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  1. Hopefully it feeds better than some of the older WSSM type loads.
  2. Helix Summer Unit Conversion

    Not sure but I do know that the GPS on the units is said to be a big drain on the battery. We checked to see if the GPS could be turned off and were told it could not. The screen brightness on these units also has a big impact on battery life so the darker you can have the screen the better for battery life.
  3. Helix Summer Unit Conversion

    From what I understand,the new g2 chirp series is a big improvement over the prior generation helix unit in terms of interference rejection and sonar definition. By sending multiple bursts of sonar at different frequencies you get finer details and less clutter. You also need to use the newest generation ice ducer to get the most detail. I negotiated it to just under $550 which is quite a discount and it was in stock and in state so I should have it by the weekend. I really like the new display as well. I have had lowrance units from day 1 but they don't have anything to compare to this at this price point.
  4. Helix Summer Unit Conversion

    Found the Helix7 Chirp GPS G2 for $547 online and ordered it.
  5. Helix Summer Unit Conversion

    Good points. I agree with you on the long term durability.
  6. That's exactly what I did when I was getting flack from the daughter about my oil fryer. The brand I got was Chefman and it was junk. Everything rusted even though we hand washed it, we got a replacement basket under warranty and that one rusted quicker than the first one. It's hard to get the food crisp on the outside IME. I ended up getting a NuWave which is basically an air fryer but holds more food and it does cook things quickly but even spraying down with oil doesn't get them crisp. I'm kicking around going back to the oil fryer for wings and fries. Fries in an air fryer are just not the same. Much like using the oven.
  7. Helix Summer Unit Conversion

    I am looking at that too. Lowrance has a new Hook2 unit just hitting the shelves as well and I have had Lowrance ice graphs for many years but the HB looks like it might be a better unit.
  8. Time for a smoke

    Yes. It helps but the cold smoker gives more smoke and I modded mine by attaching my old CPAP machine to the bottom of the cold smoker with a ball valve to control the air supply and I can get an amazing amount of smoke from that. However the temp gets a little high when cold smoking so my next move involves an aquarium air pump to reduce the air volume.
  9. Ice show

    That was you? There was a pond for kids in the second level auditorium.
  10. The farmers I know who want to control predators and varmints during the harvest just have a shotgun in the cab. The animals don't have really any fear of the farm machinery so its pretty easy to stop,get out and take care of business.
  11. Time for a smoke

  12. Ice show

    Who is going to the ice show this weekend? I'm headed up in the morning. Not really sure I need anything but you always seem to find something too good to pass up. I do want to look at what new ice fishing graphs there are this year.
  13. Time for a smoke

    I always spatchcock the birds I cook now. That Turkey looks amazing.
  14. We also spray the chest cavities out with cold water right away and put a stick across the inside of the ribs to hold the cavity open. If you need a help cutting them up at night I might have time to give you a hand.