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  1. Quick ice locator holder.

    That's what it's all about right there. Father and son making memories.
  2. New pack member

    Here are a few pictures of the little peanut aka TazMania. I got waaay behind on introducing him to birds and with work and the weather it was a slow start but once I finally got him on birds he really took off. He has an incredible nose and he is close working which for me and my family a$$ is a benefit. I was worried about going away from Springer's but I am not disappointed and love the cocker.
  3. New pack member

    Brought this little snot rocket home yesterday. He's already establishing himself as the boss of things and my old Springers don't know how to react. This is my first shot at field bred Cockers after 25 years of Springer spaniels and he is certainly going to push the boundaries. I am excited to see how he does once he gets a little work and gets on the pheasants this fall.
  4. New pack member

    That's a cute little carpet muncher.
  5. Vikings vs eagles

    I would be perfectly fine with that. Heck, it's no different from not even winning your conference and getting in the final 4 only to have the refs miss obvious holding penalties so you can have a winning TD pass. I'll take that any day
  6. Quick ice locator holder.

    I would never subject my precious Cherry wood to that type of Carnage. But seriously- if you are going to use that thing I have a lowrance ice kit that I can send you if you want to cover s and h. And if you have the older connector( not blue) I have an ice ducer I'll throw in for free. Just please, for the live of God promise you will never do something like that to wood ever again.
  7. Vikings vs eagles

    With technology now you can just drop it in the hopper and either watch it later if they win or delete it if things go south.
  8. Wine Making

    And...... Fish on!!!!!
  9. Wine Making

    It's not about what you might spend but what you might save
  10. Wine Making

    The JV squad has a steady supply fermenting over in Silly Town Some guys on our floor in college made rhubarb and Dandelion wine in the dorm. It was not good.
  11. Instant pot

    I know it's not Sue Weed cooking but we just got a 10 Qt instant pot (As seen on TV!) and tried a beef roast with it the other night and it looks like this is going to get used a lot. Has anyone else picked up and used one of these yet?
  12. Vikings VS. Saints

    Copied from FB: A friend of mine has two tickets for the 2018 Super Bowl, both box seats. He paid $2,500 each but he didn't realize last year when he bought them, it was going to be on the same day as his wedding. If you are interested, he is looking for someone to take his place...It's at St Christopher’s Church, in Edina, Minnesota, at 3pm. Her name is Samantha, she's 5'4", about 145 lbs, good cook too.....She'll be the one in the white dress. (Feel free to copy and paste, to keep the laughter going!)
  13. Vikings VS. Saints

  14. Vikings VS. Saints

    My favorite explanation was that he was tackling Manti Teo's girlfriend.
  15. Time for a smoke

    Next time don't order from a pizza joint in Duluth.
  16. Vikings VS. Saints

    For a minute I thought the channel switched to the WWE.
  17. Bama

    Meh, They shouldn't have even been in the tourney and if they were good they would have won in regulation. Even the Vikings can do that.
  18. Air Fryer?

    The one thing I would look for in an air fryer after having two different ones is to pick one that can get up to 400 degrees. Both that I have are limited to 350 and IMHO that is too low to get things as crisp as a conventional fryer and I think the extra 50 degrees could be a difference maker. I see there are several models now that can reach that temp.
  19. Gander Outdoors in Lakeville

  20. Air Fryer?

    I bought a regular air fryer but after that one pI went with this and it works much better
  21. Gander Outdoors in Lakeville

    Not sure if this is legit but it's making it's way around Facebook so it must be legit.
  22. Instant pot

    Not necessarily. At least I can brown the outside in the pot without any other appliance needed so it still beats bathtub cooking but it's not as good as an oven or smoker yet for cooking things to medium rare
  23. Instant pot

    It's darn fast but to be totally honest I don't really like the way roasts cook in it. I have done it twice so far and the first time I did the recommended 39 minutes and it wasn't the way I like roasts which is medium rare or less. I cooked the second one for 15 minutes and that was better but it's like the pressure pushes the fat and flavor out of it to me. I think if your goal is shredded beef or pulled pork you could do it in a fraction of time. Maybe an hour or even less and it would be fantastic but for just a roast it seems to dry it out from what I have seen but maybe there is a setting I can do to make it better. It's clearly not the right appliance for everything but it does some things really well. My next thing is to try wings. Supposedly 8 minutes to cook from frozen. And chicken dumpling soup,chili, pulled pork and some other things.
  24. Instant pot

    Lol. Yeah, I got the 10 qt model but this Yogi eats a lot of pikanik baskets. Pretty much but it does more. There are a lot of different functions on it. We had a macaroni hotdish tonight and it was pretty good. Just dumped in all the ingredients including the uncooked macaroni and it only took 8 minutes. No bags, no water or thermometer.