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  1. Looking at possibly going to all nanofil on the rods this year. Anyone have experience with this stuff on tighter spools and whether or not they get a lot of memory on the line?
  2. I sat through a Jason Mitchell seminar about trolling tactics this winter and here are my notes. Use way points of one fishing tactic to compliment another presentation. Live bait and cranks to cover ground, then go back and jig on those schools. Also shallow water presentation of pitching cranks/spinners. Maximize time on the water. If you know an area isn't holding fish, don't troll to the next location you want to hit, fire up the main and get moving! Tune lures. Boat side test faster than normally fished and they'll show how they're not tuned to swim correctly. Adjust the eye to make the lure swim symmetrical. Read water. Watch seams. Foam, current shift, debris line, current. Fish face into current. Troll into the wind or cross wind not with the wind. When marking fish, sometimes it's too good to be true. High quantity of marks is usually rough fish. Walleye don't school stacked on top of each other. Occasional marks off the bottom are feeding walleyes. Stop and fish them. Hot summer weather you'll see walleye on structure up shallow aren't feeding they're digesting because the water's warmer. They'll drift into deeper colder water off of their digesting locations to chase suspended smelt and other bait fish. Typically If you can't see your prop, move to cleaner water. Especially after long times of high winds. On very clear lakes, find slightly stained water. Lead core. Flat sunny weather with a big turn with the boat causes bites on mud flats. The baits slow down when making slow turns as the lead core takes longer to catch back up to boat speed due to the line dragging through the water (high diameter). Lead core is speed dependent. Faster makes them run shallower. Stalling the boat will make the lead core sink as you come over humps or rocks or breaks. Run small baits deep. Snap weights. Heavy 4 to 8 Oz. Boat speed and direction changes aren't subtle in the bait. 7 to 8 ft in front of the lure. Again, allows you to run smaller baits for finicky bites. Swap small hooks off small cranks for bigger hooks. Bigger hook out back Dive curve. Top of dive curve, slower or less line out, baits are nose down compared to deepest dive depth they run flatter. If fish are shallow run a deep diver on really short line because it's nose down. Test the fish. Vertical vs horizontal profile.
  3. Atv Tracks

    You'll still only be able to go so fast with tracks whether you're turning 2 or 4. Sure might add a little speed with just 2, but any incline or terrain, having only rear tracks is just going to get you stuck.
  4. Atv Tracks

    For a small amount more get 4 tracks. The ski process is kind of silly I think.
  5. Sea Legs and a canopy system or a lift?

    You will drop performance I've heard anywhere from 2 to 4 mph because of the added weight and the drag they produce. If you have a full boat of people and you're trying to pull a kid on a tube, that's when you'll get dinged because of having the extra weight already on the boat plus the people and the lower ride. I don't think we would do it with just the playpen cover, just because of the added effort and the situations of not using it because it's a pain to take it off and put it back on, even with the newer clip system vs button snaps.
  6. Atv Tracks

    Look into Mattracks as well. Their designs are far better for driver to track contact.
  7. Located in/near Fargo, ND Marcum LX5 with a brand new transducer a few weeks ago (dual beam) and a new 9ah battery at the beginning of the season. Willing to ship but I'll also be up at Devils Lake Feb 3rd and in Detroit Lakes for the tournament Feb 11th. Willing to ship. $350 obo
  8. We just purchased a lake place this fall and we have a pontoon. The lake we're on is a small 450 acre lake with nice gradual sloping hard pack sand bottom at the shore. The lake we're on connects into Kabekona Bay of Leech Lake. We're trying to decide if it would be better to get a set of sea legs for the pontoon and get a canopy system (basically a lift and canopy minus the lifting part) that screws into the lake bottom or if we should just not do the sea legs and get a lift. We're not super familiar with the different bodies of water that make up Leech Lake so we're undecided if sea legs are worth the use outside of easy docking at home or neighbors or taking trips to dock in Walker. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  9. Drop down tandem toy hauler

    Team Lodge Extreme is a brand that makes what you're looking for and has for a few years now. I think Big Bite also builds one with that functionality and purpose in mind as well. Both are very nice houses.
  10. How close???

    The regulations stand, if you don't like them, lobby the DNR to change them. The distance is more of a concern these days with the use of GPS and lake maps there is less of a situation of finding structure because you now know where that structure exists. Be cordial to each other and quit crying. If they're within the regulations, you have nothing to complain about. If they're being noisy and you like being a quiet person, well, there's no regulations for that so basically you'll need to move if you don't like it.
  11. 2017 Fish House Build

    Good to hear it was successful. Remind me, is the heating for that electric or is that propane in the hot water heater? I'd be curious as to the amount of propane used. Also, when you picked up the house after sitting at least overnight, was the frame ever warmed enough to make imprints from melting the ice under it? Thinking thermal transfer into the flooring and frame.
  12. Anyone with a Garmin Echomap unit in their boats give it a try in the winter? Looking at unit to use in both the boat and in the winter for the GPS along with the sonar. I've been looking at the 73sv CHIRP model.
  13. Ice fishing trip destination with Sleepers

    I'd drive the extra bit up to Lake of the Woods for a sleeper stay. Netting rates this fall were excellent for walleyes and the big jumbo perch are on the rise up there as well. With the Sauger opportunity, you can catch quite a few more fish than on Red. We always stay in the sleepers at Arnesens as we've found them to be the most comfortable for layout and cleanliness.
  14. Any new gadgets at the Ice Show?

    There was a couple guys that were launching a new jig box that instead of foam it had rubber for the hook placement in the box and a magnetic closure. Picked one up for $10 and it looks to be pretty nice and a nice design. Also up on the 2nd floor there were 3 guys selling Geniejar. A mobile minnow/bait jar that had a float and basket inside it so it raised the bait out of the water and also could be used to strain and refill the jar. Pretty trick I though, well thought out design.