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  1. The solution just might be to have a robust "drug free zone" sign program.
  2. You pretty much nailed your logic. Adding your first grade picture was a nice touch.
  3. Yep. What I get out of it was Trump was talking about some big event with immigrants in Sweden before the event even happened. My guess is he isn't too good at following the script yet or he got his days crossed. Either that or he was doing his best Carnac impression.
  4. So was the tail wagging the dog or did he jump the shark?
  5. You could always sprinkle some of your fairy dust on them and turn them into buffalo wings.
  6. And the assault weapons ban was the correct way to stop gun violence if we use your logic. Are you a bug gun ban advocate?
  7. I thought he had the 65 Chevy with primered flames
  8. Everyone except jigsaw Jimmy. But that's because he sells packages of candy cane to the Mexican mob. It's a cushy little job.
  9. The Bowling Green gang is especially ruthless. Bad Hombre's.
  10. Yes,but less than prohibition would be. And they have kits that allow me to make my own if I so choose.
  11. This just in....... Survivor Of Bowling Green Tragically Dies In Sweden Terror Attack