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  1. Happens all too often, shame a story like this is what it takes to get it out.
  2. Beijing- Nice educational piece. Hilarious. Funny looking back at how everybody gangs up on the "crazy" person, seems like you all were searching for like minds cause you couldnt do it on youre own. Lol. You guys are too rich. I never posted here and theres a couple mentions of me. Makes me sleep well at night with you guys thinking about me so much.
  3. Is this what its become?
  4. Good deal, keep your chest seperated by engaging your scaps. Open things up.
  5. Did it work for more than a few months before it all got flushed out due to inflammation and swelling from the constant friction created inside joint making it impossible to heal?
  6. Dana says, never gonna happen. Boy, thats a lot of money to say no to. It would be a horrible fight and I would feel sorry for anybody shelling out the $50plus it would run. Floyd fights, if youre not a true boxing fan, are terrible, now for the true boxing fans, this fight would be terrible and still would be poised to take home a whopper of a pay day. Terrible idea for a boxing match, glad its not happening. Only way I would pay to watch these 2 in a ring is if they were both getting knocked out. Connor would have zero chance, not even a punchers because he cant throw more than a hybrid right straight/hook and his footwork is worse than Balboa's.
  7. I would imagine the act of shoving something up there tearing it up for years in itself would probably create a health concern. I'd say that's more of a demographic deal and not so much the generation in its whole . Trusting what has been deemed safe for years of consumption of stressfully digested products and chemicals not meant for the human body would be my take. Aspartame isn't a one time thing and many other harmful toxins are ingested daily which in turn mess you up. The farming process is a whole other story. Hard to see though when you were brought up to believe so heavy in, "if it's on a shelf it's safe." If your goal is for regular bms and solid stools, you could probably reduce your risk by a significant amount. Your generation fed us garbage
  8. Hilarious take
  9. did some gills once, one of the best Ive tasted but thats true about any new smoke deal.
  10. Whenever something is on the rise, doesnt it make you wonder about the cause? Na, theres a medication for that you know...
  11. Ha! I did the same but ended up just thinking about it and drove back home. I did hit the Rush last weekend, trout were a little tight lipped, only managed 8-9 of them and nothing real big. Saw a couple in that 17-18" range on a few follows. I'm either going out there again this weekend of further south east. Egg color panther was the only pattern that produced.
  12. I cant wait for the weekend to get here!
  13. Basin, but locate variances in your boat and mark them so theyre easy to find in the winter. Should be looking for a mid to deep 20's with little "pockets" or "holes" that only got a couple feet deeper. Say you have a basin thats 25' but within that basin you can find some 27-28' dimples. If you cant find anything with the style of fishing and spots you're use to, try something very different. Might be tough with kids to locate them though and better off just setting up near some reeds in 10-15ft.
  14. I really miss the old In-Fisherman, Tony Dean, BASSMASTERs, Babe Winkleman (even though he fished Red for like 80% of his shows during the slabfests), etc. Now, its either the severe brand plugging that you guys are talking about or some made up tournament style show. "hey, hey, hey John Gillespie..." I can only hear a fishing net get called a Frabill so many times before I refuse to watch. Jason Mitchell is extremely boring to watch too, zero expression.
  15. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sunday sucked with the wind and portables. I had to hunker down in my buddies with his kid and couldn't be mobile. Which also was a bummer because we set up right by where we did well the day before and after setting everything up, we we snug up against a brush pile and it was too close for comfort. Caught one walleye. He didnt want to move with his 8yr old all settled in, I understood. The few times I braved the elements I hole hopped and missed 3 fish due to ice build up on the rode and line...:( Oh well, I already had my fun and that was just bonus time. Tiny spoon, one of those small forage minnow spoons you can pick up in the tackle boxes by the register. That and a minnow head produced about 90% of the fish. Had to entice them for the most part but some you didnt, theyd shoot up and smack it. Yellow glow with green seemed to produce the most. Find an area with a small open basin that has humps around it and set up on the deep edge of a steep drop a little ways out into the basin, but not too far. I wouldnt mess with the deep stuff either, 24ft seemed the right depth.