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  1. Rapalas may well be less than sturdy , BUT, it is hard to beat their sweet action.
  2. Very nice!.....
  3. photos

    MilleLacs is one fine Smallie lake!
  4. I'm splitting a gut laughing at your post, cause it reminds me of Bill Murray and the gopher in Caddyshack.......sorry.
  5. All the media outlets seem to agree that the Vikings had the best draft of all teams.....Not only got quality players , but, filled several needs.
  6. You sir are under arrest for harboring a fugitive, assume the position!.......
  7. I have found that I have much better luck when I use a Norman triwing buzzbait. The triple blade allows you to retrieve much slower while still keeping the lure on the surface......The Norman buzzbait has a bit smaller profile that is mostly weedless....I've been using the same model for more than 30 years and have tried many others but, wind up back to the Norman lure.
  8. Wapogasset was rated the #1 largemouth lake in Wisconsin a few years ago.
  9. I just hate it when you have extra parts.......I did the same thing with my curado, and , had to have it reassembled.
  10. You absolutely need ventilation! Use those prefabricated soffit vents,easy to install, then spray foam over the installed vents. That should seal up most air leaks at the rafter lower end. Considering you have such a small roof , use those vents all the way bottom to top of rafters, making sure you vent out at the top of the rafters. I've had several experiences with a choice of vent or no vent. You will regret it if you don't.
  11. Cream shi%&@$s!
  12. I have found that often way too much grease and or oil are used on reels . Only a small amount of both go a long way. Ceramic bearings can be run with no lubrication , but are a little noisy unlubed. Shimano is notorious for overlubing gears on their new reels.
  13. You guys must have a bunch of spare time on your hands!.....Every time I see the commercial for walking dead ,I'm thinking , who in the he.. is watching this show?...Now I know of 2 at least.
  14. I bet if you kept his traps that you found on your property for safe-keeping that would solve the problem.
  15. AAAAAAAH!.....I wanted to eat the entire pic it looks so absolutely YUMMY!