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  1. Lakemaster

    Phone is brand new but gps in phone is not that accurate. Want something more accurate
  2. Lakemaster

    I know it is but with 2 kids under 2yrs old and thousands of dollars worth of stuff stolen the money to replace it is kinda limited
  3. Lakemaster

    I had my h20c stolen this summer found some used ones online but they all seem to have a red lakemaster pro map chip in them. Can anyone tell me what year has hd map of lake waconia. My chip was blue and it had it. Don't pay to buy the unit if I can't find the card I need. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Mechanical broadhead recommendations

    Nope. Went back out twice in the daylight. Only found one more spot of blood about 5 feet from the last one we found in the dark. Walked around whole area. Nothing
  5. Muzzy Season

    Went out with bow Nov 16th saw 3 nice bucks chasing. Couldn't get out again til muzzy opener saw 15 does not an antler in sight.
  6. Deer heart

    I actually cooked the heart from my dads deer this year. First time I ever had it and it won't be the last. I thought it was darn delicious.
  7. Mechanical broadhead recommendations

    Ya its been a long day. I don't know if I'm a puss or what but I havent even been able to eat today. Never lost a deer before. Hopefully never again. Worst part is I don't know what went wrong I would make exact same shot again.
  8. Mechanical broadhead recommendations

    Well I'm not sure what to think now. Shot a beautiful 8 pointer last night at about 30 yards and only got about 6" of penetration. Could not find it and had to work today. Gonna go look again tomorrow morning. Shot looked good must have just caught shoulder plate or something, but still why so little penetration. All other rage shots had no issues. Either way I'm making myself sick thinking about it.
  9. Got my mounts back

    That's 200 bucks cheaper than where I go but ive always been 100% satisfied.
  10. Morgan's first deer

    Can't hardly wait 8.5 more years til my daughter is 10 and I can take her deer hunting. Congrats nice deer
  11. Rut Activity Thread 2017

    Not sure if it means they are still working up to sexy time but where I hunt there is still alot of new scrapes showing up.
  12. That exactly right mine took a picture every 10 seconds. Go into motion and time lapse setting. I switched my timelapse to 24 hrs so only get one extra picture a day.
  13. Mechanical broadhead recommendations

    I have shot 4 deer with rage and theyve only went probably a combined 150 yards. I do now have the plastic collar kind hopefully the function right have not yet shot one
  14. Gopher Nation

    Ya its so fun watching them hand off on every play. Maybe learn how to throw the ball against these teams cause their gonna have to starting soon.
  15. Garden ripening

    kinda sad how wait all spring and early summer for fresh cukes and zucchini and now cant even give it away fast enough