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  1. HandGunner

    Minnetonka carp

    Oh I just figured Tonka because I've caught a 15 pound carp their and see them swimming. Then as my rods in a holder I can then teach my girl and go for sun fish. Simple, fun, no current. Fish for the both of us.
  2. HandGunner

    Minnetonka carp

    Looking to take my girl out fishing for the first time. I'm not much of a sport Fisher anymore. Any places in Minnetonka that hold the most carp? Plan to toss out a line with corn and just set it to the side while I teach my girl. Access friendly, no Rocky edges and hard to access areas. I'm thinking the bike path down to the bridge over at browns bay could hold a lot of carp since it's mostly cat tails. Plus the bridge has nice flat rocks that we can get down on easily with room and space to have a nice set up for a few hours to fish.
  3. HandGunner

    Open water in the winter

    Lakes freeze in the winter and I'm not an ice fisherman. I know people will fish the Mississippi in Monticello by the power plant. I never been their but are their other places I can open water fish in winter? Only targeting carp and cats, certain areas of river that don't freeze. I'm in the north metro area like Anoka. Maybe Coon rapids Dam? On a nice winter day it be nice to toss a line out with some corn sit back and relax. Bring a small propane stove whip up something to eat and a hot beverage on the bank. I need to get out and fish again, use to fish bass a lot but fell in love with cats and carp. Just had a fishing itch now that hunting is done, plus have not fish in a year.
  4. HandGunner

    Outdoor run and gun

    Is it possible for me to come and just watch and observe? Be nice to see it all up close and then go back home with an idea of what I want to get started.
  5. HandGunner

    Outdoor run and gun

    I guess another fear is not having enough mags and ammo to run a match. What happens when you are out of mags in the middle of a run? Do you go and only do one run or do you sign up for multiple runs? Pay to get in? Cost? How manny rounds should I expect to need?
  6. HandGunner

    Outdoor run and gun

    I wouldn't mind becoming a member to have access to the range. Thanks for the info, everyone tells me to go and shoot a uspsa idpa match and they have all levels of people shooting from very fresh new gun enthusiast to some real good shooters. But its a little intimidating would not want to accidentally break a rule do something wrong and get disqualified.
  7. Anyone know a range I can get access to that allows drawing running and shooting? Cant do anymore stand shoot stand shoot stand shoot its too bleh. Would like to try some real world scenarios and actually learn to shoot a gun in certain positions and situations not just target paper stand shoot.
  8. Uh oh we are 348 lol oh well take the drive to the station we always register our deer make a few phone calls while we have signal, use a toilet lol
  9. We hunt in the 300 zones we always register our deer at the stations plus the dnr researchers ars always their now too always fun getting free patches for helping out with the research and studies they need from our deer. This year we plan to call in and register our deer then butcher them at camp in the woods. This way we wont offend anyone passing by the apartment garage we dont have a house garage to do this at anymore. I understand we cant leave any pieces of deer behind and we dont intend to, just cut up the meat and pack up the waste to toss properly at home. My question is in the 300 zones is this legal? I ask because the 300 zones usualy have the dnr researching wanting to see the deer for studies. Also we are hunting a week straight what if we get one saturday, and need to keep it fresh until we head home in the past we only hunted saturday and sunday. Would dry ice in the stomach keep the deer fresh until we butcher them and head home? Would coverin up the deer with a tarp help keep them cool and fresh too? How long would dry ice last? thanks in advance
  10. HandGunner

    rope for hauling deer

    Dead fallen tree down about 150 yards down the road dad tied it to the dead tree over hangin the road. Got the ok started the winch once stretch tightened up heard a huge loud crack broke off a chunck of log about 200 pounds. Uncle was surfing the log on our trial run before leavin after scouting. Took about 15 minutes to make it all the way back to were we set up the winch. Easy to feed line through no gloves needed when log was stuck and hung up on rocks you can see and feel the tension build up let off let the rope relax a bit and try again. I knew the winch was slick but not this slick take it easy feed the rope no more sweating bucketz will be even smoother when pulling the cart on wheels. Was in a rush to try it forgot to video it on my tablet. Thanks for suggesting the 7/16 rope really held up to the task
  11. HandGunner

    rope for hauling deer

    I know things can go wrong but I also know things are possible this is more of a disbelief someones plan can work. I remember back in 2011 and these ar15 223 pistols were coming out. I had the idea to build a ar15 pistol in 50 beauwolf. Then also to build a ar10 308 pistol. All the shops all the internet forums laughed at my idea and was told tht it will never work i was the stupid fairytale guy my ideas are stupid... well a year later a guy on youtube built a ar15 50 beauwof and showed it off then another guy built an ar10 pistol in 308 then we found the first manufactured ar10 308 pistol and can actualy buy it all made and put together besides having to build it. I had my ah ha moments.
  12. HandGunner

    rope for hauling deer

    Got the rope. Tested it on riding lawnmower with all 4 flat tires about 400-500 pounds plus me sitting on it. Whinch has no problem pulling it once slack is picked up it will keep pulling. Rope held up has some stretch its a braided rope not twisted. Either you guys are the incredible hulk or havnt had to haul deer up steep hills and valleys 100 plus yards up and its not just one up hill haul its 2 to 3 depending the way we decide to go. We have done one in a cart 2 in a cart 3 in a cart and one year we hog tied a deer to a tree and hauled him that way. Each year we consistantly have gotten 2 before the apr regs we were bagging 3 to 4 every year if we stayed longer than just a weekend we would have bagged up to 6 but were fine at just 3. Its not easy as some whant it to be or would imagine it to be. Even just hiking one bad footing and your tumbling all the way down. If it was as easy as some are saying it is these 8 plus people groups wouldnt be ridin atv on their own land or riding them illigaly on the public land to get their deer. In reality its too hard for anyone to doit by hand anymore. One area my dad use to hunt was a mile walk them near 200 yards up the dang valley just to reach the place. Lets just say over a few years back then everyone called it quits to this day it was over 10 years since the place been visited and we stopped by a month ago and lets just say its dead over their. No one walks those woods anymore no sign of human foot print but the place is like deer heaven.
  13. HandGunner

    rope for hauling deer

    We been hauling deer by hand one or 2 in the cart 3 man team its not as easy as you think. No smooth roads or close to smooth roads or paths and everything is mostly 45 degree and steeper. We are the only ppl who had been haulin deer by hand we are the only muscle guys the rest are bigger groups and still either landowners have atv use or ppl rather risk the ticket and drive in illigaly at night to recover game some just quit hunting already. Theirs only 2 turns on this road. It will work for sure deffenatley will video it for you guys the only main thin that was the issue was the rope i think we will go with the 7/16 to be safe thanks for the input guys hope we bag and fill our tags 3 guys 3 deer hope you all bag em too!
  14. HandGunner

    rope for hauling deer

    The winch can only be fed one rope cant double up. Its rated to be maxed with 1/2" rope and yeap will have to be sure when guiding the deer im on the talkie letting him know to keep going or stop. Sure wish the 7/16 rope came as 300 yards its only 250 yards not for certain how long the road is but it is close to 250 300 yards.
  15. HandGunner

    rope for hauling deer

    So to answer my question does 2,xxx tensile strength actualy can lift 2,xxx pounds of weight? Or does it actualy only able to lift like 500 pounds before breaking? did the videos help understand our plan better? Lol