...and I'll even go so far as knocking the fish unconcious before I toss it on the ice. then the fish doesn't realize it's freezing to death. In the boat...again, prefer to knock it out. I'm 32 and I was raised where I was not even allowed to have a BB gun. reason being: bb guns dont generally kill they injure and maim - at least in the hands of an untrained youth. We were raised that if you were going to shoot something, you shoot to kill so the animal doesn't have to suffer. And if you kill it, you better be prepared to eat it because the animal isn't there to be wasted - it is a resource to be used and respected. unless of course it's a varmint or like a crow or something For me letting a fish to flop around on the ice or in the boat would would be the same unfortunate reality as a mortally wounded anything lying in pain waiting to die. Better to put the said live, organism out of it's misery so as not to suffer a long and painful death but rather a short, quick death. I think this is basic respect. the ONLY exception I make to this is baitfish. i never throw them back.
  5. Good pricing on marine grade 3/4" plywood?? NOT use standard treated if it will contact alumninum. Do yourself a favor and just get the marine grade...
  6. Good pricing on marine grade 3/4" plywood??

    the last sheet I bought was 2 years ago: best priced from a big Blue and grey national retail store in Rogers....and that was 5/8 and it was $60.
  7. Boat Insurance Question

    I have a 16' w/ a 25HP and it's covered on my homeowners policy. no extra policy needed.
  8. record for the smallest pike ever?

    So I was speed trolling the weed-line at about 3mph in and I get to the end of my route, put 'er in neutral, reel it in and get ready to go back the other direction. Low and behold this is what's on the line! Aggressive little guy! Pretty **Don't Tread on Me**
  9. We got a new toy at the sportsman show!!!

    very nice! congrats and enjoy
  10. Reel repair/cleaning

    nevermind...just answered my own question
  11. Reel repair/cleaning

    sorry...but where is the musky expo next weekend?
  12. boat insurance

    It depends too on what type of boat you have. For instance, I have a simple 16' Lund w/ a 25HP motor. It is actually covered (they only provide liability) under my homeowners insurance policy. Originally, they (Ameririse Auto Home) told me to go to progressive but after calling back I found out that my homeowners ins covers liability only. I figure that's all I really need for my boat.
  13. How well do the suction cup transducer mounts work?

    so I'm maybe having a bit of buyers remorse, but we'll see how it works. I ordered a suction cup mount for my boat. Its a '76 Lund 16' Deep V w/ an '02 Johnson 25hp. I guess I'll see how it works. If I don't like it, I'll spring for the more costly upgrade to the sully. Just not crazy w/ the idea of drilling holes in my boat
  14. How well do the suction cup transducer mounts work?

    what would be a better way to mount the ducer to my boat. its an older 16' Lund deep V and I just dont want to create any leak issues....