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  1. Looking for a new puppy

    They are getting good. Her string of posts were actually very down to earth.
  2. Looking for a new puppy

    I thinks it's a new generation web bot.
  3. Dozer issues

    Ouch. I don't have an answer but hopefully nothing major happened and you will be up and running shortly.
  4. Berkshire pork

    Sweet. I have to try that.
  5. Berkshire pork

    You can still say pulled pork so I suppose we should stick to the subject at hand. Anyone here ever make buckboard bacon?
  6. Berkshire pork

    Free her puppies.
  7. Berkshire pork

    Gaga only wears free range meat dresses. The other one I posted was clearly corporate meat.
  8. Vikes Preseason

    It's the return of ChillyBall. KAO that is.
  9. Berkshire pork

    Dang you!!!!
  10. Berkshire pork

    Not at all. Although food that's overcooked so it's dry and chewy doesn't get celebrated with photos even today. So an update. Got a call from the world famous Schmidt's meat market in Nicollet that it's ready to pick up. $75 for cutting it up and hanging weight was 250 pounds. Coat of the meat is $1.20 a pound which is more than commodity pork but I don't mind paying more for locally grown meat.
  11. Hardwood flooring installer

    Manhattan is quite a drive from the Twin Cities.
  12. Bucket List ride.

    Those are sweet too
  13. Anybody Spit Roast Small Pigs?

    I would speed the thaw time up. Bacteria multiply at a certain pace and while temperature is a factor prevailing wisdom says keep it in the danger zone as brief as possible. Every multiplication cycle the bacteria count doubles so things can change rapidly. You might consider bringing or salting it when frozen so as it thaws the salt inhibits bacterial growth plus helps make the pork yummier.
  14. Berkshire pork

    Pictures or it didn't happen
  15. Teen Vehicle

    A friend has a Rav 4 and pulls his boat with it all the time. Reliable and great gas mileage.