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  1. THANK GOD! I thought I was going to get into one of those "how do I explain this one to the wife" situations
  2. Crappies up north

    vinny, that's why they call it fishing. I think all of us would like to know of a lake where we don't have to try to many spots before we land on the lunkers. why don't you do your home work like looking at the dnr lake finder and look at netting data per lake. then look at depth charts and use your skills and find some on your own. pick a lake and go get em. you swing and miss, try another spot. something really bugs me about the "I haven't got alot of time so just give me the coordinates" mentality. go find em, then they're all yours.
  3. I have one agate that I found last year that I would like to get cut in half and have the cut face of each half polished. does anybody know of a shop or person who does that in the northland, like even maybe around Duluth? also what can I expect to pay for this service? it's about 19 ounces
  4. the best illustration so far of why we don't need to add to the take. scopes will add to the take in a couple different reasons. usuing a scope will invite hunters whose eye sight may have swayed they're decision on whether to hunt muzzle loader season or not. secondly it will increase effective range. both adding to the take. Lakevet -- have we fished together before?
  5. "I like the fact that a scope gives a shooter a clear, unobstructed sight window. The sights on my muzzleloader are bulky, and even at those ranges can easily cover most of the vitals. A scope allows me to place my shot a little more accurately within the kill zone so that I don't make a marginal shot." I have a big problem with that line of thinking. if you think your sights or skills create a marginal shot, then hone your skills, decrease the distance to your target. let me ask you, would you still hunt the muzzle loader season if it was all traditional? in fact that is a good across the board question, and quite possibly, the answer to why the DNR would never do such a season. How many muzzle loader season hunters would no longer hunt if modern muzzle loaders were no longer allowed. secondly, how many muzzle loader hunters would no longer hunt muzzle loader season if you had to choose your season, one season or another? finaly, a true muzzle loader, would NEVER refer to them as "muzzys". I bet those guys still have teddy bears and blankies too.
  6. I wonder how many muzzle loader hunters would give it up if they banned modern muzzle loaders? I bet there would be plenty who would say they would still go but then not. my guess is it would be a significant decline. I'm glad I can hunt all seasons, and if i had to choose one, it would be easy choice for me. archery all the way. now that pop is gone, the "glue" of our hunting camp has become less sticky. that is a bummer. still standing on a NO vote for scopes...just for the record.
  7. Crappie Done Spawning On Some Lakes?

    why do you think these fish were "likely females"?
  8. they can talk about the bird flu, the swine flu, H1N1, any epedemic they can think of to get us in a panic, nothing, I say nothing is going to top the actual affects on the united states population than lymes disease. when I was younger, a might get a tick now and then. it was part of the outdoors and a sign that you had been "up north" over the weekend. I never missed a hike through the woods. camped all summer long all over wisconsin and Minnesota. now, when I look out across a ditch to the woods, the first thing that comes to mind is ticks. the dog ticks are nothing to me. those deer ticks make me want nothing to do with the woods during the non-snowy months. put it this way. they are so difficult to spot at times that any one, I mean anyone who spends any amount of time in the woods now days, is going to contract lymes disease. it is a very debilitating disease and can be fatal. while I have know dozens of people who either have or have had lymes, I do not know of any who have died from it yet. I know one individula whom the dr.s thought had multiple sclerosis (sp) and for years he was screwed up. couldn't work, and could barely function. turns out, he actually had lymes disease and now it's so far along they are not sure they can get him back to normal. Lymes is a serious threat.
  9. 1999 Johnson 115 - Will not idle, no power.

    a float stuck in the up position would be closing the needle valve brucie. I know what you mean tho. I would look to the needle valve for sure. on my 140, they had the carbs that were married, like two seperate carbs but built of the same cast side by side. I never got brave enough to tear them off the motor. all I ever did was take the drain plugs off of the bowls and flush copious amounts of fresh gas through them by pumping the ball. over a few years this worked great for running speeds but did very little for idle speeds.
  10. a crappie slideshow

    some canada pics, some vintage red lake pice, one of ol' putz I slid in the slide show just because I can and some random crappie pics.
  11. you've never even seen one of those
  12. how many guys go up to a landowners house with their guns in their hands to ask permission to hunt?
  13. scopes would get my vote IF they moved firearm season one week later and made a one week long, traditional weapons only season, starting the first weekend of november. that'd get a few hutners PO'd wouldn't it. for guys who's eyesight is failing, it is easy to get a permit for a non magnifying lighted retical scope. I am very dissapointed at how the muzzle loader season has evolved to this point.
  14. Petition to Keep the Antler Point Restrictions in MN

    no, I'm with BobT on this one. with the liberal number of antlerless permits in the past five years or so, you can't convince me that the number of bucks total harvested hasnt gone down and you will claim that it's because of a lack of buck to help support your cause. I want to know, where...WHERE are they getting their data from. all you guys quoting numbers, lets see where it came from. nobody can dispute facts, but I have not seen one fact out here yet, just numbers, spun to support an agenda.
  15. Petition to Keep the Antler Point Restrictions in MN

    so...where do they keep track of what bucks have been shot? I have never been asked when registering my deer how many points it has. must be that extrapolation thing and randome questioning by who?