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  1. 2017 Pheasants

    Too wet and too much corn.
  2. Have Ion-Want k Drill

    Right there with you.
  3. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Not sure what to recommend for that.
  4. I saw that but my guess is it was a typo and he meant maximum.
  5. I just bought an '06 myself this year. There is not a caliber with a better bullet selection than what you have. The only thing is that it seems different ammo can have a pretty wide range of accuracy from gun to gun so you might need to try several different types to see which your gun likes best. 150 grain bullets seem to be the most popular choice for deer. My gun shoots the Hornady ammo very well.
  6. Small deer

    Interesting. I hadn't heard of that.
  7. Tom petty

    He is the one who would confirm a death, not a police officer.
  8. Tom petty

    Look to the coroner not the police department.
  9. Tom petty

    Today officially sucks.
  10. High School Football has Become a Joke

    One big reason for this is the number of outstate schools has plummeted. Yeah, the metro probably has more schools but that doesn't make up the difference and possibly the reason your team goes 140 miles isn't because you don't have closer alternatives but because the outstate team doesn't?
  11. Just Terrible

    You are a good man and I want you to know that it wasn't my intent to put you down, it just seemed out of your character which is why I brought it up. Bobby Bass- my sympathies to you and your family.
  12. Just Terrible

    Lol I think everyone was focusing on the loss of the dog until you spoke up. And I was pretty reserved in my response to you. Much less than I would usually do to someone calling for violence again kids mostly because I respect the overwhelming number of posts you have had. If you feel you need to send your anger my way that's fine. I'm a big boy and would rather have it directed at me than a child.
  13. Just Terrible

    Reb. I love dogs as much as anyone and the story is a heartbreaker but unless it comes out that he did it with intent there is no reason to want to cause more harm than has been done. If the story is as has been told I am guessing nobody is more upset about it than that young kid. At that age we all did things spontaneously that could go either way. My condolences for the loss.
  14. High School Football has Become a Joke

    That is the consequence of school consolidation. 30 years ago teams could travel 5-10 miles and play up to 4 different schools. Now we are basically down to 1-2 schools per county and they are in different classes so there is no choice but to travel longer distances. It's the same in any sport in high school with the possible exception of the Trap shooters because we shoot at our home club every week. So my suggestion is to forget about all other sports and talk everyone into trap shooting because we keep it local.
  15. Doe permits are out.

    I eat sausage not antlers and there are no deer population problems here so I am going to harvest whatever the good Lord sends my way.