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  1. Lets make a million! ! ! !

  2. First Thing That Pops Into Your Head-

    fat man in a little coat
  3. So anyways i have been asking for the 3 main mushroom books that have been talked about over and over again on here. I got the Audoban field guide to myocelium, great book, great pics, leather bound. absolutly beautiful. I know im getting at least one of the other two books, mushrooms demystified, or the other one cant remember it off my head. But now I CANNOT WAIT TILL SHROOMIN SEASON... like i said... i hate you guys... i love you guys...
  4. Just wondering what everyone here does to preserve thier shrooms. Do you freeze them raw, cook them and freeze them, dehydrate them?? is there any other ways??
  5. Last spring me and a buddy went out looking for morels, although it seems pretty easy it is not always so, needless to say, our first trip out... bust, second trip out... 6 shrooms total.. our third trip out.. bingo hit some morels. now my buddy has moved outta state and its just me and my wife which i think/hope will be a good thing for us to get out and spend some time together in the woods. i will also attach a photo of our trip below.. next is to broaden my horizon and learn about other mushrooms becuase i cannot wait till spring.
  6. How to pick a Release??

    I am in the market for a new release this year and I am a novice bow hunter at best. Looking to see how you guys choose your releases and what functions you think are important, and what things causes problems. Last year after i went from a metal loop to a string loop, my release would stick probably one out of ever fifty draws, but it still really stunk... any help here would be great thanks guys.
  7. First Thing That Pops Into Your Head-

    red barron pizza
  8. Got to ride today!

    well with the bike stored away and ready for winter time to gear up the ice stuff. I really was hoping for another week after that really warm week in october, to do the otter trail again down through dent and back up did for the first time (got a little lost) but had a great time doing it and put about 200 miles on the bike... well next year will bring oppratunities, atleast i made it through another bike season without an accident.
  9. A couple of "newbie" motorcycle questions

    I have a buddy and he has been riding his whole life and says he will never go with EFI. When and if anything needs to be done on your bike,going over a carb is much cheaper than going through and having your EFI re-mapped. (just a thought to keep in mind) but if you dont plan on adjusting much such as intake, or exhaust then there really shouldnt be a problem. Shaft driven bikes i have one and seems to slip a little more than a belt or chain but on the flip side everything is contained and i have no exposed moving parts that can catch clothing or anything else And that 6th gear does nothing but save you gas at speeds above 75-80 mph really not needed, i am guessing its there only to adjust and lower the RPM's while cruising, also lowers the volume on he mufflers so you can hear your tunes if you got em.
  10. campsite needed!!!

    yup state or nationa parks will probably be your best bet for the "woodsy" feel. not all have lake side fishing, but most will have hiking trails to the lakes which isnt too big of a deal i wouldnt think.
  11. Why change party hunting laws?

    yup all party hunting does is confuse people, also very easy to break the law. comunication is illegal between hunters in stand so if somone needs to run to the bathroom or to the truck quick, and you take one that would, by definition be illegal. just too many circumstantial situations, i say if you get a tag shoot what you have on the tag and nothing else. besides to me party shooting sounds like systematically killing rather than hunting. i prefer to hunt by myself.
  12. best 3-4 day ride

    uffda no kidding the northshore sounds like such a great ride. so does the ride up into winnepeg and then down over by superior and back over on 2. thanks for the ideas guys i cant wait to hit the road again.
  13. HD Nightster or Yamaha V Star

    Im going to try to get back on topic here. there are a few things to consider such as which bike really "feels like you" you will get the feeling when your cruising around a corner and you and the bike seem to glide rather than turn. i mean if it fits you and you like the look/color/paintjob/or customization of either one of the two then make the difference. really its just being those select group of guys to say, i got enough guts to be out on the road on two wheels even if they let people from iowa have driver licences(my little pun) anyways if you have the money and HD fits you like a glove then take it. but i mean customization isnt about making a bike look like a harly its making a bike that you love and want to be seen riding.
  14. New parts

    Got a new engine crash gaurd last night off of the internet and am awaiting it to be delivered. im excited for spring to get here so i can hear my baby PURRRRRRR ANYONE ELSE!!!??!?!?!