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  1. New home construction.

    I would also look into using SIPS panels as an alternative to post framed. I have done a lot of projects using SIPS panels from a company called EPS in Iowa including the new fire station/ city hall in our town. The cost of the panels is higher than the material cost of post framed but they are super insulated, go up fast and really cut down on outside noise. Our city has saved a significant amount of money in heat savings and you can even put in smaller btu HVAC which saves money.
  2. New home construction.

    Yep. That is standard procedure for floating slabs.
  3. New home construction.

    Yes. But on a post framed building the only think I ever see is a thickened footing and not a foundation to the frost line. A major benefit of post framing is that you install the posts below the frost line so the need for a concrete foundation below the frost line is not needed. If I am understanding the question correctly.
  4. New home construction.

    If code allows post frame for residential construction then by design you don't need a block foundation.
  5. Id

  6. Underwater Camera

    That is the one I have been using and talking about.
  7. Engel bait coolers

    Not too bad actually. I never used the air pump but didn't need to with the cold temps. The lift up strainer is actually a pretty nice feature. We found that sometimes you get more than one minnow but there is that little funnel on the top that you just drop them back into. Lots easier than a net.
  8. Underwater Camera

    So today we were in a shallow bay for an ice fishing contest that I tied for last place in and we had sonars plus my underwater camera that I put in the middle of the hub. The camera rotates 360 degrees inside the housing so I can get a panoramic view of the whole area. The water was about 5' deep and very weedy and so with the sonar, it's a challenge to get good marks with the fish that are moving through the weeds. And with the narrow cone angle the fish need to be basically right under the cone to show up. This is where the camera really does it's thing. We could see the fish when they came in and there were several times when there were a dozen plus fish under the hub and not one was showing up on the graphs but the camera showed us they were there. We were able to see the fish come up to the bait but they were very tough to get to bite today. We tried several different jogs, spoons etc and had very little luck but at least we knew the fish were there. Without the camera we wouldn't have known any of those fish were even there.
  9. Engel bait coolers

    I went to the ice fishing tournament on Madison lake today and picked this up at the bait shop. It was about half price which was still more than I would have wanted to spend but I thought it was worth a shot. I like being able to get your minnows out without having to get my hands wet. That's pretty slick.
  10. Ice fishing atv - Polaris Sportsman - Yay/nay/alternative?

    I agree with Pro-V. I have owned kawasaki, Yamaha and Honda ATV's as well as 3 Polaris ATV's. The Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki all ran hard and none ever saw the dealer repair shop while every Polaris had multiple issues and had multiple turns at the shop and they were not just cheap fixes either. You just can't beat the smooth ride of a polaris and I appreciate that they are a Minnesota company so I gave them more than enough chances but between the ones I have owned as well as my Brothers and friends there is a well documented history of poor quality and they have gotten my last dollar.
  11. Pop Quiz!! What the heck made these tracks!?

  12. Minnesota Shrimp

  13. Minnesota Shrimp

    Stay on topic please
  14. I had my best 2 trap shooters from our HS team registered to compete in the event but they are on a waiting list and probably won't get chosen. I might go anyway.
  15. Underwater Camera

    I read it. It was part of my response. You would trust an anonymous online review over asking for more verifiable information on a forum of registered users? No wonder you spend so much time having conversations with web bots. Relax a little. The temps are warming up soon and it will be no safe place for snowflakes.