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  1. going4it

    MN Turkey 2018

    Well then I’m getting in on posting cause I haven’t heard anything besides geese and pheasant. It’s beautiful morning to be hunting though.
  2. Just looking for any information that people would like to share. Been reading a lot and watching a lot of videos but I’m sure there’s lots to learn from others on the board.
  3. going4it

    Mower needed

    I have a toro titan 48 inch and mow about 2 acres. I thought I wanted a bigger one but found a deal on c-list that was too good to pass up. The bigger you get the more scalping can happen. I love mine and takes about an hr to mow so not terrible. Lots of good brands out there, the motor is what you need to pay attention too. You pay more for the higher end motor but should last that much longer. I agree you never turn on a dime or your ruining your lawn. 3 pt turns is the only way. If you want to be fancy get a striping kit. Looks awesome. Those are standard on simplicity’s.
  4. going4it

    Spring Is Upon Us

    I’ve seen mourning doves all winter this year. First time ever.
  5. going4it


    Seen down by Winona. Any idea?
  6. going4it


    Any tips on decoys? Is it worth it to spend the money? What seems to work the best? Jake, hen? Never really hunted turkeys so trying to learn. Thanks
  7. going4it

    Trail Cam Deer-Elk-Moose Pics or Video

    Some of my cam pics this year. Still showing bucks with antlers in the last week or so.
  8. going4it

    Rut Activity Thread 2017

    Watched a nice 8 or 10 chase a doe back and forth for 45 min on Monday night. He checked her several times but she didn’t want anything to do with him. Few scrapes then showed up that night as well. About an hour north of the cities.
  9. going4it

    Joe Mauer

    Really only when bases are empty? Check the stats. Bases Empty .295 Runners on .327 RISP .330 { "name": "ALL_SEASONS", "season": "", "seasonPhase": "REGULAR_SEASON", "groupedBySeason": false, "requiredPhase": "season.phase.regular", "displayName": true }
  10. going4it

    Night Bird ID...

    I hear this when I take the dog out at night. Please share the ID
  11. going4it

    Camera compass

    I love mine. Makes spinning it easier and holding it where you want it easier.
  12. going4it

    Off Season Deals

    From what I've seen they didn't last long. Ordered 2 last night and they cancelled the order, went to a different store and nada.
  13. going4it


    Going to start them myself this year and was wondering when is a good time to start them. Thanks
  14. going4it

    Light on the Ice These are pretty nice and small. 4 aaa batteries. Use 2 that light up my big hub.