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  1. Was just speaking of health in general, you brought up the cancer. Speaking of: Well, ill just eat like a slob cause it can happen to anybody. They want you to think that, drive that machine johns Hopkins!
  2. No, you lost a foot. Maybe not a big medical deal for you but would be huge for me.
  3. You cant be serious, can you? I think you got that backwards Dave, much like waiting until you become diagnosed before you open your eyes to bad habits. Hindsight is always 20/20, guys like you are the reason i take the measures i do now. Im not ripping on you for not knowing because its easy to become unaware of the damage your actually doing to yourself. Learning from others mishaps sticks a lot more than reading about some new trend.
  4. So when did you become more responsible or did you always eat this way and what event made you consider the change? I rest my case. If youve made anything about your opinion known, that is not preventative, in fact its been the exact opposite. Youve told me time and time again that im young and wait until im older, totally discrediting any preventative measure. Thats been your opinion Dave, however its more convenient to just type up some talk for who you think you are, but keep lying to yourself, probably the only one dumb enough to believe those lies. Leech still believes that being a big meany cause cancer, like he was taught in sunday school.
  5. Yup, everytime i call you or del out to put up the truth about your own bodies, you dodge. Wouldn't that be the ultimate proof that your way of addressing personal health and wellness is more effective in preventing and healing? I think you guys have an idea from what you've been told and not what you bring yourself to learn and you never put anything to use so, who are you really to share your opinion? A couple of blowhards, thats who.
  6. Quote me on the modern medicine, quackery statement. You cant. Nice dodge showing how much you care about your own health. You are what you eat Dave, what are you?
  7. Lol, that would be the thought, me being so dubious and all. Until you question yourself, youll never stop learning. Dave, do you eat healthy? Detail the last 3 days of eating, times and amounts please. Lets see how well you care about yourself...
  8. Kind of a mix of both of those bear. Thanks for the advice, if i cared what people thought of me i might consider it. It wasnt that bad though, ive had guys pm me telling me to go buy a book on influencing people to make friends, lol, how fake is that? Like me or not, im not losing a wink over it. I dont expect anybody to take any advice, if they want to learn they will bring themselves to learn and nothing i say will change that. Big Dave, let me know how you came up with me against healthy eating, or is this just a lame debate tactic your trying to use? Funny how Bobby says move on, that guy is trying to get in my jock 24/7 on here, nobody trolls you cause you're worthless.
  9. You didnt realize.... i bet you say that often. Too bad you never learn anything from it, cause you already have all the convenient answers.
  10. You sound like a commercial thats trying to convince me, theres never been a better time than now. Thats something youve been programmed to believe through media, thanks for showing that, now back to your Monsanto product line of cancer. Them seeds are better nowadays, dontcha know? Del doesnt trust government but he trusts government controlled entities.... good for you bro! Whats next, create a screen name using your actual name? Lol!
  11. Better now? You live in a tiny bubble of convenience. Great statement bear on the "if you want it, youll do it." Theres a big difference in the idea of and wanting it. The idea of something doesnt allow much for action. The idea of will make you rely on others, which is all too widespread in todays society. Del and Big Dave embody this mentality, proof is in their replies, the "eventually" mentality since it happened to them or somebody they know, the "my daddy" response-which is one he actually took here. No real information, just a little story they created truth from, lol. Wanting something makes you responsible in acheiving so theres more motivation to not let yourself down. Id rather be proactive versus trusting im going to see the best doctor in town for an avoidable future medical issue, but i consider myself a doer, not a get it done for me, kind of guy.
  12. More lol.
  13. I wonder what your rationale is when a shriners hospital commercial comes on. Age? Lol.
  14. Longer lives, increased amounts of cancer cases, you do realize dont you? God, what a pathetic attempt at making it seem like you are remotely aware. Spoken like a true simpleton, couldnt have made it any better. What a waste of time trying to open that guys mind up.