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  1. Apeldoorns Sunset Bay Resort on Lake Mille Lacs
  2. We kind of use the same thing. A 10' wide by 32' long, 2 inch thick piece of manufactured plywood that serves the same purpose.
  3. A piece of ice separated with a few folks on it. Jerry Brandt's son was one of them. Rescuers are out there. The floating ice floated back and attached itself to the bigger ice. Everyone got off of the floater. Everyone is okay but there is still an ambulance and lots of folks at Brandt's landing -- info courtesy Judi Deziel, local resident near site...
  4. I will say it again...Empire all the way.
  5. Barb, Drag that baby down here and in a couple of hours she'll be done.
  6. Always go with more BTU's. There is nothing worse than not having enough heat, plus any heater not running full blast will always run much more efficient and use less propane.
  8. Last minute getaway - Cabin #16 still available for this weekend. The bite has been awesome. Tell us you saw it on HSO and receive a discounted rate of $90 a night.
  9. Actually Dtro is isn't about Walleye's at all. It is about a huge amount of money. They are looking to get it expanded to cover not only fishing and hunting rights but mineral rights, timber rights and a few other things.
  10. E-mail me a picture. If it's the one that I think it is, I have one.
  11. We started the remodel on your New Years Digs. 4 twin sized bunks, oven and range, microwave, Catch covers, LED Hole lighting, LCD monitor with DVD Player and ceiling fan. All powered by a reliable Honda Generator.
  12. German Shepherd Female approx 1 1/2 years old. Very obedient, friendly and well mannered. Judging by her condition she has been lost for a while. No tags on collar but was wearing a choke collar. Have not had a chance to see if she is chipped or not.
  13. Keith, We can certainly point out a few starting points for you. If you are planning on spending the night please give us a shout so that we can set up a reservation for you. Matt, Sunday is looking like a nice day to be sitting on a bucket
  14. Picks, Come on up for the day we will fish you As for the event I canceled it due to a lack of interest/commitments.
  15. Matt and Frank, hope you guys can make it. Harv - Why would you want to catch one of those stinky, ugly, bottom feeding $%^&^*, when you can nail some big Perch BC - Glad you can make it.