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  1. FLx 28 or Marcum Lx6 or 7

    id rather fall through the ice and listen to tom yammer on and and on in his defensive videos. i've got extensive hours with the proview. no thanks. tying cone angle to the sensitivity knob is one fo the dumbest designs i've seen. it has application sure, but its limited
  2. FLx 28 or Marcum Lx6 or 7

    i like the lx6 and 7 but for me the lx5 or now the M5 is the unit of choice for me. i think the flx28 is a great unit iwth the tribeam. i think the proview is the worst transducer i've ever used. i get the concept but my buddy has a the S-cable on his 28 to get it to work right. but my pick is the M5
  3. Inline reel reviews

    eagle claw and frabill's were by far the worse, the cgi's and the freefalls are ok but nowhere near the smoothness of spinning reels.
  4. Inline reel reviews

    there are times where they worked, but i've certainly lost fish for what i attribute to not very good drag systems in these inlines. back to spinning reels and its far less. user error? possible but i doubt it. i'm not the only one who's complained about this.
  5. Have Ion-Want k Drill

    i fished with a guy in MN who had the ion and i have a kdrill/milwaukee (tbar only no plate) set up. by the end of the trip he was using my drill more than his. it was faster and lighter. everyone talking about more ice in the hole, i don't know what they are talking about. we've used jiffy/strikemaster chipper and straight blades and i don't notice the kdrill leaves much more ice in the hole than any other product.
  6. Inline reel reviews

    I've used them all. last year was my first year back to spinning reels and i couldnt' be happier. i started with okuma fly reels, clam spoolers, eagle claws, black betty's, 6061's, cgi's, and last year i played with a freefall for about 2 days. the freefall was definitely the best of the bunch but at 100+ a clip it better be. that said, it wasn't THAT much better. i still have to peel off line with small tungsten in deeper water, and the drag was still a dog. all of them, the drags (the ones that had drag) were generally subpar, and most of them you had to strip line off. all i have left is a eagle claw. Its one 1 springbobber rod that is a JIC rod. an i'll only use it in shallow water if i had to. the most fun reel to use of all of them was the okuma. using your palm as a drag, 1:1 retrieve fighting big bull gills in shallow water was really really fun. the main argument for these is lure spin. however, over the past 5 years or so i'd been using inlines, my fishing partner stuck with spinning and rarely did we every outfish each other in some amazingly difficult fishing conditions. So while i'm sure lure spin is an issue on occasions, its not enough occasion for me to deal with all the other headaches of inline reels you have to deal with.
  7. no reason to stop using them. i find in the winter around here on the river that they'll still hit worms. i think though mostly, in the summer, walleye will eat whatever they can eat. in the fall, the baitfish run happens and they know where to get an easy meal and thats their target.
  8. Saturday MorningFishing Shows

    lol at whining about them being infomercials. WE DEMAND THESE GUYS MAKE US INFORMATIVE SHOWS AT NO COST TO US OUT OF THE GOODNESS OF THEIR HEART FOR NO COMPENSATION!! that being said, some due it way better than others. some shows are facilitators for guides to show off a fishery, and some shows the hosts actually know what they are doing and show you how to find fish.
  9. Noodle rod under $50

    yeah i really like it for larger baits. the small eyes make it tough to fish outside though.
  10. 13 Fishing Black Betty Freefall

    no. the one that i used for a few days gave me all the same headaches all the other inlines did. i only used it on sunfish so the little tungsten jigs did not activate the "free fall" function of the reel. still had to pull off by hand. and their drag isn't any better.
  11. Noodle rod under $50

    i have 2 snitches but they are really only good if you are using heavier baits. small tungsten jigs, they are not anywhere near as sensitive as a custom noodle. I've used quicktips and the 13fishing and they are a bit better but still not as sensitive. they are just as good as my HT ice blue and Shakespear noodle rods quite frankly so i sold them. i use 2 custom noodles because they are just a smidge better but the snitches are definitely in my arsenal.
  12. find a reputable captain. there are tons of boats that will take you out for a 100 bucks and just troll around catching you all the king macks and bonito's you can handle. throw in a mahimahi and a cuda possibly. they generally us squid baits tied 50' back from a diver. which means that you fight the fish until its 50' away and then they bring it in by hand the rest of the way. its a tourist trap. around ft meyers i would stick to inshore fishing guides. tarpon/snook/redfish is where its at.
  13. Jigging Rapallas

    theres only one issue they don't tell you about with these. unless you are fishing sand or mud, be prepared to lose A LOT of them. we watched all these pros clobber walleyes with these baits and i went out and bought about 10 of various colors and sizes. they work really well but what they don't tell you is some of those guys go through 50-100 of them a day. we lost all of ours fishing the rocks. it certainly worked better than jigs or trolling over the top of them did but we were quickly frustrated after a handful of hours and had worked our way through them all almost. if you didn't let them hit the bottom you didn't get bit . there were times where the fish ate them and unsnagged them they are such good baits.
  14. When is your favorite time to fish?

    fall... the leafs changing, its starting to get cool. rivers are more stable. and i'm usually chasing walleyes. boat, shore, i'm happy regardless. spring fishing is great but the river fluctuates alot, its muddier, and i'm generally lamenting that ice fishing is over.
  15. Powerdrive V2 vs. Terrova

    you can't get the terrova with 70lbs of thrust at 24v. only 80. you can have ipilot....or a foot pedal with the V2. not both. terrova you can have both.