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  1. I bet you havent watched a fight since Toney was a middleweight.
  2. Classic case of doctors juicing up a medical claim with a series of failed therapies, creating a life long patient and a corporation with deep pockets to bill for those services. Think not? Dont be so naive. Nobody wanted to fix her, they just wanted to keep billing, sad deal that happens all too often.
  3. Maybe an "Inter-continental" belt is on the line here.....
  4. Only so many heartbeats, lol. Probably some study on hummingbirds or something and now the same rules apply to us and our consistent environment filled with healthy choices that are necessities for survival, just like a hummingbirds.... This was probably published by a group of medical providers that want to make you think it doesnt matter if you're lazy, fat, and dependent on "conditioned answers" to life's health and wellness questions and you will seek their "advice" when becoming ill.
  5. Cant compare this mayweather fight to any other, this isnt even boxing. Did any of the main governing bodies sanction this bout? I dont even see the entertainment value as its just going to be a circus and reminder that any money spent watching it, a portion would go to these turdfaces.
  6. Still beats watching a guy adjust his batting gloves, before getting set in the box, for 15 seconds, as he extends the count fouling balls out of play...
  7. Moderation is NOT using sugar, corn syrup, lab made sweetener, etc in 99% of products in a box, bag, can. Youre being taken advantage of
  8. Weight reduction plan: No sugar, loading yourself with that will only make you want more of it and when you feel like dump about yourself because your lazy and fat, you can thank sugar. Mood swings? Oh yeah, you betcha, i bet most of you guys have kids well, an adult on Sugar is pretty similar. Theres no emotional decision taking place when you purchase candy, is there? Nope, must be all justified by its health benefits and not the instant satisfaction drugs bring... Sounds like a drug to me. Meaning it makes you crave more, eat more, and get fat, lazy and out of shape, increasing your risk of a catastrophic event. Just say no to sugar. At least as much as you can, its been used to exploit people for centuries, continues today with making people soft, fat, dependent. I love the last part, dont feed the monkeys food humans like to eat.... Sugar....
  9. Well now, thats a simple viewpoint... Glad youre satisfied with that. There should be halfway houses due to the health and condition of people deteriorating daily increasing everybody else's insurance premiums. Trim the fat, isnt that the old saying? Make healthy people that contribute to society rather than be a drain on it, much like other drug users. Mind control and sugar, the reading is much more exciting and not backed by the multi-trillion dollar sugar industry... Wake up man
  10. **When youre a sugar slave and reasoning for opinion doesnt exists cause you believe what youre told...
  11. Sugar is a stimulant that when the high fades off, you become depressed and then that makes you want more of it. Wow, they should maybe put a label on it. Not a drug huh, ok... I enjoyed your explanation Eyeguy, very in-depth...
  12. Say no to drugs, like sugar. Yes, sugar is a drug.
  13. Lol, that is funny. I seriously wasn't trying to be a dink there eyeguy, shouldve followed up with a chuckleface. I enjoy your posts on the cooking page and on FB.
  14. Just like you being a social media queen, LOL
  15. Happens all too often, shame a story like this is what it takes to get it out.