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  1. How much is this going to save for all the work it takes to make it work with everything being level? Is the existing slab perfectly level to start with? there are times when it makes sense dollar wise and times where it might cost more to keep.
  2. Any time I have ever tried that it creates havoc with the sonar until it floats back up the hole and is removed but if anyone has a fix for this let me know.
  3. What's up with the jellyfish in the crosshairs?
  4. Well, I think the dumb waiter concept would be pretty cool.
  5. After a quarter century in the construction sector I learned you should take your budget, double it and add another 10%. That gets most people in the ballpark anyway lol.
  6. Before you fill it up, do you know how much additional load the trusses can take and how much weight you plan on adding? Also, what is your budget?
  7. There are also different thicknesses of rubber. The thicker costs more but will last longer and be less likely to leak or give you trouble.
  8. A heat gun will loosen up the adhesive. Peeling it up enough to get some acetone under it will pop the glue loose as well. Is there any visible water damage on the walls or ceilings? The rubber should not be reused and if it's leaking you don't want to anyway. If you find one or two small spots where the membrane is punctured they do sell patching kits for that but obviously if the lid is spongy you are past that option.
  9. The old timer trick was to touch the center of the back side with a screwdriver. If the alternator was charging it would have a magnetic charge and pull the tip towards it if it wasn't charging there would be no magnetic charge.
  10. I believe for that to work you have to post a " no spraying" sign in the trap along with the appropriate image of the skunk doing what you don't want it to do. That image must have a red circle around it with a red line striking through it to be officially recognized by the skunk as a no spray zone. Don't use white.
  11. Save porcelain for the toilet and sink and ceramic for the walls. Use durastone for the floors. There is not a product on the market that better suits your needs.
  12. My advice is shoot them and deal with the guilty feelings later.
  13. Not sure. Never had a problem adding def from the pump on the 2015 Duramax I used to drive
  14. He was a great pure runner but his inability to develop as a pass blocker and receiver limited the offense. It will be more balanced and dynamic without him
  15. Maybe you need one of these. Just got dropped off to stain and clear coat. 8' tall. 4' wide, 2" thick laminated alder with 4 heavy duty hinges, a peep door and a 3 strike locking system.