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  1. Rollover Sofa?

    A lot of custom and specialty shops but none who makes a rollover sofa. Most or all for dealers and big manufactures, not individuals. Guess my only option is what RebelSS suggested or pay big hefty price for dealer markups.
  2. Rollover Sofa?

    I think the jack knife are much more comfortable but I need a rollover sofa so it can be folded up for a toy hauler.
  3. Rollover Sofa?

    ? I couldn't find it on the search button. LOTS of jack knife sofa though.
  4. Rollover Sofa?

    That's the one I've seen. Looks decent too. Was hoping for more options.
  5. Rollover Sofa?

    Anyone know where I can get a Rollover Sofa between 60" - 72", locally or shipped at a reasonable price? Most rollover sofas are strictly through RV dealers only as a replacement and cost an arm and a leg, $1,000+ shipping.
  6. 8X16 Aluminum Fish House Hydraulic?

    I don't mind full galvanized frame too. Don't think there's much weight difference between the two.
  7. 8X16 Aluminum Fish House Hydraulic?

    idk why nobody makes an all aluminum frame 8x14 - 8x17 with hydraulics. Builders tell me its cost and demand but some customers are willing to fork up for that option and if you don't build it, how will there be any demand. Having more option is better than limited options because buyers settle for less/something else. jmo
  8. 8X16 Aluminum Fish House Hydraulic?

    Thanks! I just talked to them. I think we might have something.
  9. 8X16 Aluminum Fish House Hydraulic?

    Berkon? Do they build houses? Sorry, I'm a little behind. I thought they only make frames.
  10. 8X16 Aluminum Fish House Hydraulic?

    I'm on my 4th house. Currently have an 8x26' with galvanized frame, hydraulic lift, slide out, the whole 9 yards. I'm pretty happy except for early ice and tight spaces. I'm looking for an 8x16' all aluminum with hydraulic lift system. I've called around and seems nobody will build me one. Weird? I'm basically throwing money at them and get turned down. Is there a reason why the following a,b,c companies won't build one even at the expense of the customer? JMO: I think an 8x16 all aluminum hydraulic has its perks. Its light weight, hydraulic is fast and takes less space in the wheel wall.

    Neat but what happens if you accidentally get your fingers in it?
  12. Ice Castle - New Interior

    I missed the Ice Show. Anyone know what type of material is the new Ice Castle Diamond Edition made of? Solid wood or particle? Walls? Are they wall papers?
  13. Help me name my new-to-me boat? How did you do it?

    Just call it Forest
  14. New Bass Boat Opinions

    With my current boat now, I wish the recess tray wasn't there. There are times when my clumsy self would trip over it on a hook set. Good to know its not something you would have to live with, instead it'll be something you can adjust to and become a norm.
  15. Hydro Wave

    Is there a fish tank test? I'm still skeptic.