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  1. Snipe
  2. Just wait till you do your first whole chicken or turkey. Spatchcock them
  3. 'Murican.
  4. Yeah but he was sporting a different form of wood.
  5. Jesusdidntlikeit
  6. Birch, cottonwood, maples, hickory,conifers, oaks.
  7. So now you are accusing trees of having a woody?
  8. Cool birds and usually I have to be back deep in the trees to see one.
  9. Kinda like the Hillary thread.
  10. Depending on the condition my guess is the value is probably going to be 300-600 at the top end for the gun. You see a few that are priced higher but they are usually abnormally rare versions or extremely good condition.
  11. It's not uncommon for an mes to have faulty temp probes. Mine did and they sent a new one to replace it. I have a 40" with the bigger heat element and I actually think it may be too big of an element for smoking as it heats up so fast the temp can spike if you don't watch it. For me, I start low and build up the temp. I didn't like the amount of smoke generated so I bought the cold smoker add on. I added a fitting to run an air pump into that which made a huge difference in the smoke it makes.
  12. No harm in putting new wood on it and keeping the original wood to be put back on later as long as you can do it without adding any damage. They do have some value but it isn't like it's life changing dollars we are talking about so use it as you wish.