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  1. Is this not just a IceCastle house&s=Year&d=D&fr=xallinventory i believe ice castle parent company is American Surplus out of Montivedo
  2. Bken that is the 5/16" you won't find that stuff on the list Bken that is the 5/16" you won't find that stuff on the list
  3. New expedition extreme 800 is over 14000 msrp
  4. Wow that expedition extreme does look good funny never heard about it before
  5. Yay but both the skidoo and bearcat are not as sporty as the Polaris and are much more utility than anything else.
  6. I think it will appeal to the guy that wants to icefish (tows 1200# has hi/low range) and still ride a little trail or off trail that's just MSRP only thing you pay that on is Woman and Booze !
  7. 20"x155"X1.8 track with high low range and can tow 1200# I bet there's a lot of these sold
  8. Also check out discount ramps dot com
  9. Grand lodge fish houses have been using advantec for the last 12 years with no coatings on the bottom probably just use treated since it is easier to find anyhow thanks for the info
  10. It's used in most enclosed trailers now but being uncovered would be my concern, treated won't react with the aluminum in a negative way ?
  11. Need to redeck a floe trailer 8.5x10 v front
  12. these are the ones I have used
  13. Berkley makes a nice ceiling mount one that has cams on one end so your tips don't fall out of them when traveling I have them in my topper too
  14. From what I've read regular drill 1/2" chuck brushless is best and at least 4.0 amp batteries and low speed
  15. Do you have any information on your roof interested in how u did it