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  1. That is my experience although not with fish houses but observations towing cargo trailers.
  2. Snowflake alert
  3. First on CNN: Trump's Cabinet pick invested in company, then introduced a bill to help it Draining the swamp indeed.
  4. No, it's bigger than that. That's not chicken feed Foghorn Leghorn.
  5. And he does a great ALF impersonation at the annual Halloween party so there is that.
  6. I posted about this down the page. I know who a few of these are. The deceased is from my home town and her best friend dates a close relative a block from me. One of the others goes to our local school. It's a sad deal when kids are taken so young. Stay safe.
  7. I don't really feel a difference. It gives you a little more space but the angles really limit how useful that space is.
  8. Ted is a sniveling loser. The only reason he isn't kicked to the political curb is because Goldman Sachs and the like know he can be bought for a reasonable price.
  9. If they are that bad he would be doing the state and himself a favor if he resigned and let someone healthier do the job.
  10. You asked for evidence. I provided it. I don't ever expect you to be convinced of anything that goes against your company line because you are far too programmed to be objective on anything. But you asked and I delivered. You don't get to move the goal posts after the fact. If you wanted to have qualifiers you should have put them In your initial demands