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  1. Sea Legs and a canopy system or a lift?

    You will drop performance I've heard anywhere from 2 to 4 mph because of the added weight and the drag they produce. If you have a full boat of people and you're trying to pull a kid on a tube, that's when you'll get dinged because of having the extra weight already on the boat plus the people and the lower ride. I don't think we would do it with just the playpen cover, just because of the added effort and the situations of not using it because it's a pain to take it off and put it back on, even with the newer clip system vs button snaps.
  2. Located in/near Fargo, ND Marcum LX5 with a brand new transducer a few weeks ago (dual beam) and a new 9ah battery at the beginning of the season. Willing to ship but I'll also be up at Devils Lake Feb 3rd and in Detroit Lakes for the tournament Feb 11th. Willing to ship. $350 obo
  3. We just purchased a lake place this fall and we have a pontoon. The lake we're on is a small 450 acre lake with nice gradual sloping hard pack sand bottom at the shore. The lake we're on connects into Kabekona Bay of Leech Lake. We're trying to decide if it would be better to get a set of sea legs for the pontoon and get a canopy system (basically a lift and canopy minus the lifting part) that screws into the lake bottom or if we should just not do the sea legs and get a lift. We're not super familiar with the different bodies of water that make up Leech Lake so we're undecided if sea legs are worth the use outside of easy docking at home or neighbors or taking trips to dock in Walker. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  4. Ais sniffing dogs

    Just as much as their stickers on boats are enforcement. They're kind of not, however it does show that the transporter/owner of the boat/dock/lift are aware of the needs to look and be capable of making the judgement on whether or not the object should be dried out or treated before going into the next body of water. Is it a perfect world, definitely not, but we seen this summer be one of the largest increases in one year of lakes found to have invasive species.
  5. Ais sniffing dogs

    Actually I believe they were saying that the next level of enforcement was to also use those stickers on boat lifts as well as docks or rafts.
  6. Ais sniffing dogs

    There are guidelines as to moving lifts to different lakes without the proper amount of time out of the water.
  7. Ais sniffing dogs

    I think the real purpose here is to make the detection more possible and then for further visual verification by the CO. With the infestation that is taking place in our lakes this year alone, just 2 more identified this week, I say why not.
  8. What is a good firearm cleaning kit?

    Stop using WD40. That stuff attracts dirt and dust. There's be a lot of advancement in the tighter clearances in firearms these days along with how to better maintain your weapons.
  9. What is a good firearm cleaning kit?

    Boresnake and Breakfree CLP for your cleaner and lubricant. Don't use Remoil or Hoppes stuff that isn't synthetic. Breakfree CLP is my go to for cleaning and lubing. Have a small can in the pickup for any out in the field lube needs. Typically it's for buddies that have been using Remoil and their autos are gumming up on cold or dusty dirty days afield.
  10. Have a brand new in box and plastic Weatherby SA-08 Upland in 20ga. The MSRP is $800 They go for about $640 on Gun Broker. It's yours for $500. Located in Fargo.
  11. The Agassiz 4 Curls chapter of the Fargo area is hosting our annual banquet on Saturday April 18th. The banquet will be located at the West Fargo Red River Valley Fairgrounds in the Hartl Ag building. There will be $10 bottomless beers, full cash bar, multiple large package raffles, kids and women's specific raffles all encompassing 10 guns as well as an additional 20 gun raffle. This year we also have an awesome group of live auctioneers who are going to light up the place! It'll be worth it to come and just watch the show! Funds raised at our local chapter event have largely gone towards our annual youth hunt as well as multiple college scholarships. Come out and support Delta Waterfowl and the local chapter! Doors open at 5pm!
  12. Lab/golden retriever breeder

    These guys are breeding some pretty nice dogs these days. Health clearances, proven skill through hunt tests and field trails and I think they just had a couple pups come available out of a recent [note from admin: please read forum rules before posting again]
  13. anyone know of good choc Lab breeder

    Check out http://www.[note from admin: please read forum rules before posting again]com/ and Troy Tilleras. They produce excellent dogs with clearances with the person like you in mind. Hunting and family dogs with the pedigree to back it up and be easy to train and live with.