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  1. I want to hunt on a Wma that's borders up to a lake. It is legal to launch from the Wma and roam around the lake and hunt on my canoe? Keeping in mind I'm away from houses and not being on land or property.
  2. How long should you hunt your dog?

    thanks, gonna head out to cabelas in rogers and get a skid vest. He seems to be back to normal today, I can see all his wound scabbing up and peeling so he's healing again. Man, he did get beat up pretty good around all is paws, legs,and couple big scratches when he ran into the barb wire. You are probably right, he gets lots of exercise but maybe he was not condition for a all day hunt. maybe i will head out to willmar area this weekend. Thanks for the advices
  3. How long should you hunt your dog?

    yeah, The bad part was after the hunt, He was so tire he didn't even want to eat. hes on purina pro plan (sport) so I think he on quality food. Thanks
  4. How long should you hunt your dog?

    Hes pretty much in shape. When we first started he was flying 100 mph. he was faster and did cover more grounds but the next day, seem like he could barely move and didn't want to move. Thats when I notice he was pretty much beat up on the legs and belly. I take it that maybe he was to sore from the hunt. He been really slow walking for the last couple days and sleeping alot. I though maybe I hunted him too hard for his first time. All we hunt is in the thicket and cat tails. I will give him a couple weeks break to heal up and take him back out to see how he does.
  5. I took my 1.5 yrs old gsp on a hunt his first wild hunt this weekend and he didn't pretty good for half the day. We did a 10 hour hunt with another dog the first day. On the next day He was pretty much drained out and didn't really hunt. His under belly was pretty much raw from running in the cat tails and legs where pretty much beat up. He is a house dog compare to the other who lives outside. I will get him a vest the next time though. Sounds like a dumb question but How long should I hunt my dog so hes not drained out? is he still too young to hunt a long period of time? because our other veteran dog (7 yrs) didn't have a problem hunting for 2 days.
  6. hunted the dawson area. was a rough two days. 2nd opener for ducks started the same day which I think spook the pheasant to move in early into corn.Fist day with a 10 hour hunt, saw only 1 rooster which we took down. Im sure they're all in the corn fields. Had some buddies of mine in the talcot lake area with a little better result.
  7. Hows the Pheasants looking this year in mn?
  8. eye infection

    My gsp had that a few days ago and we took it to the vet. Vet found ear effection and was given medicine for dogs eyes and ears. His eye clear right away the next day.
  9. leech lake

  10. squirrel hunting

    hi guys I live around the twin cities and I was wondering if anyone has any hunting land they would lease for squirrel hunting. Im looking around to pay 500 for the season if anyone has any or maybe just for a day hunt. Let me know. Thanks
  11. hunting pheasent tc

    man we got murder with snow and cold this year. hopefully pheasents don't die in mn.
  12. hunting pheasent tc

    thanks guys. I guess I just gotta do what I can
  13. hi guys I was wondering if anyone knows of any good public hunting for pheasents around the twin cities? I usually hunt in sw mn but it so hard to get down there every week. If anyone knows of any okay public hunting around the twin cities that would be helpful for next year hunting season.
  14. squirrel land wanted!!!

    Yeah I know of Wma's around but the thing is I want to take my dad along. Like I said, Hes at age now and have parkinson. Not ill enough where he can't hunt but enough where we might get in peoples way and you guys hear of all the horror hunting stories with people shooting each other over who knows what. I just would like to take him to small piece of private land where he can enjoy squirrel hunting. Thats all he talks about.So if anyones knows of any or who might be interested, I would pay them a fee.
  15. Hi guys, I live in the Twin cities area. I wanted to know if anyone has or know of private land that I can hunt for squirrels. My dad at age now and he loves to hunt squirrel but last year we went to public land and was not successful. I would like to share some hunting memories with him, where we can take our time and not worry about getting in the way of others. If anyone know of any private land, we are willing to pay a fee for squirrel hunting. Can you email me at Much appreciated.