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  1. Not unless they ban the toothpick crossbow here too. Takes those beetles out clean.
  2. That's called seasoning. Two years ago I took a trip to Germany and we spent a few days in the black forest where I got to see some authentic old world smoke houses dating back to the 1500's and the amount of buildup on the walls, hooks, poles etc is part of what gives their hams,bacon and sausage their flavor. They use juniper wood for smoking. Absolutely delicious. But yeah, foil, Pam and other things can help. You can also use a power washer to clean them.
  3. I read somewhere that the chemicals used by Queens NY pest control caused male pattern baldness and birth defects in pet hamsters.
  4. Oh, just like the Rompers you are wearing around town then.
  5. First off, the comment I made which you replied to with a hypothesis never stated that there was proof they did anything wrong. I merely and accurately stated that there was a chance they did some of the same things and it appears that may be the case. You said plainly that VW could have chosen the Daimler tech but chose not to. In the end doing so may very well have found them in the same boat.
  6. I would guess it is going to create more pollution rounding up, transporting, scrapping and reclaiming those cars than the excess they would have emitted in their lifespan vs the cars that replace them.
  7. So, first you tell me " if you were watching the story closely" then when I posted a link supporting what I said to be fact, your response was that your memory is bad and you were making a hypothesis. Classic.
  8. License what technology, this kind? "In light of the ongoing governmental information requests, inquiries and investigations, and our own internal investigation, it cannot be ruled out that the authorities might reach the conclusion that Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicles have similar functionalities," Daimler said in its newly released quarterly report. The maker first acknowledged in January that authorities had begun probing its handling of diesel emissions. That was the same month that VW agreed to settle a criminal probe by the U.S. Justice Department, a federal judge this past week approving the payment of a $2.8 billion fine. Almost 40 times the legal limit In the VW case, the mainstream German automaker rigged the software controlling two diesel engines to recognize when a vehicle was undergoing emissions tests and then adjust pollution levels. In real-world situations, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency asserted, those powerplants would produce up to 40 times the legal limit for pollutants like smog-causing oxides of nitrogen. Since the scandal broke in September 2015, regulators in the U.S. and the European Union have begun rechecking the emissions claims made by other manufacturers, including Daimler, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and others. In January of this year, the EPA took aim at FCA, alleging that it may have used its own, rigged software on products like the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel which "appeared to cause the vehicles to perform differently when being tested" than when in use in real-world conditions. That same month, Daimler said that what the EPA was concerned about "apparently includ(ed) functionalities that are common in diesel vehicles, as undisclosed Auxiliary Emission Control Devices (AECD)." While the German parent of both the Mercedes-Benz and Smart brands did not confirm it had broken the law, it laid open the possibility that its own diesel emissions strategy could be in trouble. "If these or other inquiries, investigations, legal actions and/or proceedings result in unfavorable findings, an unfavorable outcome or otherwise develop unfavorably, Daimler could be subject to significant monetary penalties, remediation requirements, vehicle recalls, process improvements and mitigation measures," Daimler stated.
  9. If they make it better because of stupid government mandates it wouldn't bother me at all. In fact, the Dodge ram diesel that I used to have had something from Daimler Benz that allowed it to meet the standards without DEF. I would not be surprised if they did something similar with those diesels and if they did I applaud them. The best thing anyone can do with the diesel trucks is delete the emissions and unlock the power and economy that are robbed from them.
  10. I would buy one and drive as is. All they did was make the engine more reliable with more power and better economy. It's a travesty that the government made such a big deal out of it and if Trump wants to do something positive he should do an executive order that allows those cars back on the road with no financial harm to VW and as long as he is at it he should allow the domestic truck manufacturers to get rid of the DEF and other engine killing tech.
  11. They were both described as green fungus. Was it the same fungus or different strains?
  12. So he used green mold to eradicate green mold that was hindering his mushroom growth? My guess is if you do a soil analysis and figure out what your soil is lacking there is probably a better way to improve the soil without introducing mold into the equation.
  13. I got one last year to replace my deep fat fryer for wings. They work nice but don't expect it to be just like a deep fryer. The model I bought had an issue in that the basket got rusty. I called CS for the company and they sent a new basket that also rusted right away. I started to use aluminum foil to protect the food from the rust and the company was going to send me a new fryer but they had the same basket so I just decided to skip replacing it and write off as a loss. To replace that I bought one of those clear domed Nu Wave cookers which does essentially the same thing but it has more capacity for whole chickens etc. As far as time- It takes about 15-17 minutes to cook a dozen or so wings from frozen to done which is actually less time than it takes to heat up the oil in a fryer which was usually and 10 to heat and 10-12 to cook. Not sure how fish etc compares. I have a spray can of olive oil that I spray on the food that helps make it closer to oil cooking.
  14. I think it died when the boxers got a guaranteed purse vs what I seem to remember was the winner got x and the loser got x for a fight. Not near the incentive when you make the same no matter what you do but then again part of me suspects they know who will win the fight before it happens.