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  1. Frogs .....

    Get out and throw them Always. I will almost certainly catch fish on both of them by the end of MN Fishing Opener weekend. Especially if the rice isn't up yet and I don't think it will be here in Central yet.
  2. Frogs .....

    Huh? They look totally different to me. The Terminators copied no one to come up with that goofy looking profile. Apparently they catch fish pretty good though. I got some poppers and an original to try this year. I am really interested in the Jr. version that will be coming out this year.
  3. Frogs .....

    I honestly don't pay much attention to how it lands. It is a pain in the butt to fish it over rice that is laying flat on top of the water and that is probably why.
  4. Frogs .....

    I use 4/0 unweighted Stanley Ribbit Double Take Frog Hooks. They have become rather expensive so I fish them with 30lb Umpqua Tyger Wire Leader to help prevent bite off's from pike. For a single hook I like it to have a screw in head like a 4/0 Owner Beast or the Zoom Horny Toad Hook. The Horny Toads really excel in the early and mid fall once the shallow slop starts dying back. Horny toads and buzzbaits are a solid fall pattern. Calm water is better for Horny Toads. If there is ripple on the water Stanley Ribbit's and Strike King Rage Toads create more commotion.
  5. Frogs .....

    Last year I caught the most fish on a Zoom Horny Toad. Tru Tungsten Mad Maxx was my top hollow body; That company went belly up at least five years ago. I also caught some on Spro, Snagproof, Booyah, Lunkerhunt and I got my biggest bass last year on a LiveTarget. I had problems with the fish staying stuck on the Booyah's. I got some Terminator Poppers to try this year.
  6. Silly Reel selling question

  7. Flipping/pitching rod

    This past fall I discovered that the 7'4" Daiwa Zillion Heavy Swimbait rod works really well for pitching jigs with braided line in the reeds. There has been a weekly auction for one of them at the Bay going back to at least July. They have been going for anywhere between $110-$145 shipped. If you are pitching in reeds, rice, or milfoil. Heavy gets the job done.
  8. Mid October help

    Weed flats can be money. Lipless crankbaits, slow rolling spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, chatterjigs, swim jigs, paddle tail swimbaits.
  9. Major League Fishing

    It's a different made for TV format tournament. All fish over 12" count and are immediately weighed and released. They don't find out the Lake they are fishing until they arrive in the morning. They only get a 15 minutes to figure out where they will fish. The day is broken into 3 periods with a mandatory meeting spot during the breaks. They can be penalized fishing time for various fish handling violations. They break them up into 3 separate groups in the first round which is catch all the weight they can and the groups fish on different days and possibly different bodies of water. For the second round there are two groups fishing on different days and possibly different water which ends when enough anglers meet a target weight or time runs out and the one's with the most weight wins, the final round is back to who catches the most weight. The anglers are kept updated on each others fish catches. It is really enjoyable to watch in my opinion.
  10. Lucky craft boat

    Major League Fishing is in Grand Rapids this week.
  11. Plastic Lizards

    I throw Super Flukes on 14lb Fireline spinning and baitcasting. 85% of the time Texas rigged weightless on a 4/0 Gama. Wide Gap. The Gama. hook has thinner wire and a smaller hook eye. Sometimes I use the Super Line Hook, but the bigger hook eye messes up the front of the bait almost immediately. It has to be rigged straight and the hook should be tex-posed as well.
  12. Speed/Vibe worm?

    I gave them a try a few years back, found swimbaits to be more productive for me.
  13. Anyone fishing right now?

    I'm in the same boat as you, so far mostly pike and a couple of bass when I'm not getting skunked. I did catch two small sunfish and missed a bunch of bites before the cold weather blew in this past weekend in really shallow water. I made the wrong call and left them hoping to get crappies somewhere else. I found some sunfish in the same lake yesterday in a bunch of thick bullrushes next to shore. I would have needed a 10 foot cane pole to reach and catch them. Mostly I'm shore fishing. I do have a 10ft jon boat that I paddle around that I've gotten out twice with and been skunked both times.
  14. New 2016 ml Smallmouth Regs

    I wouldn't assume anything. Do some research and find out for sure. My bass club made that mistake and scheduled a tournament for May 21st on Mille Lacs this year; Club won't be doing that and will probably swear off Mille Lacs altogether.
  15. New 2016 ml Smallmouth Regs

    The launches get to use live bait, but to do so I believe they have to document every fish they catch, which is something new.